The Wickeds One Past.

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Its a short story. Read it if you want to know what it is about.


The Wicked Ones Past.

“KIDS TIME FOR A STORY!” yelles our mother. As we all lign up to go to our beds we all ask our mother, “May we hear the story of the wicked ones past.” She nods her head in agreement, but she warned us this wouldn't be a friendly story, she always tries to scare us into her stories but it never worked. Tonight was different though there was a stormy night outside and we lived in a scary old mansion so the story was a little more scary. All of us children were all snuggled up in bed waiting for her to tell us of the story of the wicked ones.

Once in the past there was a colony of people, this was far back in time before there were civilized people. There was something different about these people though. They had dark dark eyes that looked almost soulless. They had long hair and strange tattoos and markings all over their bodies, but nobody knew what kind of people they were. All those around the people stayed away from them in fear of what the strange people were capable of.
One day a child from another village came up to the wicked village full of the strange people. This was a small innocent boy, he was only five at the time when he was curious of the wickeds, as he was walking up to the village a small child with the soulless eyes and long hair and strange marking walked up to the five year old boy. The wicked boy began to speak to the five year old in some sort of language the he couldn't understand. The boy fainted, the wicked picked him up and began to drag him to the village of the wicked. The small boy looked behind him to make sure no one was following him he gave something a wicked smile with his sharp teeth, his eyes turned black as night and he walked into the village never to be seen again.
There was a man hiding in the bush and he saw the hole thing of how the child was taken by the wickeds. The man ran back to his village and began to tell the story of how he seen the boy get taken and how the strange boys eyes turned black with a smiling mouth of sharp teeth. The village was outraged, the boy that was taken was the eldest grandson. The village was of course outraged in the situation. The village sent three of their best warriors to go and get the boy back, the boy was supposta be a part of a sacred ritual. The elders called a meeting in the middle of the village to call forth their strongest warriors. As the three warriors were picked they began their journey to the village of the wickeds. As what happened to the little boy is what happened to the three strongest warriors. Except this time each of the warriors were met by the same copies of themselves except the wickeds had their soulless eyes long hair and strange markings on their bodies. The wickeds began to speak in the same language and as the same happened to the three warriors all three fainted and were dragged into the village of the wickeds.
The villager were astonished on how the tree strongest warriors have been beaten by a simple language. The village one day dressed up as one of the wickeds and walked to the village of the wickeds, the same happened to him. Again the villagers were astonished on how the wickeds were doing this. Once again the the village walked to the village of the wickeds and he memorized the words that were being said the the people who were being taken into the place. This time was different though, a ring of fire appeared around the villager after he spoke the words. A pentagram was underneath him, then a dark figure appeared next to him, the dark figure slit his throat and drank his blood.
The shadowed figured then pointed at the rest of the villagers and smiled a wicked smile this time it looked more like a beast with sharp teeth, horns of the devil's horns, goats legs and black eyes, with red skin. Then just as it has appeared it disappeared, the thing left the body laying on the ground with all the life sucked out of it. The body then arose with the same black eyes and began to walk towards the villagers. In fear they ran home, and hid in their houses. Only the chief stood in the center to challenge the husk of a human, but the husk of the human won the battle. Soon the whole village was under a spell. The demon was back to suck out each soul to make a human husks. After the demon was done sucking all the bodies dropped and came back to life with the soulless demon eyes. They all began to march back to the village and they all disappeared. Some say they lived forever. Some say the still live today but as humans with the normal human bodys, they act normal, the have kids like normal, and some say that the little boy who was the first one to go still wanders the earth looking for his body or a body to take over. They say in the modern world that they still eat children to feed their soulless bodies. THE END. Says mom, “How was the story kids?” We were all shaking in our covers by the end of the story. Mom said don't worry i will be here all night if u need me. Her eyes then turned black, her skin began to show the marks from her story and he teeth became pointed. We all began to cry and asking “What have you done with our mom?!” She smiles and says with her evil grin and her black eyes “She was never here.”
That was the last thing I heard before I died. To this day me and my siblings come back and try to warn other kids of this story so they won't suffer the same fate as us. Thus ends my story from beyond the grave warning to all other children to plug their ears at the sound of this story. Alas none shall listen to my warnings and soon after they have joined us in the never ending search for what can never be found. 

Submitted: February 26, 2013

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