The Honey Trap

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

"Warning this story contains scenes of a sexual nature and graphic violence which might offend some folk and is unsuitable for minors"

The Honey Trap
Lusty lesbian horror story set in London.Sally Watts is about to leave her luxurious apartment one morning when she is seduced and kidnapped in an entrapment which places her in severe peril.
This former escort and model's existence seemed mundane and without adventure working as a business investment advisor for a city of London firm,until one day fate brings about a change which will alter her life forever.
She discovers that two men in a white van appear in a threatening manner damaging her Ferrari car and placing chains on the wheels.It seems she is about to become the victim of an evocative sex trap,a temptress Mylène.
She seduces her in to a lusty lesbian romp.
Both women engage in full on sex within her car until
Sally is suddenly drugged by chloroform and kidnapped.
She is taken to one of London's notorious torture chamber cells where escape seems impossible.From the moment she awakes naked on her iron bed noticing the surgical tools and the three people who enter the room she knows her fate has been set
What sexual tortures await her before she is the next victim?.

The Honey Trap 

When society starts to break down people look for leadership in a land filled with chaos,we all find ourselves being drawn down in to a spiral of pain and degradation and the result is that the underworld,gangland cultures takes over.

The crime,grime and slime surges like a flood in to society when the do-gooders and political correctness initiatives stop working.

Indigenous and evil immigrants alike begin to feed off what was once a prosperous land.New opportunities walk hand in hand with older bad habits.

The lack of recognition of criminal sovereignty find these pariahs setting up brothels,sex slave hostels and even torture chambers in the ever present sinister world of vice.

Sally Watts works as a business investment advisor for "Morgan Chanderveld which is a respected financial institution in the city of London was a victim although she didn't know it yet.

Sally had freelanced as a model in her past but she became tired of the catwalk and cat fights with her contemporaries.she was completely oblivious to her impending fate as she pursued her new challenging career.

At 24 years of age Sally knew she had the whole world at her feet earning thousands of pounds from endorsements and had become financially solvent.She also worked as an escort for a respectable agency in the city which was easy money.

She had been earning over £600 pounds per night for her time which financed the luxurious residential apartment and of the pretty things that with it in London's docklands.

Life for Sally would change forever one April morning as she left her cat outside her apartment with a nice saucer of milk.

She glanced at her beautiful red Ferrari as she had always done every morning like some ritual.She got in to the drivers side and applied her lipstick in the mirror before setting off on her way to work.

That day sinister looking black clouds had already began to form as she placed her bag in the boot of her car.Looking up at the lead coloured skies she began to hurry knowing that in any minute the skies would open and drench her expensive suit.

She flicked on the headlights unaware that the weather outside was merely a portent from nature what fate had in store for her on this dark depressing start to the day.

Sally suddenly noticed the presence of a rather large white Ford transit van which was parked on the other side of the road which completely blocking the other apartments view of her car.

Two men wearing balaclavas sat motionless in the van staring towards her apartment building,she froze for a moment sensing that she might be in some immediate danger as her hands began to shake.

She quickly got in to her car and initiated security protection procedures ensuring that the vehicle  was virtually impossible for anyone to access the car other than herself.

As she turned on the engine and slowly manoeuvred the car towards the nearby street she noticed that one of the men in the van had jumped out and was now standing in front of her car.

He was holding a baseball bat in his right hand and a set of road spikes in his left hand similar to the ones used by a police force when they attempt to stop boy racers or joy riders from escaping which usually result in a car crash.

Suddenly without warning the man began to smash the headlights of her beautiful car,he then tied the chain of spikes on to the front wheels.Meanwhile the other man in the van had appeared and was pointing a sawn off shotgun towards Sally's head.

He began to shout "get out of the fucking car now or I will shoot you" Sally was now in a state of abject panic as she looked for her mobile phone but it was in her bag that she had placed in the boot.

She knew she had to alert the authorities but how?,it was an impossible situation,there was no escape as her tyres were chained up with the spikes,God she didn't want to die but what the hell could she do it get out of this nightmare?.

Then without warning a young lady appeared from nowhere but the men wearing the balaclavas didn't seem to be surprised by her sudden appearance.

Mylène who was wearing only a small red dress which just about covered her modesty walked towards Sally's car.She sat on the bonnet of the Ferrari placing her lily white legs as far apart as she could unencumbered by underwear.

She slipped of her red dress and all that she wore were white strapped fuck me sandals and a cheeky smile.Her breasts large,plump and ripe as she plucked and pulled on her large erect nipples with her scarlet painted nails.

The naked lady stared at both men as she opened up her love glove placing an index finger between her legs pushing it in and out then lapping contently like a cat cleaning it's paws.

Both men were now becoming aroused and had been completely distracted from their violent activities as one of them started to make his way towards the naked woman.

"Boy it sure is my lucky day two babes for the price of one,I ain't going to be able to walk straight after I have finished filling my boots with you two lovelies".

The other man quickly began to speak to his colleague whose body language and facial expression changed as he was reminded that they had a job to do.

He stood off folding his arms as both men returned to their van and silently watched the unfolding events.

Sally meanwhile remained in her car completely transfixed by this sex kitten slut who was trying to seduce her in to leaving her car,what should she do?.

Perhaps if she played along with her sexual advances and yielded to the young woman's obvious  desire for sex she might be spared and could make her escape.

