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Wishing for things to last

Submitted: March 19, 2007

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Submitted: March 19, 2007



Wish these moments would last,
Instead of fading into dust,
Wish I could feel that safe,
As the comfort begins to rust.

Wish it wasn't always a battle,
To keep you with me here,
With I could feel your warmth,
And know you're always near.

With the good moments would stay,
And the bad ones would fade,
Wish I could feel strong again,
Without turning to a blade.

Wish they'd stay as close,
As all the one's that re bad,
Wish I could always see them,
So I'd never again be sad.

Wish I could say more,
Than a mere thankyou,
Wish that you could know,
Just how much you do.

Wish it'd never end,
Wish our hearts'd mend,
Wish you know,
Wish it so.


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