Psychic Telepathy

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm
A quantum leap erotic genderbender themed story about how time and space can reveal the mystery of the possibilities a person can change sex and their identity whilst time traveling through an apparent parallel universe but yet not meet themselves along the way.
So as the theory goes "The same matter or person cannot occupy the same space in time".
The subject or main character in this story finds that his/her whole life is like a revolving door and awakes every morning to find that his/her surroundings and circumstances have changed dramatically to such a point that he/she doesn't know who he/she is anymore let alone where he/she is.
I won't spoil the story but quantum physics can play havoc with a person's mind when one awakes and find that you have changed biologically,switching gender is a real challenge especially when your best mate starts coming on to you.This is only one part of the story that our subject experiences along an open road of complex turnings.

Submitted: September 22, 2019

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Submitted: September 22, 2019



Psychic Telepathy


It was in the middle of the 1980's when I discovered that I not only had healing powers but psychic powers too.

 For Not only could I read other peoples thoughts but some of them seemed to be on the same wavelength and it was as if I was visibly transmitting data from one person to another.

The day began as normal as any other with me greeting my family at breakfast and collecting the mail from the letterbox.

Suddenly my wife of 5 years looked at me in a strange way as if she had never seen me before as she began to stare at at me in a peculiar way.
I looked back at her and then we began our first conversation of the day."

what's up Alison you look like you have just seen a ghost?",i said ".

I think I must have because I don't recognise the man at the other end of the table",she replied.

I laughed uncontrollably and she didn't seem to see the funny side,"come on Allison how long have we been married?,are you telling me somebody or something else has possessed me"?,I replied.

She just shrugged her shoulders and then began to sob,this was too much for me.

I just took a piece of paper and handed it to her and then made my way to the bathroom and began to brush my teeth.

Suddenly I looked upon my reflection in the mirror and it was not my face which reflected back from the mirror but an older man.

I had a beard, my hair was grey in colour and I had hardly any hair,I was surprised how could this be?.

Any way I didn't stop to say goodbye to my wife and just left the house and walked towards my car as I was running late for work.

Then I noticed that there was no car just a Harley Davidson motorbike parked on the driveway.

I thought I don't do motorcycles now where's my car? then I heard a soft voice coming from behind me it was my wife.

"Don't forget your house keys and try to keep the speed under 50 as you know what happened last summer when you came off the bike and you were hospitalised for a long time",she said.

"What are you on about Allison are you talking to me?" I've never touched one of these things now where's the Mercedes Benz car?",I said.

She just shrugged her shoulders tucked in her dressing gown and went back inside the house, i called back to her but she had already closed the front door, then i began to take in my surroundings.

The house seemed different,before we lived in a bungalow now it was a semi detached house with black and white beams just below the roof.

I decided to phone work up and let my boss know i would be running late,I just had to sort these issues out it was as if my head was about to explode with all these changes.

I plucked the mobile out of my pocket and was astonished to discover that it was pink and not black in colour.My old Ericsson 450 wap phone had been replaced by this rather girly model which would seem quite odd as we didn't have any children.

Any way I was late and needed to get my call in,I then noticed that the address book contained a lot of unknown names and numbers.

This was frustrating as I couldn't find my boss's details,what the heck I thought? what's with all these female names?.

Gemma,Barbara,Alice,Patricia,Natasha,it was all proving to much for me and then i remembered the phone number from work and at last got a dialling tone.

Hello can i speak to Derek Barnes please?"i exclaimed,the woman at the other end then exclaimed "Derek who"?.

Oh i thought she must be the cleaning lady and she probably won't see much of the personnel.

She asked me my name and i replied giving my details and then she seemed to drop the phone either in a state of shock or perhaps she was distracted by something at the other end.

The conversation ended there and i was left to figure out what was happening on this extraordinary day.

I decided to leave a message in any case to let them know i was taking time out from work i would call back in an hour or two.

I walked back towards my house and probably looking rather bemused by events, called out to Allison but i was met with silence.

"I say Allison i'm not going in today do you fancy going for a walk with me i need to clear my head",I enquired.

Again there was no answer,getting rather exasperated i ran up to the bathroom thinking she must be in there and couldn't have heard me talking to her.

