Simple Beauty; Wilting Flower

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About a Guy falling in love with an invisible girl. But finally he gets to see your beauty.

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012



"I never once saw her face, and she never mentioned if  she had seen mine. I couldn't even hear her voice though the words written on the screen. She was my invisible lover.


We had met only three short weeks ago. I had never layed my eyes on such a beautiful face. She was as close to heaven as a profile could be. Being the man it was my duty to contact her first. But before I had that chance, I saw the flash of mail at the corner of my eye; it was her. I was so excited to see her name pop up. There was just one thing resisting me from communication; my hand would not move.


Conversation was booming. There was absolutely no second to breathe. We were talking about the most random things. She never even questioned if I was ever a criminal; she didn't care. It was instant attraction. I was falling into a temporary shallow hole that belonged to her.


People used to tell me to believe in love at first sight. Was it possible if I had never see her face? I kept watching her sweet words pop up in front of me. It felt so real. I could picture myself laying in the sand next to her shadow. But the waves would always wash it away.


It was so simple. All I had to do was ask her to go on a date with me. Pathetic I know. So many thoughts raced through my unprotected mind. I never believed in myself well enough to say what I wanted to say. But suddenly it happened so quickly; she had asked me. Technically it was a statement of force.

``Go out with me.``


Months had passed since those cliche words had been said. I had never imagined to be this happy, but also confused. Her name was Anna. She was a delicate soul. She made my left side full again. Her small fingers, fit slightly perfect into mine. I never could see that what I found that certain time ago would come this way. I finally saw in person, her pure unshaped beauty. We shared everything we had whether in mind or physically. I wanted her to be mine; forever. For the next ten centuries I would never give up on her. Even when/if I die, I will regain my strength for her.

For return of her simple giftes the day we met and all after that, I only gave her one thing. I slid the golden circle upon her left finger; she was finally mine. Forever and Always.``


There, the story of my first love. I never understood what I had until I let her slip through my wrinkled fingers. She was gone; all that was left was gold.

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