All Bar 1 Booksie And 1 For All

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Warning !!!!!!!! Adult only,please be advised that this writing contains scenes of a sexual nature which might offend some folk and it is unsuitable for minors.
Sexy,sassy play set in a fictional bar in London during the present times featuring authors from this writing site.
It contains many different scenarios and scenes including social gatherings,bomb scares and social events,wardrobe malfunction,embarrassing secrets,a book launch,a swingers club,Ann Summers lingerie promotion evenings etc,lesbian shower scenes,threesome,explicit sex scenes graphically described.
There is colourful romance,countless affairs,scandal,gossip,bedroom scenes,tears and emotion filling the reader and author alike with a sense of bonding friendship which embraces this special clique.
The main characters in this story are as following - Cat,Annie,Lisa,Hank,Mylène,Crissy-Ann,Derina,Nayna,Anne,Ferroki.Karen and myself.
Further characters might be added at a later date depending on how popular this story becomes.

All Bar 1 Booksie And 1 For All (Screenplay)

It's often said that one can't choose ones family but one can choose ones friends,often these special friends become our soulmates for life.

We often find ourselves sharing each other's troubles,laughing about our experiences and giving each other advice especially where relationships are concerned.

Usually we choose to talk about these problematic issues with a friendly hand gesture and a nice glass of red wine or perhaps something stronger.

The scene is set as a gathering of friends meet at a busy London bar just off "Oxford Street" within a crows fly of "Buckingham Palace",who knows her royal highness might drop in for a quick one.

The bar is aptly named "All Bar Booksie And 1 For All",many of the local businessmen and women use this pub as do plenty of celebrities from the world of show business usually accompanied by their groupies.

I'm just about to walk into the bar and have noticed that my favourite authors is sat all alone near the balcony which is positioned above this elegant establishment.

The architecture of this old bar is Victorian designed,most of the decor dates back to the latter part of the 19th century.

There are beautiful wooden carvings which depict Angels,cherubs and famous London landmarks along with famous patrons who have used this glamorous venue in the past.


Me- Annie how's it hanging old sport?,I've not seen you in here for a wee while?,I guess you've got plenty on your mind right now given Scotland's poor performance in the recent rugby World Cup.

Annie- You could say that love,but at least the lads put in a good performance against "The Wallabies" in the recent home series,we battered them like Harry haddock.

Me- You can say that again Annie,there is no dispute that The Wallabies" rule the world of rugby,but I'm guessing like me that you are relishing the up and coming Ashes series next month.

Annie- Yeah bring it on Mike,those Aussies won't know what's hit them when they arrive over here for the first test at "Lords".

Oh look here comes Cat,I don't think she's going to be too interested in talking about sporting matters,so I guess we had better change the subject.

Cat-Hiya guys what's cooking?,I'm about to order a nice cool bottle of "Mercier" champagne,can you get you two guys anything at the bar?.

Me- That's really kind of you Cat but I think that I've had enough to drink for one day and Annie is due back at work in about 5 minutes aren't you mate?.

Annie - Alright Mike I can speak for myself laddie,there's no need to poke me in the ribs,yes I've got to be making tracks soon,it sure was good catching up with you two guys.

Me- I really love your top Cat,where did you buy it?,it really does suit you.

Cat- Well thank you Micky Boy,if it's ok to call you by your nickname,I mean nobody's listening right ha ha.

Me- Oh yes I guess so,but haven't we agreed to stick with our pseudonym or writers names in principal?.

I mean we might blow our cover if we use our real names with Britain being the most spied on nation in the world.

I guess the surveillance cameras might already be watching us here right now as we speak ha ha.

Cat- Yes one can never be too careful whom one shares their company or private conversation with,I think it's high time I ordered some food,are you hungry?.

Me- No I've already eaten thanks,I guess it's high time that I got back to work,I don't want my bosses deducting my pay as they are pretty hot on timekeeping.

You know sometimes it's like being at school Cat,ok I will love you and leave you love,take care bye.

Cat- Ok honey have a nice day and thanks for your kind compliment about my new top,oh look here comes Lisa.

Lisa- Hello stranger,well fancy me bumping into you of all places in this joint,can you believe it I've left my cellphone at home,that must be a first.

Cat- Yes fancy that indeed,oh well here please take a seat and watch our table whilst I go over to the bar and order some "Texas grilled steaks and fries",I'm so famished I could eat a scabby horse,do you fancy anything in here?.