The door was half open and she was in the bathroom but it wasn't my wife who laid naked in the bath tub but an older woman in her 50's.

I could see the reflection from a mirror just level with her face,"come in darling,first of all i'm not your wife and my name isn't Allison i think there has been a mix up",she said.

There was silence  between the two of us and I probably appearing totally perplexed at this stage then began to ask her who she was and what was she doing in my house.

However before I could get the words out of my mouth she began to answer my questions.

"I can read your mind?" She exclaimed,i was mildly surprised to say the least to hear what she had to say,we both appeared different yet i believed she was my wife.

She quickly grabbed a towel and we started to talk things through,it was at this point i had decided to make myself a cup of coffee.Although she looked the same it was indeed evident that she had metamorphosed.

I started to realise that there had been too many coincidences and that we were complete strangers in terms of our appearance,yet we knew each other but yet she claimed not to be my wife how was this possible?

"You are going on previous experiences and past life regression dear",she exclaimed.

You won't remember but last week we held a seance and well we managed to communicate with several spirits on the other side.

Unfortunately there was a price to be paid as you were placed under hypnosis for a short time, during this time and have never come out of it.

You are probably experiencing somebody else's life and you are now trapped inside somone else's body?",she said.

She then went on to offer me help in trying to move my life on or try once again to establish my own identity through further hypnosis.

You see i am married to Gerald who is my husband but we had to take you in as the alternative was to have you sectioned under the mental health act.

You were acting crazy and you started smashing up the room throwing chairs through windows, the host of the meeting called the police and we persuaded that we could deal with the situation.

I got confused this morning because although you and Gerald are very much a like you don't do motorbikes.

I had to play along with what the psychic nurse said,she told me that i was to act in a patronising,sympathetic manner but i ain't  your nurse maid and need you out of my life pronto",she said.

So where do i live and where is my wife?", I enquired,she shook her head and then placed a caring arm around me.

There there dear it might come as a shock to you but you are not married.

look! you don't even have a wedding ring on",she said.I looked and sure enough she was right so why had i invented these pictures of her in my minds eye I thought.

I was just about to drink up when the phone rang but before my host could answer the phone it went to the answer machine.

The voice sounded familiar,it was my psychic nurse she stated that i was not be allowed out but kept under 24 hours supervision and to not have contact with any other people if there were guests in the house.

The next 24 hours will prove crucial, the message ended and she hung up.

I then decided to see if i could make my way out of the house but just as i was about to discover my intended escape route i heard a voice coming from behind me.

"i've thought of that one dear remember i can read your mind, so don't even think of it ok?",she said.

This was intolerable why i had to remain under house arrest it just really aggravated me to the extent where i would consider any means to escape.

I would simply have to not think about what i intended to do which would prove very difficult.

This woman then returned and said "i've thought of that one too honey,there are no dangerous objects which you can use",she said, i then looked at her and said "do you want a bet?".

I then began to show my anger and made my hand in to a fist.

"Come on dear there's no need for this, just a few more hours and we will have sorted this mess out i promise you will have your life back on track,she said.

I began to see her point of view and began to imagine a world where everyone would know your inner thoughts,it could lead to instability and chaos in the community I thought.

Then suddenly i began to feel very tired and drifted in to a long sleep,i was losing consciousness rapidly and then all i could remember was that i had entered in to a new time zone.

My mind began to recognise this new territory in which I now found myself.

It was indeed home and there was my wife which i had mentioned to the other woman in my real state and not my sub conscious state.

Then all of a sudden everything went dark there were no visions just an emptiness of void and silence. 

I must have come round quickly as when i opened my eyes i felt a sharp pain similar to what you get with dry eye complaint.

When i opened my eyes i looked around the room and it had changed again, the wallpaper was orange not green and there were no family photos.

The house seemed very basic like a farm house,just then i heard the sound of a cow and as i got up and stood in front of the living room window all i could see were fields.

There was one other defining feature aside from the fields and that was a windmill,yes i could just make out it's outline in the distance.

Suddenly i caught sight of a woman walking along with a small dog she had a basket under her arm and she looked to be dressed in a period costume.

Her dress was dark either blue or black and she had a white lace cotton blouse with a flowery design.

I could clearly make out that she was carrying eggs in her basket and that she was now walking toward the house, she then entered the room and spoke to me in a language i did not understand.

