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Myth or not just something to think about.

Submitted: July 08, 2014

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Submitted: July 08, 2014




By Rudy

Where you goin’, Tim asked Martha.

Groceries replied Martha.

Can you pick me up some soda.


Mars bar.


Can you make that two Mars ba..

Would you like to come? Asked Martha.

I thought you’d never ask.  I’m gonna get me the biggest potato salad.  Not that you couldn’t just grab that for me, but you always get me the smaller portions and that just won’t do it for me. No sir-ee, I’m the potato man.

Just let’s go said Martha.

Yes ma’am said Tim with a salute.

So what you getting’.


Does it have sodium laurel sulphate.

Does it have what.

So-dium Lau-reel Sul-phate.

No, it does have pure olive oil in it, suppose to be good for the hair.

Okay then, as long as it doesn’t have sodium laurel sulphate.

What’s with the sodium laurel sulphate.

Causes cancer.

Does not.

Does too.

Says who.

I read it somewhere, you might as well be rubbing cancer into your hair.  Actually, you are really just essentially rubbing cancer into your hair.  The bottle should say now with 50% more cancer.

People have been using shampoos for a really long time, I think they’d know if it causes cancer.

I think they did, but how else would you get your head cleaned, said Tim.

Mars bars causes diabetes said Martha.

No it does. It causes happiness.

And decays your teeth.

Better than cancer.  You don’t need chemotherapy for decaying teeth.

You don’t need insulin shots for cancer said Martha.

That’s not even the same thing.

You started it.

Fine, get your pure olive cancer oil shampoo.  I’m getting two mars bars.

That’s just like double the diabetes said Martha.

At least I’m not rubbing cancer into my scalp.

You know you’re going to be using this shampoo too right.  So I might be a cancer patient but you’ll be a cancer patient with diabetes.

You think they’d put us in the same ward?

You know they cant make soap foam with out sodium laurel sulphate.

They cant make mars bars taste good without putting too much sugar in it.

You know what Martha.


Im just going to have potato salad and you can just keep your cancer bottle.

Potatoes make you fat.

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