Lisa- Well are you talking about the food or anything else?,I could use a nice ski-ing instructor right now but I guess they are going to be a bit thin on the ground at this time of the year.

Cat- Oh Lisa !!!!!! You're a right one,ok let's see what I can order for my pudding,oh look now that is a sight for saw eyes isn't that Hank over there?.

My what a hunk,just take a look at his six pack,I'm just drooling at his gorgeous body ha ha.

Hank - Hello ladies how are you both?,I thought I recognised you two gorgeous babes when I walked in.

I'm just sat in that far corner with Lolita,Nayna,Crissy-Ann and Hulls,so if you get bored please feel free to come on over,I'm just discussing the launch of my new book about American farming methods.

Cat- If it's all the same to you I think I'll pass on your offer for now,I've got so much Christmas shopping to do at "Selfridges and Harrods",then I'm jetting off to Paris for my little break,it will nice to get pampered by some of those sexy French men.

Hank- Ok Cat,but you don't know what you're missing,you take care now honey and pass on my best regards to Tina when you see her.


The Booksie authors continued with their little afternoon shindig whilst I was now heading back to work having eves dropped on all of the little chit chats prior to me leaving the bar.

I just managed to bump into Mylène as I was making my exit from the bar as she lit up one of her favourite French cigarettes just outside the main door.

She smiles at me and we agree to send each other texts later on this afternoon to catch up with all of the gossip,scandal and to discuss the state of our social lives.

As I was just leaving the bar I noticed something strange which caught my eye,the police were swarming all over "Oxford Street" and advising people to either stay indoors or evacuate the area.

What was even more curious to me was the presence of biological teams who were dressed in white jumpsuits and using protective gas masks.

It was at this point that my cell phone began to ring and it's my boss,I'm told to stay away from the building where I work for the remainder of the day.

He informs me that there are high security and public health issues which need to be addressed before any of the company's employees can return safely back to their place of work.

I decide reluctantly to return back to the bar where I meet Crissy-Ann as I make way from the exit doors towards the bar area.

Me- Hey !!!!! Crissy-Ann have you heard what's happening out there?,there's some sort of security health issue and the streets are crawling with cops and biological teams.

Crissy-Ann - No,I just stepped outside for a spot of fresh air,I know that sounds kind of dumb with me lighting up a cigarette,but hey a girl is allowed a crafty coffin nail once in a while.

Me- Yes I guess so,I can't say it would harm your image too much as you always look stunning,anyway it's my round so what can I get you?.

Crissy-Ann - That's very decent of you love,I'll have a nice glass of chilled "Dom Perignon" champagne please.

Me- Coming right up,I say anyone who drinks "Dom Perignon" can't be all that bad ha ha,right I'm just off to buy our drinks,I'll see you over by table number 13,oh you couldn't ask the others if they need a top up.

Crissy-Ann - Sure thing honey,but I think they can do that for themselves with their credit cards,I think I've got another 100 free minutes left on my cell phone.

Me- No silly I meant topping up their drinks,go on and ask them what they want and come back to me,looking at the size of this queue i might here for a while,it sure is thirsty work waiting to be served at the bar.

Indeed it was a long time as I waited nearly 20 minutes at the bar before I was finally served,I decided to treat everyone to champagne and cocktails.

I was quite keen on quite a few cocktails,and my favourites were "Sex on the beach and The creature from the blue lagoon".

I was just bringing the tray of drinks to the table when I noticed Derina had crossed my path with her usual friendly sweet smile.

She was wearing the tightest mini skirt that I had ever seen,her bikini might as well have been a piece of string for it left nothing to the imagination,her busty cleavage was right in my face.

I became a little embarrassed as I smiled at her before considering whether I should advise her on her wardrobe malfunction,but then I thought don't fuss so, I would just sound like a nagging  old crow.

Having just arrived at the table I suddenly noticed a familiar face has decided to join us,Nayna was sitting next to Hank who was joined by Annie,Lisa ,Mylène and Karen.

Me- Hello stranger !!!!!,I do hope champagne is ok for one and all,I've also thrown in a few cocktails with a small bowl of strawberries and kirsch,bottoms up ladies and gents !!!!!!.

Hulls - Oh my favourite,I do like a strawberry or two,darn heck and bloody ding dongs where's my purse?,I want to contribute to the drinks round,here's a tenner to be going on with.

Me- No Hulls its really fine love,I'm putting it on my expenses account,just enjoy,here's your Coca Cola with ice and a slice,sorry there's no vodka in there as I know you're a teetotaller ha ha.