"Sven?" she kept asking me questions i replied my name is Mike not Sven who are you?".

She then started hitting me around the head and it only stopped when a blonde haired giant of a man entered the room.

He had hair thicker than a thatch,I joked to myself you would come in handy as a mop.

It was evident that some sort of time travel had occured and that i was maybe in a sort of trance but i could not remember much about the previous experience as my memory began to fade.

Once again i was losing consciousness this time i didn't remember anything more and drifted off to sleep.

what would await me in the future would i ever manage to get back to my own time and be me again?,I thought.

All these questions would be answered in the future for now i was in limbo and a trapped soul in another space and time.

I awoke the following morning from my rather bizarre state of dream consciousness which i had encountered the previous evening.

It was at day break that I discovered  that i was wearing a few items of clothing which were a little on the unfamiliar side.

When I looked down upon the couch from where I laid there were a few odd changes in the way I was dressed.

First of all I noticed that i had a rather dabber pink skirt on and was wearing bright red stilettos,then when i looked at my chest i had the most enormous pair of lily white breasts which were exposed in a rather flimsy boob tube.

I quickly made my way to the bathroom which turned out to be the bedroom only to discover that the sign on the door stated "Marge's room".

Before i had time to inspect the cupboard there was a knock at the door i quickly threw a bathrobe over myself and made my way towards the front entrance.

I just stood there with my mouth open wide,it was Dave my best mate, he and I had been best friends since our college days and beyond.

"Hi dave how can i help you?", I asked.He looked at me then started to undress me with his eyes and said we'll talk later lets get down to business.

Suddenly he was pushing me up against the lounge wall and had managed to knock the mirror off it's hanging space.

Only then when i saw myself laid down on the floor i caught reflection of my face "oh my word" look at the state of that", I thought.

Dave continued to push his body against mine and was now kissing me all over and pulling my body towards his.

I shouted out "Dave it's me Mike what are you doing to me?", he ignored my pleas and carried on ravishing me until we both lay on the bed in our underwear.

I had seen my own face in the mirror and knew i was now a woman,a voluptuous blonde with angelic blue eyes.

I was totally shocked and it was at this point that i fainted and the next thing i knew there were paramedics standing over me.

I was being examined and one of them spoke to me but the words didn't seem to make any sense to me.

Their voices sounded muffled and my focus was also distorted as the lady examining me appeared to have 2 heads and four pairs of arms.

She spoke in a soft voice "Marge i need to know if you have taken any non-prescribed drugs in the last 24 hours?".

I shook my head stating that i hadn't,she then fed this drip through a tube via a needle in to my arm and i was taken away in to an awaiting ambulance.

It was clear that i had been drugged because how else would I have ended up in this state?,nobody came to visit me in the few days that passed.

It had seemed an eternity since the incident and i couldn't remember anything apart from the last moment in bed with Dave.

After a week i discharged myself having lost patience with my family for not visiting me, surely to god this Marge person must have some family somewhere,perhaps they had all moved away.

I wasn't married as i noted that i was not wearing a ring,just then i had a horrible thought as i was entering the car park and awaiting a taxi from the hospital.

I noticed a small figure coming towards me from the corner of my eye it was Dave.

I quickly made myself as inconspicuous as i could and turned around and walked towards the main entrance of the hospital.

However it was to no avail as he approached me,i ran as fast as i could only to be caught up,high heeled shoes were no good for making swift exits.

"Hey Marge what's happening babe?,you're looking really  good honey", i hope they didn't examine you too closely in there know what i mean babe?",he enquired.

I hope you kept your mouth shut when the law enforcement agencies questioned you about what went on back at your place know what I mean?".

I pretended i was slightly interested and enquired what he was talking about but he just shook his head and started to walk away from me.

Finally i was free from this creep who used to be my best friend and it would seem he had done something unspeakable to me.

I was still unsure about the issues concerning what had actually happened to me on the morning when i had collapsed.

Suddenly i heard this voice in my head it was getting louder and louder and was instructing me to make my way home.

I would have all the answers to my burning questions who was i and why was i being transformed from one body to another?,my spirit seemed lost and my emotions were all over the place.

