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Submitted: July 08, 2014

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Submitted: July 08, 2014




By Rudy

Hey Martha.

Yes Tim.

Do you think  I could ever be a superhero.

Do you have super powers?

Not yet.

What do you mean not yet.

If I had I would already be a super hero. Duh, Martha.  I was asking you did you think I could ever be one.

You mean do I think you would ever be a billionaire orphan, bitten by a radioactive spider, struck by lightning, find out that you’re actually from kryton, exposed to gamma radiation or be part of a military super soldier program?

Martha.  Don’t patronise me.  I already know I’m not from krypton.

You don’t know that for sure. Said Martha.

Don’t you want to be a super hero Martha.


Why not.

Cause it isnt possible.

But lets say it was.

Okay, if it was then yes, I would be.

I’d be jealous if you were.


Because then I wouldn’t be a superhero.

Why cant we both be superheros.

I suppose we could.  I want to be Batman.

Is it just so..

I can say IM BATMAN, Tim said finishing Martha’s sentence for her.

Batman has no parents you know.

He did have parents.

They died.

Didn’t make them not his parents, they were still his parents, not like he could have gotten new….

Fine fine.  He had parents.

If they hadnt died, there wouldn’t be a Batman.

Maybe there didn’t have to be .

Didn’t.. Have.. to.. do you even hear yourself right now Martha.

How about superman said Martha, he’s much better than Batman.

You cant compare the two.

Why not.

Superman is literally a super man, said Tim, as in like man, but super.

Batman is just a man in a costume that looks like a bat, said Martha.

So then, superman is a superhero, and batman is a herohero.

That’s right.

So which would you prefer to be.


So that settles it then, you’d be superman.

I would be Superman.  Who wouldn’t be.

So then you don’t want to be Batman, said Martha


Yes Tim.

I’m not from krypton.


I’m from earth..

So what you’re really trying to say is th..



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