Oh look here comes Crissy-Ann and she's talking with Derina,it's look like they are having an eventful conversation about something,oh well it's none of my business.

Crissy-Ann- Are you still up for it tonight Derina?,I've reserved us a lovely apartment suite which has splendid views of "The River Thames",it cost me a few quid but it will be worth it if we can spend some quality time together,what do you say?.

Derina- I guess so,what time shall I come round?,do I need to bring anything?.

Crissy-Ann- Are you kidding?,just bring your sweet self,we've got loads to discuss and I want your opinion on the launch of my new spring lingerie collection and my new art exhibition which I will be launching on the 2nd floor tomorrow morning.

It's really good that I'm going to receive a 50% discount because normally it would cost me a few grand to hire the apartment given it's swanky location in Knightsbridge.

Derina- Jolly good old fruit,I'm already looking forward to trying on some of your sexy lingerie collection,(Ann Summers) eat your heart out.

Me- Pardon me for interrupting your private conversation but did you say that you are holding a lingerie party tonight at your apartment?.

Crissy-Ann- Well really love you shouldn't be earwigging other folks private conversations,yes I'm hosting my own little do,but I didn't say everyone and their auntie were invited.

If you can keep quiet about it and its just the three of us then I don't see why you shouldn't be allowed to join us,that's if you want.

Me- Oh yes I'd be delighted to come and maybe take a sneak preview of your art exhibition later on tomorrow morning,that's if we ever manage to leave this building given the issues going on outside the bar on "Oxford Street".

I like to be up pretty early in the morning so I will set my alarm for about 6 am if that's ok with you Crissy-Ann?.

Derina- Ha ha I like your style Chuck,I'm a bit of an early riser myself and am always keen to be in the saddle for about 7am whilst I'm trotting my way through "Clapham Common",or going for a daring skinny dip by the local river nearby.

On hearing Derina's rather strange confession all three of us burst out into spontaneous laughter and continued to indulge ourselves with a few more drinks until the early evening.

I decided to call for a cab for myself and a few in our group,some of them were looking a  little worse for wear and I wanted to make sure that they arrived home safely.

Meanwhile Derina and Crissy-Ann were in a deep discussion about the location of the apartment where we were heading.

We were completely oblivious to the fact that  everyone in our group  knew about Crissy-Ann's exhibition and where her apartment was located,some of them asked if they could tag along.

Me- Right Annie shall I order you a taxi or are you staying on at the bar for a wee while longer?.

Annie- I think that I had better be getting off home if it's alright with you dear but please save us 2 tickets for Crissy-Ann's big exhibition tomorrow,come on love let's flag down a taxi.

Mylène- No need for that I'm already on to it,by the way where is this apartment you are staying at tonight?.

I sure wouldn't mind checking it out myself,can you give me the address,I'll make a note of it and pop down later on tonight if that's ok with you?.

Crissy-Ann - Excuse me for butting in here,this was supposed to be a private party and now everybody knows about it,oh lord !!!!!!.

Ok this is what I'll do,since the cat is so obviously out of the bag,if you want to attend my exhibition it starts at 9am tomorrow morning at "Canary Wharf" on the 2nd floor at room 101.

Please go straight to the security office before you enter the building as everyone has to be screened and name checked.

I look forward to welcoming you all with a nice glass of pink champagne,until then I'll bid you all a good evening.

Hank - What about this lingerie party,doesn't anyone want to see my six pack and friendly peeking pecker?.

You know there's strong men and there's farming men,I'll let you in to a secret Derina this body was created by blood,sweat,tears and quite a lot of one night stands with farmer's daughters ha ha ha.

Oh darn heck I haven't cleared it with the wife to go to this little shindig tonight,maybe I could bring her too,it might lighten up her depression,what do you say Crissy-Ann?.

Crissy-Ann - I say where are you going?,oh boy that's it I guess,no party.

Me- What's up Hank?,you look like I feel,has the cat got all of the cream and left you feeling sour?.

Hank - It's just that I was really looking forward to going to this lingerie party,hang on a minute it doesn't look as if anyone is going anywhere.

Look the law enforcement officers have arrived and Crissy-Ann has just stepped out of her awaiting taxi,what the heck is going on here?.

The police have decided to prevent anyone accessing or leaving the bar in view of the security alert.

Apparently there has been a serious incident which involves terrorists deliberately leaking hazardous chemicals in the streets around "Whitehall",a group has claimed responsibility via it's Social media account.

