Someday Street

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ive been there i lived it its real

Submitted: November 30, 2007

A A A | A A A

Submitted: November 30, 2007



Someday street is a one way street, that heads to the gates of hell

its littered with broken bottles, it reeks of wine smell

its the street of human derelicts, the place of forgotten men

who stagger and swayalong the way, and are never seen again


Someday street is a sunless street, where the days and nights are one

and each tomorrow brings pain and  sorrow, till the life of men  is done

its a fearful street, a hidden street, that lives in each drunken brain

that screams and cries, tries and tries, to find somebody again


Someday street is an age old street, it claims, it maims, and slays

men toss and turn, sob and yearn, for the memory of other days

of days before they hit the street, when life was good and now

when each day and night was clear and bright and dreams come true


Someday street is a hellish street its full of broken dreams

it smells of broken bodies, it laughs at drunken screams

its a timeless street, a faceless street, its men are faceless too

they're there to stay, till they are laid away in a box six by two


Someday street is a fearless street that holds victims fast

each step you make, each drink you take leads you to death at last

its a dim lit street, a lying street that fools each seeking heart

it shapes each one and when its done it tears each one apart


i crawled up from someday street, with all its hell and pain

ive found a way to live eachday and not go back again

some friends who lived near someday street, they told me there was way

to leave the hell of someday street, and that way was A.A

ive not been back on someday street in weeks, months and years

i fear the hellish street no more, its blackouts and its fears

these friends of mine showed me a path a path ill gladly trod

out of the depths of someday street, on to the path of A.A and god.


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