When we meet i was blind Part.2

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Submitted: March 02, 2007

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Submitted: March 02, 2007



Well after that we were talking about getting together, me not knowing that he really didnt want to be with me at the time he still got with me anyway. we got together on august 24 2006. which was one of the happiest i've had all year. We were together for a month. One day i went with my friend Angel to her friends house for a sleep over. it was oneday before my aniversary with Aj. We were having fun, went to the mall and shopped around. it was funnny cuz me and angels friend made her buy a thong...but anyway.. we went back to her friends house and stayed up till midnite or more. talking on the phone to random people on the phone. He didn't call me that night but i wasn't paying attention.

So the next morning we all wake up and we start making breakfast. when were done eating Angel calls Aj on her cell. She askes him "Do you know what day it is?" and they carry on a conversation. She give me the phone and he doesnt sound too happy. we talked and he aske me "when are u going home?"I said "im leaving in like 15 minutes why?"

"because i was wondering if u wanted to spend time together today?"he said. "sure ill call you when i get home". Not knowing what to expect that day.

when i get home i rush to get ready. well not really rush i took a shower and all of that but i still rushed. and when i called him he was already outside by my door waiting for me. i opened the door so my mom would see that he's here and we went downstairs. When i thought we were leaving....he sits down on a brick wall in front of my apartment complex. and i dont know whats going on. i sit next to him. Then he holds me close And all these thought are running through my mind.( is he gonna say i love you....is he gonna tell me something special..becuz i just got back from a really cool weekend so everything was positive). But No, it wasnt anything i was thinking.

"Delfina" he said "i don't think we should be in a relationship right now"

i sat there in silence for a few minutes thinking why is he doing this? or what have i done wrong? while he's telling me...."I don't think i deserve you. i knowyou love me but i dont love you back in the same way. dont think you did something wrong because u didn't...." and the famous line...." its not you its me". I started to cry silently. but i could believe anything that was going on and my silent cry turned into tears that havent been let out in a long time. I havent cried like that in such a long time. he was asking me "please stay with me.. i wanna talk to you." and i couldnt say anything but.." i wanna go inside, i wanna leave. i want you to leave." i couldnt help but running back upstairs to my apartment and into my room. i left Aj there outside sitting there because i just needed to get away.

After a while im sure he left. i was in my room crying to my pillow, my mom sitting next to me telling me everything is going to be ok. 20 minutes later i left to go talk to my best friend Angel. And it hellped alot. she is always the person i can talk to about anything. i hope we always stay best friends! when i got to her house i had a missed call. my phone read "Aj<3"...and he left me a message. a long one telling me that he was sorry but he is confused right now. You dont know how sick i am of that word. i hear it often. and now im starting to say it. after that day it was like i was stuck in a rut. confined in inprisonment from the bars my heart has put up. but how easily could they be torn down. I couldnt focus for like two weeks on anything serious. Everytime i waled home from school i would pass the brick wall thinking about every word he had said to me on september 24.and now its next year in march. and i still can't get him out of my mind. in between there and now....he's given me so much knowledge, so much maturity, that i think he has done me good.

to make the an actually short story...im gonna say what happens now.

now he says "i love you" back to me. but he never wants to say it first. we have been talking about getting back together for three weeks now but i dont know if he means it. and im so torn inside from everything. its not fair that i have to wait again when he tells me he wants to be with me. But i still sit here waiting patiently. for the day to come because i love him that much. but sometimes i question myself as of why i do wait. but i always come out with this answer

"I love him more than yesterday but uts nothing compared to tomorrow"

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