As I lay.

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Its a story about a women and what happened to her parents.

Submitted: February 26, 2013

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Submitted: February 26, 2013




As I lay.

As I lay down on my bed thinking to myself, I can't help but to wonder how this all began and what i have become from it. I lay on my side and began to cry soon after I fell asleep. I awoken to a loud noise coming from downstairs i grab my blessed gun and ran down thinking “Here we go again.” I yelled for my mother who had fallen asleep on the couch. All the lights were on and everything looked normal, but my mom was gone and i didn't know where she was. I felt a drip on my nose, I looked up there was a message written in blood saying, “You know what I want.” I sat on the couch, thinking on what they wanted. I started to cry. I couldn't think of what they wanted. I fell asleep yet again. In my dream I was surrounded of Demons that have possessed humans the began a chant while they held hands in a circle around me. I stooped to my knees in pain, there was such a terrible pain in my stomach. I closed my eyes when I opened them I was in a field, it looked so familiar. Then i remembered it was the field when I realized who I was. There was a tree where I buried somthing but for the love of god I couldn't remember what I buried. I closed my eyes and I woke up on the couch again. I thought to myself, I have to remember where that field has been, where was that tree where I buried what I have forgotten. I lay on the couch and think. I sit up on the couch and held my my stomach cradling my unborn baby. I began to think to myself how could I bring a baby into this world knowing what he/she would have to go through  when he/she gets older. I began to sob and cry yet again, I can’t help it i'm emotional right now with my hormones to be out of whack. I’m can't help but to think how much I miss my mom, wishing she could be here to help me through this tough time. I'm thinking, is this what she went through when she was pregnant with me. I was wasting too much time. I got up and went for a walk I didn't know where I was going but I had to go somewhere it didn’t matter where I went but i stayed out walking for a little bit. Im walking up the steps going through the door I sat on the couch again and called my dad hoping he would know what do. There wasn't any answer so I began to worry if they have taken him to. I got into my car and rushed to his house. I still had the key to his house so i let myself in, I seen that there was a struggle and I began to search the house, it was a complete mess. all but one corner of the room there stood a picture of a field it was the field that was in my dream. I couldnt think of why that wasn't a mess like the rest of the house so I began to take a closer look at it. I smashed the glass in the picture there was a message on written on the back of the picture.
“I'm sorry you had to find out this way but when your mom was pregnant with you she went through the same thing that you are going to now. I have left instructions on what to do in the family photo album, I have hidden them their so the demons couldn't find them. I wish the best of luck to you my lovely daughter.”

I sat on his couch and began to cry again. I soon fell asleep. I was in a field but this time everything was dead and dying and there were corps of humans and animals that have been sacrificed. The human cops began to come back to life with demon eyes and they began to surround me. This was different than the first dream though. In the first dream it was full of life before the possessed people began chanting around me. I looked all around there was a dead tree, there stood a dark figure, it looked almost human but I couldn't tell. As the possessed corpse began to surround me and grab me I woke up in tears. I got up and walked over to the family photo albem and began to look through it for these so called instructions. I seen pictures of my mother when she was pregnant with me. Her eyes looks to so distant like she wasn't herself she didn't have a smile in any of the pictures of when she was pregnant with me, but after I was born she had a big smile on her face. She looked so happy I was finally here. As i was looking through all the pictures I seen a field with the same tree that was in my dream. I quickly pulled out the picture and there was writing on the back that told me when and where the picture was taken, in that moment I knew where I had to go. I rushed home and packed my bags because the field where the picture was take was clear across the country. While I was on the plane i began to drift off to sleep. This time in my dream I was in the same field with all the corps. I wasn't myself I could see what I was doing but I had no control over it. I seen my mother and my father tied up on a pentagram on the ground covered with lit candles all around the circle.

