Connected by Rings

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This story is about 2 souls swearing their bond on two rings. At their marriage, their kingdom fell into jeopardy because of...

Submitted: December 15, 2012

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Submitted: December 15, 2012



Connected by Rings


Long ago, in a kingdom called Regima, there were two souls that swore their bond in two important rings which held their fate. This is what happened...


"Sire Edmond! The enemy country declared a war with us on the day of the marriage." Jack, the messenger of Regima kingdom, said to the king.

"Who is the enemy country?" King Edmond asked.

"Kosru Kingdom, sire."

"Why? Why, the day after tomorrow?"

"I don't know, sire. But, I think it is so to disturb the important event. What should we do now, sire? It cannot be stopped."

"Damn him, Aristol! Just because we have equal stands or authority. That doesn't mean he can disturb the event."

"But we also can't deny it! It was already declared. We truly have a big problem in our hands. It's the prince's marriage!" Jack said. He was a close friend of Prince Evan which will have a marriage with Princess Anjel the day after tomorrow.

"The war cannot be stopped..." King Edmond paused and continued, "We must finish it quick. Say to Kosru Kingdom the war will start at early morning, 12:00 am. Get the soldiers, horses, and the equipments ready by then." He said.

"Yes, sire!" Jack said.


And as said, the war started at early morning. It was expected to end before 5:00 am but Kosru Kingdom was hard to fight with. The marriage will start at 6:00 am but the war still didn't stop. But the prince and princess didn't want the marriage to be disturbed so they continued it. While the kingdom is in jeopardy, the marriage was going on. But in the middle of the event, Jack came in the church frantically...


"Sorry to interrupt but I have news, Prince!" Jack said.

"What is it?" Prince Evan asked, as he looks to where Jack was standing and came closer.

"The king is dead." Jack said as he gaze at the surprised face of his friend. He continued, "The enemy will come here at anytime now."

"What? What should we do, Evan?" Princess Anjel asked, worriedly.


They heard frantic footsteps coming closer.


"They are near, Evan." Jack said to his close friend as he saw the look on Evan's face became more serious.

"Evan truly is the heir of the king. He easily face the challenges coming towards him and was always winning it. He adopts his situation fluently and put on a calm and serious aura to decide what is needed to do." Jack thought.

"We cannot run away now. Let us continue with the marriage. Let us swear our bond in our rings and accept our fate, Anjel." Evan said as he turned around to hold the gaze of the princess and gave her a ring.

"Okay, Evan." Anjel said and turned to the priest, "Let us do the 'Last Promise', Priest."

"Your wish is granted. Let us start 'Last Promise'." the priest said.


Last Promis is a very important event in a marriage. It is where they promise their love to a certan thing that can hold their love eternally. It only happens when two souls are prepared to swear their bond, eternally. The Last Promise only happens when the couple are prepared to face death or have accepted their fate and are satisfied with their life. They will vanish and will live another life, in another time. They will not remember anything, but if luck stroke them when they met, vague memories or dreams about the past will come back.

The only one who will remember their bond will be the ringbearer. Their ringbearer will have to live eternally. He or she will have to search for them throughout his or her life. It is considered as a curse, sometimes, a blessing. But mostly think of it as a curse. Finding ringbearers will be hard to do. The ringbearer will only die when he or she have found the couple and return the rings. He or she will not die instantly but if he or she wish for it, the ringbearer can still live a life after he or she retuenred the rings but will also die like a normal person. The ringbearer is not allowed to say any of the past to the couple.


"Announce your promise, your eternal promise." the priest said to both Evan and Anjel.

"May our bond be eternal. May our love never die. We promise to remember. To meet again and again. To love each other even after our time. May we meet again through our God's guidance." Evan and Anjel paused and looked at Jack, "May our ringbearer live a nice life until he found us and live with us in our lives. I promise this to our God, to my love..." They turned to each other.

"I love you, Anjel." Evan said as he hugs her.

"I love you too, Evan." Anjel said in the verge of tears.

"We promise this to the people around us, to our God, to each other, and to ourselves." They both said as light surrounded them slowly and vansihed them into thin air.

"Goodbye, my dear friends. May luck be with us as we search one another in your next lives..." Jack said, in tears, as he waved them goodbye and continued, "I will be your ringbearer, until then..."

"The marriage has now, come to an end." the priest said as he witnessed the holy and touching event in the marriage.


After the marriage, what happened was unknown. But for sure, the enemy came but left instantly when they knew the prince and princess is now gone. Some were happy. Some were angered. They were able to bring Regime kingdom to an end but still, it was not a happy ending for them. The End.

"What a touching story! It's like it happened to us." A girl named Angel, said as she closed the book.

"Maybe it truly happened to us in the past. I have been dreaming about something like this." Ivan, a boy, said.

"You too? I have been having dreams like this when I met you." Angel said.


Suddenly, pictures, or more like memories appeared to them. A moment of silence came and Ivan said, "I wonder what happened to Jack... Is he here, in our life, now?"

"Maybe. We might have already met him." Angel said.

"So you finally remembered." A boy behind them said.

"Jike! Don't tell me... You were Jack?" Ivan and Angel said.

"Yes. I wanted you to first remember before I hand you the rings. I wanted to watch you closely and eternally. Here are your rings." Jike said, offering two old rings.

"Thanks, Jike..." Ivan said as he looked to where Angel is. She was looking at the book.

She points to the title of the book which is 'Connected by Rings'.The three laughed and said in unison, "We truly are connected by rings."



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