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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
An escape from urban melancholy quickly turns into nightmare as he soon discovers that his destination is not as described in the travel brochure.

Submitted: November 04, 2013

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Submitted: November 04, 2013



An unexpected stop hauls me straight from a deep trance head-first into the corporeal world, accolades to inertia. Groggily, I glanced around and it quickly dawned upon me that I was its sole passenger. “Roslynn Estuary, last stop.” said the driver gruffly in a deep baritone voice. I stood up reluctantly, unsure of myself and then proceed to- or rather in my opinion, shuffled towards the door. When my boot made contact with the solid earthen ground, the bus quite hastily leave me in a trail of smoke toward the bridge which was the only entrance to the rural town I was in, Roslynn Estuary.

The smoke leaves me in a fit of cough as my breathing organ furiously with acrimony expelled the green house gas from my system. Once the smoke dissipates- including the cough, I inhale a lungful of oxygen-rich outdoor air. It reinvigorates me better than a cup of caffeine since the latter was not available imminently within my present displacement yet the air prove to be quite the substitute. The atmosphere was damp, the trees which consist of pines display a splendid sparkle of light like the star at night and the dews on foraging bushes and grass shone iridescent due to the sun which was just as ethereal with its corona a shimmering golden color; the result of a night of downpour.

The view captivates me but I have managed with some effort to withdraw from nature’s hypnotic gaze. I clutched my rucksack tighter around me as I directed my heel straight toward the winding road leaving behind me the bridge and ultimately, the city. It signify the liberty I have achieved from, in a euphemism way of saying, urban depression but then I will soon find out- albeit too late- it is also a sanctuary to retreat from the nightmare that was to come

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