I arrived home to be greeted by my mother she had her arms out and gave me a huge hug.

"it's ok Mike soon it will all be over and you will be able to come back home to where you belong" ,she said.

My dad was also awaiting me in the entrance to the house he shook my hand and we all made ourselves comfortable in the lounge area.

I noticed that i was still in the female form yet they were addressing me as Mike which was kind of odd, maybe they couldn't see me as a woman.

I was told to lay across the couch and take in some deep breaths.After a short while a larger woman of caribbean extract entered the room and began to whisper a few unknown words in her native tongue.

She then leaned over to touch my face and placed oil on my forehead before closing my eyelids and then i began to feel tired.

I managed to keep my focus on her for a while longer and noticed that she had a small watch on a silver chain which she began to dangle in front of me.

She muttered a few words which i didn't understand but i was starting to turn under her spell and became transfixed by her eyes,then in an instant I went out like a light.

Suddenly i found myself floating in time and space,everywhere I looked there were images which reminded me of my short time on earth.These seem to pass in front of me like floating vampires, creatures of the night etc.

A sharp pain quickly made me conscious that there was a small pool of blood pouring down from the top of my chest like i had been bitten by something.

I noticed a large gash to my left breast and when i looked up at the afro caribbean woman she seemed to have bright yellow eyes.

No longer did she appear as before and she had the most enormous fangs which she began to sink in to my neck and then there was so much blood that i just passed out.

The next thing i knew i began to hear voices yet i couldn't see anyone i was still feeling drowsy but i could distinctly hear my sisters voice she was telling me to hang on in there.

Suddenly a white light appeared in front of me,it was so strong that i could see nothing beyond it but i knew perhaps that my time on earth was short.

The next few hours would prove critical to my very existence and i would need to stay strong for my love ones.

The following morning i awoke and realised that my visions or dreams of the past night seemed to be no more than a passing memory.

This time i was pleased with the surroundings which were all too familiar, i was home and everything was as it should be.

I quickly jumped out of bed and looked out of the front window to see if my beloved Mercedes Benz car was parked up in it's usual place.

Then i heard a voice whispering to me, I was intrigued,where was it coming from?, I thought to myself.

There was no evidence that anyone else lived here yet i had convinced myself that i was married to Allison,yet when i looked at my left hand there was no ring placed on the second smallest finger.

The voice seemed to be picking up pace and was now speaking to me at an alarming rate until i could not detect the words which were spoken to me after a short time.

I decided to leave the house and go for a walk in to the local park.My watch stated that it was 0900 surely there would only be a few people around maybe a mother with her toddler returning from school.

Anyway i left the house and had now reached the swings which were positioned in the middle of this vast park.

There was nobody in sight yet the voice which i had heard in the house was now following me around in to my new surroundings.

The voice became clearer and i sat on one of the swings which was available since this was a childrens play area.

I began to push myself to and fro scuffing my shoes on the hard tarmac and picking up momentum until i was really flying in the breeze.

Suddenly i noticed the swing next to me started to move unaided then the roundabout.

The voice was now right next to me and all of a sudden a face became visible but no body just a blurred image emerged,it was an elderly man with a grey complextion.

He started to talk to me at a normal pace yet i couldn't understand the language he was talking in then he looked at my watch and his eyes were transfixed on me.

This was scary enough to be sat next to a ghost but then when i looked at the watch it was 0845, how could this be?.

I had left home at 0900 then i noticed that the second counter was going backwards and the birds in the sky were also reversing their route.

When i looked up to speak to the image of the face it had gone and with it the creepy voice.

I was all alone at this point everything returned to normal and i noticed that my watch now displayed the correct time, it was 0915.

I was making my way toward the entrance of the park on my way back when i lit up a cigarette and noticed a red volkwagen beetle pull up just in front of my house.

A blonde haired woman got out and was making her way towards my front door, she was rather petite and stylish in appearance.

As i got closer to the house i noticed that she didn't knock at my door or ring the bell she was unlocking the door with a key and walked straight in to my house.

As i reached the front door i entered the house and called out "hello is anyone there?" there was no reply so i began to search all the rooms for this mysterious woman without any luck, she had simply disappeared.

It was a good 10 minutes before i heard the front door go bang and there she was making her way to her car.

