Bad Boy

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I'm sorry for not listening craysteelers3. I should have and I will always be grateful to have you in my life

Submitted: July 10, 2013

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Submitted: July 10, 2013



Every girl has fallen for that "bad boy" type of guy. Every girl has also had their heart broken be that "bad boy" type of guy.

I learned my lesson with that type of guy not to long ago. He was much older then I was but I didn't care. Everyone gave me a warning about him but I never listened to any of them. My best friend and I have gotten into countless argents because of him. I have called her in tears about this boy I was falling for.

Then he turned his back on me. He went for one of my very good friends and I was absolutely heartbroken. I realized that everything that what everyone had said about him was true. He wanted nothing to do with me but he just wanted to see what he could get out of me. Then I told him to leave my friends alone. I screamed at him in a church parkinglot. Then he told me things like "You shouldn't scream like that you're drawing attention over here" and "Great you got me in trouble". He was just to blind to realize that he caused everything on himself. He was trying to get things out of girls that were much younger then him and everyone knew it. He was totally oblivious to the fact that everyone knew what he was doing. My friends and family were right about him. I should have never trusted him.

Anyone who is falling for a "bad boy" guy, just don't even mess with them. They are nothing but bad news. He will try to get things out of you and when he realizes that he can't get anymore out of you, he will break your heart then move on to the next "prize" of his. I would never want anyone to feel the kind of pain that I experienced. Whenever someone says to stay away from a boy then you should listen to them. I didn't listen and I paid the price. He will never be anything more to me then a piece of trash that was left on the streets.

I thought he was a diamond in the rough but boy was I wrong. He almost cost me a relationship with my best friend. And now that I know the truth I feel awful that I didn't listen to her. She was telling me the truth all along but I never wanted to believe it. I was living in a fantasy that I knew good and well wouldn't come true. I wanted to see something that wasn't there. I wanted to have something that I couldn't have and I should've realized it.

It was like a deer in headlights situation. I was the deer and this "bad boy" was the car. I stood there knowing that it was going to hit me hard. Then once it did, the car just kept going as if it never happened. It hurt me and I was laying there wondering why I didn't move before it finally hit me. I am ashamed of myself for making a mistake of loving something that should not have been loved. I am sorry that I didn't listen to anyone about this guy and I'm sorry that I was to blinded to even care. This is something that I will be prepared for the next time that it comes around. And if I'm not then I'll just keep being the deer.

I wish that every girl will not make the mistake that I did. Move out of the way before you are the deer that I was. Move out of the way before your heart gets broken and shatters. This is a lesson that I will never forget and if it happens to you then I hope you walk away stronger just like I had.

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