Suicide is not my answer

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She is so tired of everything in her life

so tired of being patient with everyone wait for them to come around. She feels as if she is so big in a world that is small, becuz everyone knows about her before she does

will they stop before she snaps?

Submitted: February 28, 2007

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Submitted: February 28, 2007



You tell me I'm not

but you treat me like I am

So why don't you just say it

tell me what you think i've become


express yourself

other people do, they always talk

speak of me like I'm their life

and have nothin else better to do


I am becoming something

But it's what i used to be

a girl that was mentally abused

and wants everything to end


I don't want to go back

to what i was like

when everything didn't make sense

and i wanted to kill my self


So keep going....

Picking at me till i bleed

because thats where i'm headed

to a death that i dont want to recieve....

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