How could this be? surely i would have heard her or our paths would have crossed but no she was making her way to the car.

I quickly ran out of the house at top speed and shouted out to her but my call to her was met with silence,i even got in to her car and she seemed unmoved.Was i invisible why couldn't she see me?,I thought.

I lept out of the car once i realised i was wasting my time,it was just then that a lady with a small poodle appeared and began to talk to me.

"Hello my name is Rose i've lived here for nearly 40 years I don't think we've met before",i turned to her and was stunned that she could see me unlike the previous lady.

"Are you talking to me?" I enquired,she nodded her head and began to talk without moving her lips she then pointed to her house and we went inside for a cup of tea.

I was delighted to meet her acquaintance and looked forward to sampling a homemade cookie or two which would go down a treat.

"I'm alive aren't i dear?" i enquired, she laughed out loud then began to listen to my heartbeat.

"Yes dear i can hear you heartbeat" why do you ask ?"she enquired,I was relieved to know I was alive.

It seemed to tickle the old timer and she brought out her best crockery, we sat there for what seemed an age discussing her life and that of her family yet she was a stranger to me.

"Do you know me or the other woman who you might have seen park up her VW beetle car earlier?",I enquired.

She shook her head, "no dear i have only met you this morning and i didn't see any VW beetle ca parked up outside your house",she said.

This really was too much "you mean to say you never saw her?",I asked, she shook her head again.

After a while i decided to leave and thanked her for her hospitality it would be a while longer before i would venture out again.

I was now searching the house for clues to my identity and perhaps i could find my mobile phone which i seemed to have misplaced.

Then i found it but this was not a mobile phone it was more like a brick encased in a leather holder with huge buttons.

I decided to try it out and call a few familiar numbers, just then i began to feel dizzy and reached out for a glass of water.

As I began to turn the tap on my hand seemed to disappear and within it the same happened with the phone,eventually my whole body was disappearing in front of my eyes as if i were vapour.

Shocked i laid out on the floor and soon i became completely invisible yet i was still in the living room.

Then i heard the phone ring on this rather large mobile phone but i could not answer it, a message went to the answer machine and the caller left a message.

It was at this point that i recognised the voice it was my wife the one i was supposedly married to.

"Hello Mike it's Allison i'll be home around 6 pm tonight and we will be conducting an experiment using hypnosis to try and return you back to your normal state",she said.

Luckily the phone instantly became voice activated and the answer machine began to cut out.

I began to shout "Allison i'm home can you hear me",shocked she answered me,she could actually hear my voice.

"Yes Mike i can hear you i'll be home soon save your strength see you soon bye",she said.

The call ended and i was indeed happy to have spoken to my wife and now knew that we could hopefully bring everything to a swift conclusion.

It seemed an age before the sound of a lock turning in the front door awoke me from my slumber on the couch, it was Allison.

"Honey i'm home are you in?",she enquired,Alison had walked straight past without seeing me, i must do something to let her know that I am here I thought.

Alison i'm here right infront of you",I said, there was a short silence then she began to cry "oh my word you're invisible" she exclaimed.

She appeared exactly as i had remembered her and curiously not too unlike the blonde who had left the house earlier that day in the VW beetle car

We began to engage in conversation and after consuming a cigarette and a cup of coffee she began to tell me why my life had changed and how i was going to get my old old life back.

I was becoming sceptical and was anxious for so many answers to my burning questions.

It wasn't too long before the main guest for the evening arrived.
This lady also had blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.

She quickly introduced herself and we all sat around a large round table of course neither of them could see me but could hear me.

"Hi my name is Aggie I'm a sort of medium and will help you regain your previous form.
You are trapped in a world where you don't belong and this is what you might call the nearest thing to a parallel universe",she said.

"You are hanging on to a life that doesn't belong to you and i must send you back to your own time",she said.

I was having great difficulty in taking in all of this new information and began to ask my guest if there were several me's in existence in other parallel universe's?.

She agreed and now began with her procedures.

The curtains were drawn too and a little music was played,she then began to fill the table with white salt and poured a few drops of meditation oil on to the surface of the table.

It was at this point that the two ladies held hands and burned a candle then my wife let out a shriek.

"I can see you Mike my goodness!",she exclaimed,then all of a sudden i could see myself again and i returned  in to a life form in terms of my body shape.

