Can Beautiful People Really Ever Be ugly?

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Beautiful people

Submitted: March 08, 2008

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Submitted: March 08, 2008



If you want to test the theory that beautiful don’t care about men’s looks, ask them out.

Naomi Campbell throws phones at her employees, call me, I like a dominate woman.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Gay fashion designers have never held a woman.

Most women look very nice in nothing at all, Victoria’s secret is less is more.

If God had in intended us to be attracted to smart women, he wouldn’t have made blonds.

Do men really care how smart a women is, men only want them sophisticated in bed.

They airbrush the photos of the most beautiful women in the world, imagine that.

I think Patricia Arquette’s teeth are very sexy, braces would have ruined my vision of her.

Gretchen Wilson may not be perfect in every way, but fills out her seat of pants perfectly.

How does she look so good wearing worn out jeans and a ripped tank top with a cap?

A beautiful woman with a hearty sense of humor is what I want is a serious relationship.

A woman whose only asset is beauty, is a woman who will always be a pain in the ass.

I judge a woman’s inner beauty on the way she treats her child, because men are childish.

A good woman will stand behind her man, even though he’s making as ass in front of her.

A good man won’t just pretend to listen a woman, he’ll also pretend to care.

Women say twice as many words a day than a man, they must keep repeating themselves.

Used to be love was never having to you were sorry, I’m sorry that doesn’t work now.

If women know what they want, why haven‘t they shared that information with men?

Love used to be free, it has become so expensive that I can only afford to like women.

When the time comes that you can just rent a wife, I’ll be able to afford them better.

I have a natural magnetism to the opposite sex, I repeal them like two magnets.

Once a woman is attracted to me, it’s just matter of time before she feels the opposite.

Can Beautiful People Really Ever Be ugly?

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