The air outside is believed to be heavily contaminated with noxious fumes and poisonous gases in the immediate suburbs around where the pub is situated 

However there are biologists on the scene who are wearing gas masks and are trying to deal with this contamination issue.

The police have instructed everyone to stay indoors until further notice and to wear the protective gas masks which they have now provided for every customer in the bar should they need to venture outside the building.

Me- What's wrong Crissy-Ann?,you look like you've just seen a ghost.

Crissy-Ann - I'm fine thanks love,I just need to get some air,I was half way down "Oxford Street" when the police approached and started to drag me into the building.

Me- Oh my,what's the reason for all of this commotion?,I suppose we had better wait until someone in authority clarifies what is going on here,has anybody else tried to leave the bar?.

Crissy-Ann - No I think everybody in our group is accounted for,I really need some clarification about this saga,but like everyone else I just want to go home.

Me- Hi Nayna have you found anything out about what's going on out there?.

Nayna - Well not really,there's some reporter guy who I was chatting with earlier,he seems to think this incident is connected with those anarchist demonstrations that are proceeding the start of the "G20" summit which is being held in London.

Apparently "The Royal Bank Of Scotland" has been attacked with petrol bombs and there are looters and vandals smashing the Windows,a few of them managed to access the building and have set fire to the main entrance.

Me- Wow !!!!,that is news worthy material,I say you're looking a little bit peak Lisa,I hope you're not going to turn into a pumpkin now that witching hour is close, are you?.

Lisa  - Don't be so cheeky dear,there's a nice cup of hot cocoa with my name on it and a "Maeve Binchy" book when I finally get home,that's once my other half has put his slippers on and lit his pipe ha ha.

Me- Very funny dear,now really this is getting serious what are we supposed to do with regards to sleeping arrangements here tonight?.

I know the bar does provide accommodation for students as I once rented out a room,whilst I was studying at one of London's main colleges during a foreign exchange trip a few years ago.

Lisa  - Hey there's something wrong with this picture?,take a look at that,have you ever seen anything as funny in all of your life?.

Me- Oh my I see what you mean Lisa,the poor dear just look at his skirt it's half ripped open and his eyeliner is running down his face like the ice from a glacier in Summer.

Well I've seen it all now.a cock in a frock,he's even lost his blonde wig,now how hard is it to lose one of those in a public place?.

Lisa -Ha ha oh my I need to get to the loo before I wet myself,then I'm going to call for a cab

Me- Ok love see you soon,where's Hank and Lolita?,I hope they're Ok.


It was a full 20 minutes before a communication was read out by the metropolitan police officer in charge.

He was quite brief with what he had to say and wanted us to all calm down and be patient,his officers were involved in a complex terrorist plot to endanger the public,heads of state and the police.

Nobody would be allowed to leave the bar until the streets outside were deemed safe and the toxic gas and terrorist threat were neutralised.

Health agency specialists would be brought in to examine the air quality and provide the assurance that the air was safe to breath using their state of the art equipment.

He also indicated that the perpetrators of this crime were still at large and he believed from one reliable source that they were in the bar area.

If necessary,strip searches would be carried out to look for incriminating evidence,the last part of his statement particularly amused me as Derina was hardly wearing a stitch of clothing.

Derina - Well that won't take too long,maybe I'll be one of the first people to be allowed to go home with me not wearing any lingerie ha ha.

Hank - Oh can I volunteer to do the strip searching please,it sure would me my pleasure to inspect you lovely ladies.

Crissy-Ann - Please do behave yourself Hank you never know your wife might find out about your bad boy antics.

Hank - She already knows about my sexual cravings and puts it down to her mood swings because she neglects my appetite for sex,when it comes to straying it's all good fun.

Mylène- Well really Hank couldn't you just put those eyes away and mind your manners whilst you're at it.

This is beginning to sound like a meat market or should that be a naked catwalk?,oh my now that's got me giggling,oh boy just look at the state of that,now that is hilarious.

Ferroki - Yes I sure see what you mean honey,that big momma looks like she's got more chins than a chinky phone book.

Mylène- Ha ha,now you've set me off giggling too,I'm laughing like an old dotty aunt.

Me- Ok ladies pipe down,I think she's on to us and is heading our way,oh boy look at those horrible red blotches on her neck area.

I wouldn't want to meet her on a dark night and take a look at her menacing eyes,here she comes.

