I will love you forever and always

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A boy who knew no one at a new school falls in love with the first person he meets their..... Find out if it is true love or just a silly crush!

I woke up and placed my rosey cheeks against the icey cold window thinking of what would await me today as I walked down the open halls of a new high school. Shuttering at the thought I threw on some old blue jeans and a old hoodie and shuffled out the door to await for the big yellow bus. It pulled up right as I walked out the door, I sighed and walked up the steps of the big bus. As I approached the top step I started to smell stench of old cheese and cigarette smoke. It was repulsive smelling, so I plugged my nose and scurried to the back of the bus with all eyes on me. \"I'm Anna Belle\" a girl in front of me proclaimed. \"U new here?\" \"uhh... umm.... yea I... I am\" I stuttered. \"Don't be shy! What's your name?\" \"I am Ryan.\" I said \"Well nice to......\" she started \"ANNA BELLE WHAT ARE YOU DOING TALKING TO THAT WEIRD KID!!! I TOLD YOU COME ON I SAVED YOU A SEAT!!!\" shouted a husky boy. \"Coming love!\" she exclaimed, but not before she winked at me first. The bus ride seemed like forever and all I could think about was her, but finally we reached school and I rushed out bus straight to my first class. I walked in to the classroom and sat straight down and before I knew it Anna Belle and her boyfriend were sitting down right next to me. I buried my head into my sweatshirt as I heard them talking about me. Then next class wasn't great either, or the next, or the next, her and her boyfriend were in all of my classes!!!! Then, finally the school day was over, I avoided the bus and walked home, the chilly November air brushing across my face. I was only walking for about 3 minutes when I heard a distant voice calling my name. \" Ryan! Ryan! Ryan!\" the voice shouted, \"Wait!\" And at that moment I knew exactly who it was. It was Anna Belle, she scurried to my side and without saying a word she grabbed my hand and started walking with me. It was kinda nice having her warm hand placed against mine. I opened my lips to speak but instead she placed a finger to my mouth and whispered \"Enjoy it\". So I did, I kept my cool lips closed and kept walking not taking a eye off her the whole time. By the time we reached my house she let go of my hand and sprinted away before I could even say a word. Confused I walked inside my house and was greeted by my mother, and her confusing questions. \"How was it? Did you have fun? Did you make friends? How were the teachers? Are you hungry? Do you need a snack? \"Mom I am good, sure, no friends, teachers nice, no, and no\" I said and then walked away before she could ask me any more of these silly questions. The next few weeks were the same, Anna Belle and I walk hand in hand together after school everyday, I am making no friends, and my mom askes me the same annoying questions every time walk through the big, white door of our house. But after the third week something changed, I was walking with Anna Belle as usual. We were going down the sidewalk at our normal pace when suddenly she just stopped, with out a warning. She reached up grabbed my face and pulled her warm, cherry flavored lips to mine, but before she did this she whispered in my ear \"I broke up with him for you, I will love you forever and always\" Stunned I looked and we stood together until it was dark, staring into each others beautiful eyes. \"Forever and always\" she proclaimed and then walked away The next few years everyone knew us as Anna Ryan or Ryan Belle, we were a couple and nothing could every tear us apart..... nothing. We loved each other and we always would.......

But then one dark dreary day Anna Belle wasn't feeling well, she went to the hospital, and I never left her side. She was examined all day but they told her she had the common flu so I took her home and laid next to her in her bed until she felt better. (which was days) When she finally did feel better I took her to an amusement park and we went on almost all the rides, one the second to last ride she looked a little green, so I took her home to her mom, set her in her bed, and gave her one long, romantic kiss. I whispered see you in the morning but I doubt she heard it. I walked home and fell fast asleep. I woke up to the sound of my mom crying on the floor under me. I rushed down to she what was wrong and I saw the look on my mom's face and I immediately knew what was wrong. \"NO\" I screamed \"THIS CAN'T BE RIGHT I JUST SAW HER LAST NIGHT!!!!!!\" \"I am sorry honey but it is, Anna Belle is..... dead.\" she said with tears rolling down her cheeks

The words repeated over and over and over again in my head, dead, Anna Belle why were the words that replayed in my head. I grabbed my coat and ran out the door into the freezing cold rain when suddenly I felt something in light in my pocket. I took it out and realized it was a note. The note said..........

Dear Ryan, Date Friday October 13 (a month ago) I don't know how to tell you this so I am writing it down and hoping you will find it in time, but was recently diagnosed with Liver Cancer and I only have another month to live. You know that I always love you and you are my one true love. We still will always be together, I will just be hiding out in your heart until you come to me (but don't come too soon!) Don't feel bad to date other girls you need try to get over me and move on with your life. Well I would write more but you are about to walk in my door with movies and popcorn (my favorite movie you knew me so well!) So I love you and goodbye.

Love, Anna Belle


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sry I couldnt get the spaces

Thu, January 8th, 2009 1:44am


Hey, Luv the story really sad so good hope you keep writing more romantic stories!!!!!!

Sun, January 25th, 2009 3:07am

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