Aggie then began to place her left hand above my head and let out a few words.

"Oh great commander of the heavens return this soul to his restful place let him live in his own time release the curse which has enveloped his tortured poor spirit",she said.

All of a sudden i felt lifted from my surroundings and i was being driven by some great force.

The two ladies looked up toward the ceiling and soon i was gone passing through the clouds at such a speed that i hadn't gained my breath.

In an instance i was sat down in my favourite chair which i called a throne enjoying a nice cup of tea.

At the side of me was my wife Allison she had such a warm smile on her face and greeted me.

"It's so good to have you back home honey i've cooked your favourite tea spaghetti bolognese you can indulge yourself with a nice bottle of chianti to wash it down with",she exclaimed.

I had reached full circle and my contentment was all too obvious as we sat down to watch our favourite programme "Tales of the spirit world".

The irony was not lost on either of us as we laughed together before we began the new chapter of our lives together.

I was rather curious about going to sleep that night what should i expect next perhaps i might awake to a different wife and new surroundings.

I asked my wife if she would keep watch over me for the first night but she just grinned as we made our way to the bedroom.

I had decided to read one of my  favourite books with a cup of cocoa prior to turning out the lights.

My wife was taking a shower when frustratingly i couldn't find any of my novels i shouted out loud to my wife who was by now washing her hair.

I remembered the tattoo she had enscribed above her left breast as i opened the shower door i remarked to her.

"I'll know it's my true wife if she's still got that tattoo on her ",I exclaimed.

I was just about to enter the shower cubicle when I noticed to my horror that it was gone,"have you had it removed?" i enquired ?.

She looked at me then exclaimed "what dear?",i asked again about the tattoo and she just shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't know what you are talking about i wouldn't be seen dead with a tattoo,people who have those done simply haven't got any class",she replied.

This really was starting to wind me up and i pulled at her towel covering her modesty,"there you should have a tattoo where is it?",I enquired.

We could not get to the bottom of this mystery and i decided to turn in for the night since i couldn't find any of my books and now i was becoming exasperated.

There was complete silence for over an hour neither one of us managed to get to sleep then i became tired and felt myself falling asleep.

It was at this point that my wife began to rub her skin against mine and she was kissing me all over.

Slowly she kissed my feet and the two of us became one tighter and tighter we became with the love juices now in full flow.

My mouth was placed over her left breast "more" she cried, at this point i felt again as if i was going to pass out and then at last i fell asleep.

The next morning the sunlight broke early and the small shadows embrassed my face with the warmth of a childs kiss.

I noticed that i was alone in bed and that the duvet cover had been partly moved across towards from side.

When i called out to her there was no response from her,she had evidently gone out.

when i looked at my watch the time was 0850, the keys were still in the front door like i had left them the night before .

I had gone to bed and the front door was bolted so how could she have left the building?,I thought to myself.

She was nowhere to be found and what's more puzzling I couldn't find a photo of us both together in a portrait.
I looked high and low for our wedding photo but alas with no success.

However i did hear her voice as i was taking a shower later that morning,at first it seemed that she was talking on the telephone yet when i ran out to meet her there was nobody there.

This really was a puzzle whom had i spent the night with then a ghost?, I thought to myself.

I looked outside to see if i could spot our car but to my surprise there was a motor bike parked up on the driveway and yes it was the same one that I had seen on a previous encounter.

I decided to make myself some breakfast and then venture in to town, i would catch the local bus from Ryde and then change buses in Yarmouth as i wanted to visit Newport.

I seemed to have waited an age at the bus stop for the number 72 service none had passed me in the past half hour.

When one finally arrived it was full of passengers and not one stopped even when i placed my right hand out.

Then i was in luck a young lady got out with her baby in a pram and i climbed board only for the driver to continue his journey without taking my fare.

"Don't you want my fare?" i exclaimed,he looked straight through me then exclaimed,"in this world all transportation is funded by central government" he said.That's fine by me i'm all for that" I replied as i got to my seat.

There was nothing unusual in what he said it was the way he said it without moving his lips.

It would be a good half an hour before i would reach my destination and i decided to pop in to my favourite pub on the island.
I would have breakfast and maybe indulge in a couple of pints of my favourite ale.