Sally shouted "help me" to the lady,she just smiled and positioned her head towards the drivers door handle.

Sally was unable to stop herself from feeling that she was in a waking trance,she decided to take her chances and stepped out.

The sex kitten plastered her chilly naked body to Sally's as both of them began to engage in sexual pleasures.

The men in the van were enjoying this side show,they could barely contain their excitement,it was a male fantasy of epic proportions played out for their greedy gaze as they were becoming transfixed by it all.

The two ladies both began to kiss and squeeze the love juices out of each other with fingers and tongues applied with passionate vigour.

Breasts were nibbled and seduced in lusty strokes of engorged pink tongues until both women were left breathless with their sexual activities.

Sally suddenly became totally unaware of her surroundings feeling drugged by her own sexuality and by the taste and smell of the other lady rubbing herself rhythmically against her pubis gyrating them both to climax in to a wonderful orgasm.

A few moments later one of the men began to drag Sally away using chloroform to suppress her struggles,she lay naked slumped on her car.

She lifted her head slightly and was still in a haze of sexual desire and drug induced stupor,the second man had begun to kiss her seducer and was smiling at him as she delivered on her promise in more ways than one.

After they had drugged and abducted Sally they took her to a dark dungeon built long ago near the river Thames not far from "Friars Bridge".This was a notorious place where suicides were common place.

Her car was driven to another location no doubt to be pawned off or to be used on another job.Sally began to come round from the eternity of the morning and now,she noticed how dark and smelly her new surroundings were as her eyes adjusted to the dark laying on her bed of iron.

Nearby was an array of implements although she had no idea what they were used for but they had a distinctly surgical look about them.

What surgeon in his right mind would operate in such an awful,dirty,smelly unhygienic cell like this? She thought to herself but she didn't really want to know the answer to that question.

It wasn't long before she realised why she had been brought here,Sally's fate was now becoming realised,she had been brought to one of London's notorious torture chambers.

Only last week a young prostitutes dismembered body had been had been fished out of the river Thames without a trace of her identity.

The media had reported that the police had said she had been tortured to death.The report went on to speculate about other cases and had mentioned the London crime culture with associated. Clubs and chambers.

Sally had presumed that it was merely tabloid sensationalism but she was wrong and naive to think so.

A man suddenly appeared via the main entrance dressed as a surgeon,two women followed him in to the chamber both smiling and apparently full of the joys of spring and were dressed in silver tops and wore black mini skirts.

Both of them wore a pair of blood red patent stiletto healed sandals,they looked more like porn actresses than surgeons assistants.

The women inspected Sally touching,feeling and pinching at her flesh from top to bottom.They inhaled deeply letting the air out of their lungs with a groan.

As the surgeon was observing them they began to pull at her and one of them pushed her fingers in to Sally's rectum.The other woman put on her surgical gloves and began to violate her tight vagina with her hand and then made a fist action.

The surgeon was unable to contain his lust as he sunk his unusually sharp teeth in to Sally's  smooth lily white breasts biting and gorging on her flesh until a large puddle of blood appeared on her chest.

Sally was almost unconscious by this time as he picked up a scalpel and carefully began to dissect her breasts causing a trickle of blood.

Each of the three of them dipped a finger in to the Sticky liquid,the women sucked the blood from the surgeons left index finger then their own.

Having finished with their own sexual pleasures both women were now administering their own torture.

They placed Sally's fingers and toes in tight screw locks and then tied her feet up,she was now little more than a carcass of meat.

She was then placed upside down suspended by a rope with what remained of her butchered breasts hanging around her chin.

There she lay naked whilst the two women sat beneath her,every drop of blood that dropped on to their thirsty lips seduced the women as they writhed in the crimson shower.

One of the women thrust a sword towards Sally teasing her by poking it in to her love glove viciously as she had earlier with her gloved hand.

The unquestionable pain ripped through her and now Sally was just wishing that she could pass out.

Having sliced open her breasts the woman now cut open her vagina,Sally knew she wasn't long for this world.

Eventually they cut her down and placed her on a fresh white sheet laying upon the iron bed.

The surgeon began to methodically remove her fingers and toes one by one,when he had finished he opened up a small box.

Its contents were were worse than all of the other torture put together,the box contained what appeared to be a scorpion the surgeon set the creature free upon the bed for it's intended victim.

An eternity passed before death finally came for a poor unfortunate Sally as she lay motionless as the scorpion disappeared within her womb.

The screams would have been heard a mile away as the victim was stung time after time,the absolute horror etched upon her dying face.

The surgeon removed the defiled corpse from the bed and dismembered the body parts before throwing them in to the incinerator to be burnt along with the evidence.

The three people left the chamber joyfully swinging arm in arm and singing "Oh what a beautiful morning,oh what a beautiful day".

A week after her disappearance and subsequent death a detective came to investigate.Sally's  abandoned car had been found along with one of her sandals and a signet ring.

The police searched far and wide but all they found was the chamber where she had been tortured and killed without mercy.

A DNA test revealed that she had been at the scene but there was no hard evidence in the chamber aside from a scalpel they had used to cut her up with.

The scalpel now resides Along with many other instruments of death inside the world famous Black museum on "Black Friars Bridge" in London. 

The End

Submitted: September 15, 2019

© Copyright 2022 Buffershaker. All rights reserved.

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