Ferroki - I'm really sorry I couldn't help myself giggling,I just wanted to apologise for my friends behaviour ha ha.

Mary - It's ok,I'm cool really,look guys does anyone know how long we are going to be cooked up in this joint?.

It's just that I need to take my medication soon and I left it in the car which is parked just up the road,they don't seem to be allowing anyone in or out of the building right now.

Ferroki - Sorry dear I can't help you with that one,you'll need to speak with the officer in charge.

Mary - My name is  Mary by the way,I'm still waiting for my hot date who's called Terrence,he promised to ravish me when we get back to his place,I'm only messing.

Even us lard arses have to laugh at ourselves once in a while,otherwise we would start to build up a complex about our weight which might lead to emotional stress don't you think?.

Ferroki - Right you are dear,now I could sure use a stiff drink,I'm just going to pop over to the bar and see if they are still serving folk over there,I'll be back in two ticks.

Me- So who's this guy Terrence?,he sounds like an obedient cocker spaniel you might see at a "Crufts" dog show,ha ha.

You say you're waiting for your hot date tonight Anna?,well I don't think he's going to show do you?,oh here comes Ferroki,what's the latest dear?.

Ferroki- It looks like time has been called at the bar earlier than usual tonight,the busies want everyone sobered up before they begin their cross examining and possible strip searches.

Me- Oh look there's Karen,where's she been?,it looks like she's with someone,I think that's one of her old school friends and they are making their way out of the building,is that allowed?.

He reminds me of that movie star James Dean,that's typical of me and just my luck to be a big fan of a dead movie star but he looked pretty good in 1955.
It was just after midnight when the police decided to finish their nights examinations,interrogation,interviewing and stripping procedures as everyone was released from the bar with the aid of a gas mask.

Taxis had been booked in advance by the local authorities to ensure the safety of all,I waved goodbye to my friends before climbing into a taxi which I shared with Crissy-Ann and Derina.

We were now on our journey to Crissy-Ann's apartment where Derina would be staying over for the night in the bedroom she would share with Crissy-Ann,I would however continue my journey to my pad over in West Hampstead Nw3.

It was just after 1am when Crissy-Ann and Derina arrived at the luxurious apartment in South London which Crissy-Ann has hired for her art exhibition.Both ladies were feeling rather exhausted after the previous night's events and decided to freshen up with a nice cool shower.

Derina was still fuming after the fiasco with the police officer refusing to inspect her now moist pussy.Meanwhile Crissy-Ann was stripped down to her red silken bra and frilly knickers.


Crissy-Ann - Well I don't know about you Derina but I'm dying for that shower here could you give me a hand with unclipping my bra,I think I can manage my panties.

Derina - Sure thing honey,would the shower accommodate both of us,I think it would be more economical and twice the pleasure,now what do you say?.

Crissy-Ann - Hell I don't see why not,come on let's go for it honey.


Derina was now feeling aroused and her sweet nectar was starting to trickle out of her pussy as her greedy eyes viewed Crissy-Ann's enormous breasts which were glistening like her pussy under the gaze of this impressionable young lady.

Slowly both ladies started to wash themselves down starting from their faces to their erect nipples until in one spontaneous action both engaged each other with a smouldering kiss.

Derina began to penetrate Crissy-Ann's love glove with her left index finger before Crissy-Ann responded by pushing 4 of her fingers into Derina's moist flower until both ladies were rolling around with ecstasy and pleasure as they made their way to the 4 poster bed.


Derina- Who needs a fucking cop to inspect my booty when I've got a gorgeous babe like you Crissy-Ann?,ahhhh that feels so good,just give my clit a little tickle with your finger,I can feel my juices coming.


Crissy-Ann-- Darn heck did you hear someone knock on the door Derina?.?,I guess I had better answer it.


Crissy-Ann- makes her way to the front door only to discover that she hadn't locked it and standing in front of her with shocked expressions on their faces were none other than her husband and Hank.

What were they doing knocking her up at this late hour? would they make it a foursome?,by now Crissy-Ann was more embarrassed about standing naked in front of these two gorgeous men because of the sweet nectar which was now dribbling down her beautiful olive coloured thighs,not to mention having enjoyed a lusty lesbian romp with Derina.


Crissy-Ann- Honey what are you two guys doing here at this late hour?,I'm afraid you've caught be at a bad moment,I was just about to go to bed.


Crissy-Ann's Husband- I can see that Crissy-Ann and may I ask who have you been entertaining tonight?,put some clothes on for Christ sake.

