Whenever A Flower Loses Its Petals

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I read one of my friend's stories and it inspired me to write this. Thank you craysteelers3

Submitted: June 26, 2013

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Submitted: June 26, 2013



Aiyana was a young Native American girl who lived long ago. Long before the Englishmen ever arrived. A disease broke out in her village that killed a total of 30 people, including Aiyana. She was 13 years old. Before she died she found out a wonderful secret. The story starts in the meadows around her village.

When Aiyana was 5 years old she loved to go pick the flowers outside of her hut that was on the edge of the village, but she only picked three types of flowers. Roses, tulips, and daisies. These three flowers were her favorites. She would always keep bunches of flowers by her bedside and every day she would come home one of each flower will have lost all of its petals. Each time she would collect the petals and put them in a small box and leave it in the corner of her room. 

One day she decided to bring the three flowers, a rose, a tulip, and a daisy, with her wherever she went, and one by one she noticed the petals on a daisy fall onto the ground. Whenever this happened she saw a young man in the tribe and a young woman from another tribe run to the edge of the beach and jump into the water. They held each other tight and looked into each others eyes. They had fallen in love. The rose and the tulip however still held their petals tight.

She tried the same thing again the next day, but nothing happened. The petals on all three flowers stayed attached. She tried it again and again with the same flowers each day for one week straight, but nothing ever happened.

Then, one day the tulip lost one of its beautiful petals, but only one. No more had fallen that day. Then the next day another petal from the tulip fell off. A total of 26 petals fell of day after day until the last day, there was one more petal on the flower. She went to the center of her village and sat on a small log and waited for the last petal to fall off. When it did she heard weeps and sobs coming from one of the huts closest to her. She walked over to see what had happened. When she reached the hut she very quietly walked into the hut to see that one of the beloved tribal elders had passed away. She looked at the roses in her hand had also saw that the petals have fallen off but she could not understand why.

She went to the center of her village everyday and sat on the same log for 8 years and the phenomena with the flowers only happened a total of 20 times with each flower. She found out what each flower represents. The loss of the petals of a rose represents some ones broken heart. The loss of the petals of the tulip represents the passing of someone. The loss of the petals of the daisy represents someone has fallen in love.

Two months after she had found out about this beautiful phenomena she caught a disease that many people in the village had also caught. Her mother asked her what her last wish was and the young Aiyana replied very softly "I would like one tulip put on the side of my bed." She got her wish.

Aiyana would watch the petals fall off one by one each day until she died. When the last petal was barely hanging on she told her mother about the wonderful secret she had kept from her all of these years. Then the last petal fell of and landed right next to the young Aiyana. Her mother then said "Sleep tight my Eternal Flower. For that was the meaning of your name from the beginning and your wonderful secret shall be told for years to come."

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