If you like Golf then you will laugh


Make sure to make a full turn of the hip

and tee that sucker up and let it rip

you start out with confidence but your sadly mistaken

your next shots out of the sand, dont forget about raken

you learn about etiquette and having patience

now my dump balls in the water for goodness gracious

now your angry cause your gonna be 3 off the tee

dont forget to drop at the point of entry

3 off the tee now 4 on the green

shake it off and putt out clean

i end up 3 putting i shouldve forseen

why do they hate me the golf gods are so mean

my impatience is building, how can this be

getting angry and cursing is not the key

get on one knee and pray, Golf gods please help me.

Submitted: November 30, 2007

© Copyright 2022 Bueckert. All rights reserved.

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