Hank- Oh don't cover that gorgeous body up on my behalf,I've already seen Crissy-Ann in the pink on several occasions ha ha ha.

Crissy-Ann's Husband- You mean to say that you and her are having an affair behind my back Hank?

Hank - Yeah but that's all water under the bridge ain't that so Crissy-Ann?.

Crissy-Ann  - Well not from my part,I guess you guys aught to come in,here let me fix you a drink,what will it be honey?.

Crissy-Ann's Husband- No thanks Crissy-Ann I'm going to shoot,I feel like chucking up,you'll be hearing from solicitor in due course and as for you Hank we have unfinished business,I'm so going to make you pay for screwing my wife goodbye.

Crissy-Ann - Well Hank it looks like it's just going to be a threesome tonight,just let me fix you a bourbon and I'll put my nightly on.

Derina - Hey Hank what's happening?,I heard the commotion at the front door,are you cool about everything,why did Crissy-Ann's hubby storm off without saying hello?.

Hank -It beats me,he's an asshole I don't know what Crissy-Ann sees in him,I guess he must have thought there was something fishy going on when we both arrived at Crissy-Ann's apartment at the same time.It's not as if we were buddies or that we hang out together,I think he's in shock,his anger and retribution will follow no doubt.

Crissy-Ann - Oh don't worry about he's a pussy cat and putty in my hands,his bark is much worse than his bite,talking of pussy I'm exposing mine,whoops now where did I leave my panties?.


Hank smiled at Crissy-Ann before he started to feel his cock expand in his trousers,he was excited about sharing a bed with two gorgeous women.

Both ladies were now lying naked on the bed and eager for the fun and games to start,Hank was a little shy but soon got into the spirit of things as he began to get undressed.

Before long all three were engaging in some sexy games,the two ladies decided to handcuff Hank's ankles and hands to the bedpost whilst placing a silk scarf around his eyes.

He was now laid on his back with his 10 inch penis fully erect and was ready for the naughty ladies to ravish him.Crissy-Ann quickly placed some Greek yoghurt over his helmet before spreading over his genitils until his sex organs were immersed in the sticky yoghurt.

Meanwhile Derina was now fingering her pussy to warm and lubriate it so ensure that she would be ready for his large manhood to be snuggled up in her tunnel of love.


Crissy-Ann - Not so fast it's my turn,oh baby you really turn me on when you're in bondage,cum to me Sam I can feel my orgasm building.

Hank- Oh I think I'm going to shoot my load,my what a pussy I can taste the sweet nectar of your love juices crispy-Ann.

Derina- You smell so good Hank,I can't wait to have your sexy sausage in my aching wet flower,let me just take a nibble.

Hank- Hey ladies I want some action untie me,I want you both to wear sexy French maids outfits with sexy red stilettos so I can kiss and nibble your cheesy tootsies and spud heels.


Both ladies ignored Hank request before smothering each other with kisses,Derina was now groping at Crissy-Ann's lily coloured breasts and sucking on to her erect nipples like they contained mother's milk.

Crissy-Ann  meanwhile was feeling her way into Derina's love glove and inspecting her sweet spot,the little man in the boat was getting tickled to death which caused her to have a multi orgasm.She squirted her love juices all over Crissy-Ann's hungry lips as she devoured every drop with her lips.

Hank was meanwhile feeling neglected as he began to massage his enormous cock which before too long was being licked by both ladies as they tasted the delicious mixture of his pre cum and Greek yoghourt.

Slowly Derina navigated his trouser snake into her booty and was now riding him like a rodeo cowgirl,he was pressing hard on her tits before he suddenly got up and took a bite of her left breast causing blood to spill out over his face.

Crissy-Ann  was now licking the blood and engorging herself with Hank's scrotum,both balls were being sucked and tickled with her tongue until finally Hank released his warm seed into Derina's saturated pussy.

Hank lay there for a few seconds before he was eventually untied and he responded by licking Derina's clit and finger fucking her Pussy until she once again sprayed her love juices into his hungry mouth.

Crissy-Ann  wasn't finished with Hank as she placed his throbbing cock in her mouth and began to lick off the remaining sperm juices until  

Finally opening her thighs up wide and placing her pussy in Hank's mouth where she secreted her love juices before taking a bite out of his cock which had now shrivelled to its normal size.

A few minutes later all three of them had fallen asleep in each other's arms.

The End

Submitted: September 15, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Buffershaker. All rights reserved.

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