Tim's Self Realisation

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
Tim finds self realisation

Submitted: July 08, 2014

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Submitted: July 08, 2014



“Self Realisation”

by Rudy.


What is it Tim.

I just realised something.

We’re small.

What do you mean.  I think we’re pretty average sized.

Not compared to each other.

Compared to what.

Everything else.

Do you want to be big?


So you’re happy with just the way you are then.


Wouldn’t hurt to be bigger though Tim continued.

So then you want to be bigger.


How much bigger.

Just a little.


Why not.  We’re much smaller than a lot of things.

We’re also much bigger than a lot of things said Martha.

But there are more things that we are smaller than.

Like what.

The universe.

You cant reall..

The universe is a big place.

That’s why its called the universe.

What do you think is out there?

I don’t know.  I never thought about it.

Why not.

Does it matter.

Does it not?

Not really.

Because life isnt about how much bigger or smaller than things we are, it just about what you have and what you do with it.

Why don’t we put all we have into exploring the universe.

As opposed to?

As opposed to everything else, why does anything else matter if we don’t even know what the universe has to offer.  For all we know there could be alien life forms.  For all they know they might think they’re the only ones in the universe.  Maybe they’re looking for us too.

Is that what you think about all day Tim.  Aliens and the universe.

Sometimes its nice to think of something other than ourselves Martha.

You could just think of others.

You mean othe..

I mean other people.

Well, I do think of other people.  I want to think of other aliens.

Do you really think that aliens would think of you.

They might.  You never know. Said Tim.

And what do you think that they would think of.


I don’t know.  Maybe they want to be bigger too.


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