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Going crazy? Some swearing

Submitted: January 21, 2007

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Submitted: January 21, 2007



Please don't make me do this,
Save me from your blade and mine,
I'm begging you please go,
I don't wanna follow you this time!

But now my body's burning,
As the blood mingles with the tears,
God, I'm so fucking alone,
Rotting inside with twisted fears.

It's all my fault;
I shouldn't even see you,
You're not real!
But you exist too.

I can hardly move with pain,
Everything's so fucking sore,
At least you're happy now;
Leave me sobbing on the floor.

Angry, scared, frustrated,
This is how I feel,
Upset, worthless, crazy,
So much shit to heal.

I can see your knife,
Scarier than my razor,
And you're always watching,
My fake imagined appraiser.

You threaten to kill,
Now I wanna die,
Just not by your hand,
Not by a weird-arse lie.

Hope there'll come a day,
When you're no longer here,
When you don't watch,
When you're nowhere near.

Leave me alone,
Get the hell away!
Still you'll be back,
And tonight I'll pay.

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