Things must be back to normal i was heard seen and served by the bar woman before she told me she would personally bring me my breakfast.

I was really pleased to be back to my old self and felt the need to go to the toilet, i quickly began to wash my hands and combed my hair in front of the mirror.

I then discovered to my horror that once again that my reflection was not of a young to middle aged dark stylish gentleman but a spotty 18 year old with zits and blackheads,what's worse i had red hair.

At this point i just collapsed on to the floor until a young man picked me up.

"Are you alright mate? you look a little shook up like you've seen a ghost or something",he said.

It was indeed a pleasure to have met this young lad as it was his reflection i had seen in the mirror and not my own,.

Gratified i returned to the bar area and swore blind that i would never look in to a mirror again "doesn't vanity kill?", i chuckled.

The bar woman had just arrived to bring me my breakfast and she seemed vaguely familiar.
"Do I know you"? i enquired ,she shook her head and said "i don't think i have had the pleasure before playing with her hair.

I asked her what her name was and she replied "didn't you see my badge?,my name is Allison.
I'm an exchange student i've worked here for 3 months but will be returning home to my family in Malmo in Sweden next month",she replied.

She left me and said maybe we could go out on a date or something, i smiled back and said maybe i am a little too old for her and then pointed to my wedding ring.

It was at this point when i stopped mouth open wide and was shocked to discover that there was no wedding ring on my finger.

She just laughed and then exclaimed "what cat got your tongue don't tell me you're married?,i always  seem to attract the married type maybe all the good guys are snapped up", she said.

I wondered if our paths would meet again and if indeed she was my new destiny i continued to eat my meal and then left for my bus to take me back home.

It was soon after i got in when i discovered that some other changes had happened like the decoration and the furniture were different again.

I was greeted by a small pet poodle,"who are you? what are you doing here I asked ?".

A young girl of no more than 10 years then appeared in front of me and began to hug me excitedly.

"Daddy surely you remember spot! we only bought him a few weeks ago you will be telling me i am a complete figmant of your imagination next and you don't know me",she said.

There was a little silence before another person came in to my view it was Allison but she seemed older and had grey hair where there was once blonde.

This time there were photos of us both positioned on the mantlepiece and i was much older too in my 50 's at first glance.

"Your sister is coming tonight all the way from York so i told her you would pick her up from the station if that is ok with you",she exclaimed.

I nodded my head and asked what time,she spoke again without moving her lips.

It was at this point i suddenly heard the horrible sound of crunching metal and flames break out in a massive explosion.

I could see my own death in a flash as a crash would occur on the stretch of road leading me to the railway station.

"Oh my god i've just had a premonition and it's not good", i exclaimed,my wife enquired "what dear?".

It's Karen and me that are going to be killed in an accident i can't go tonight you will have to arrange a taxi for her",I said.

I quickly called a taxi company and arranged for them to pick her up but then the cab assistant asked "how will the drive recognise her"?.

Then suddenly I realised that this was a stupid idea and there was only one thing for it i would have to go and meet her as she didn't have a mobile phone on her.

I went outside got in to my Mercedes Benz car and sped off to my intended destination.

I had reached the centre of town only a few yards from the station when suddenly inexplicably the engine decided to cut out and i was stranded on the outer ring road.

Maybe this was a slice of luck, in any case i would make my way to the station and then get a taxi home after arranging for the pick up truck to take my car to a local garage.

I stood at platform 2 for almost 10 minutes when suddenly there was an announcement that the train travelling from Newcastle to Portsmouth would be delayed due to a carriage derailment on the outskirts of Winchester.

Then news came through that there had been a serious accident and 3 carriages had been derailed.

Filled with panic i tried to get news of the casualties but soon after in the blink of an eye i heard a voice i recognised immediately.

"Mike i'm here" said Karen,she had caught an earlier train and was safe and well i was so relieved.

We continued our conversation in the taxi and discussed a few changes that had occured since our last meeting.

She was anxious to hear more about the disturbing changes which had taken place of late.

The journey went without incident and we both made it safely back to my house in one piece.

After enjoying a rather sumptuous meal we retired to the lounge to catch up on family business and old times.


© Copyright 2020 Buffershaker. All rights reserved.

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