I felt a shaking sensation in my dream and everything fell apart, I was suddenly alone floating in in nothing but darkness. I then awoke in the plane the stewardess was smiling trying to wake me up, the policy is to always smile no matter how annoyed they are. I politely got off the plane and began my journey.
I managed to walk to the street  outside the airport, and I got a cab to my hotel room where I stayed the night. The flight lasted six hours and I didn't get here till 2:00AM. I didn't sleep any that night. When I finally got to my hotel room I just lay there in a dark room staring at the ceiling just thinking, how am I going to pull this off. Before I knew I got a call, I didn't know who it was from but all they said is "you know what we want and you're running out of time." Then they hung up. i got up and began to research ways i can get rid of whatever was after my family.
My research was going well; I had to look up many things. All my research looked up to be that they were shape shifters and I couldn’t find anything about the ones that took over the corpse in my dream. As i’m thinking to myself, are those my real parents or are they just trying to mess with me. So i figured I just fell asleep it seems like the only time i ever get a clue on what is happening to me. So i get in the shower to replace me, the warm water felt well. I quickly got out and got dressed and got in the bed hoping to fall asleep; I snuggled up in my blankets and fell fast asleep. My dream left off from where i was on the plane in the field with my parents tied up on the pentagram with the candles all around the circle. Once again i didn't have any control on what I was doing and I didn't know what was going to happen to me, or to my parents. I could feel my body moving towards  my parents I had a knife hidden behind my back and I could feel me starting to grab the knife  I began to cry on the inside as I could hear my parents begging me not to kill them. There screams were piercing my ears but I couldn’t do anything about it. Finally my father said to me “remember please, please remember . I opened my eyes and I have seen that I have cut my mother across the face, she was still alive but she passed out from the pain. I was slowly walking towards my father as he was screaming at me to remember what happened, please just remember, those words kept ringing in my ears. I closed my eyes to see what I have done; all I felt on me was something dripping. I slowly opened my eyes and I  see what I have done. I have slit my father’s throat. My mother then awakened after she was passed out for a few minutes, only to see what I have done. I was screaming but I didn't utter a single word. I started to walk back towards my mother I closed my eyes because i didn't want to see what i would do to her.
I heard a ringing sound; it was my alarm clock waking me up. I opened my eyes in tears. I went to the bathroom, I looked in the mirror only to see that I had black eyes, I shook my head and they were gone. I began to cry again so I went and I got in the shower, took a long hot shower to help me think and to help me decode what my dream was about. I just stood in the shower and tried to think of what my dream meant. I heard my stomach growling, I began to wander when the last time i ate. So I got out of the shower and dried off and went to get something to eat.
I walked down the hall to get on the elevator. When I reached the ground floor, as i was getting off i started to walk out I noticed there were many people staring at me. I quickly walked out of the hotel and began to walk around to find something to eat that wouldn't upset my stomach. Out of the corner of my eye I seen a place to eat, it looked good so I went over and checked it out. I see a line outside the place so it must have been a good place to eat. I walked over and got in line. It seemed like forever till I got to the front of the line. Bt the time i got to the front of the line my stomach was growling and i held my stomach and said hang on little one we will get some food soon. As i walked in the place I seen an empty table I went to sit down and looked at the menu. I ordered something to eat, I was trying not to bother anyone as I ate but people kept staring at me, I had no clue why they were staring at me, so I continued to eat. I walked back to my hotel room to take a shower so I could get some sleep so I climbed in bed hoping I wouldn't have a bad dream. I soon fell asleep, my fears were soon realized my dream left off where I left it from what I was about to do to my mother. I feared for the worst that could happen.
In this dream I was able to move myself and I was conscious of what I was doing. I ran to my mother and i stooped down to where she was tied up on the pentagram, I started to beg for her forgiveness. She forgave me as she told me to get closer to her she told me where the field was. she said “I’m so sorry you have to go through this. The field you are looking for is on Summerhill Drive.’ thats all she could say before the demons dragged her back underground.
I woke up and got dressed and rushed out the door. I took a cab to the field where my mother told me to go to. As the cab droped me off I could see the tree that was in all of my dreams. I rushed over to the tree and began to dig all around it till i found a box. I opened the box and it had a note all it said was.
“One day you will find this note, I hope this day isn't too late but our parents are devil worshipers and the have sacrificed me, I am your older sister Anna. You need to get up and run before it is too late please just run.”
I got up to run but it was too late my parents were standing right behind me. I began to fear for my life. My mother began to speak. “ its about time you get here, After all the memories we sent you through your dreams. See in your pregnancy the doctor said i was going to miss carry with you. then finally an angel appeared and said to let you die. I didn't want to let you die so i prayed to satan, he said if we signed our souls to him he would grant you life, to sign our souls over we had to sacrifice your older sister in this very field. Satan also granted us eternal life for every one of our childrens childrens has their first born sacrificed”

She smiled with sharp teeth in her mouth with her soulless black eyes staring into mine. I tried to run away but they caught me in a matter of seconds. They dragged me to a pentagram in the middle of the field. The corps that were possessed from my dream began to rise up and form a circle around me chanting. My mother and father each sat on both sides of my, I struggled to get away but it was no use. I closed my eyes and waited for it to be over with.

I see a bright light coming towards me it was an angel. He said he could help me if i let him possess my body with his angel powers. I agreed, he told me he had to kill my parents and all the possessed bodies around me. I asked him why he had to kill my parents. All he said to me is that since they signed their soul over to the devil even if he did free their bodies they would be lifeless and be a vegetable for the rest of their life.

As the battle went on I could see all the bodys drop. I felt a tingling sensation then I blacked out. When I awoke I was in a hospital, I couldn't feel my baby inside of me so I began to shout where was my baby. Soon after a nurse came in and sat next to me on my bed and she began to explain what happened. They found you in a field of corpses when a walker was walking by he called the cops and they came to take all the bodies away. They seen that you were still living and in labor so they brought you here. I asked where is my baby as the nurse got up and walked away. She soon came back with a baby in her arms she told me congratulations it was a baby girl. The smile on my face was so big, after all this time in sorrow. I uncovered my babys face to see her smile at me to. I decided to name her Anna after the sister i lost over my parents. As i lay in the bed i start to fall asleep with a smile on my face knowing that everything will be okay.

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