Sessions: Killstreak

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sessions with an Assassin named Killstreak. A cold hearted man who hates everyone but is the world's most expensive and top ranked assassin.


*Now playing Session 1*

Dr. Christine: Name: Killstreak, Real Name: Unknown, Occupation: Criminal, Risk: Extremely Dangerous.  Good Afternoon Killstreak. 

Killstreak: *Silence*

Dr. Christine: Hello Mr. Killstreak. 

Killstreak: I don't speak to whores.

Dr. Christine: Excuse me?

Killstreak: *Silence*

Dr. Christine: Well Mr. Killstreak would you like to speak to me about anything regarding your past?

Killstreak: *Silence*

Dr. Christine: Did daddy drink a lot and beat you? Was mommy on drugs?

Killstreak: *Silence*

Dr. Christine: Were you bullied because you were dumb?

Killstreak: *Silence*

Dr. Christine: Were you too ugly to get any girls?

Killstreak: *Silence*

Dr. Christine: Was your puppy hit by a truck?

Killstreak: *Glares*

Dr. Christine: Oh I get it! You were probably molested by your saggy old gym coach and that's why you're so sick in the head. *snickers*

Killstreak: What part of I don't talk to whores didn't you fucking understand? But since you're so inclined to speak on the past how about we talk about yours Candy?

Dr. Christine: Huh?

Killstreak: Oh haven't heard that name in a long time have you? Didn't all the boys in Long Beach call you that because your vagina was "sweet like licorice"?

Dr. Christine: How did you-

Killstreak: DON'T YOU DARE INTERRUPT ME YOU TRAMP! I'm the one telling the story here. Yes Candy, I know everything there is to know. You used to be with a man named Greg, he was sweet to you and loved you very much. You slept with all of his brothers and dumped him after kicking him out of your car miles away from his home. 

Dr. Christine: I never did that!

Killstreak: Oh yes you did Candy. Didn't your mother kill herself while you were a baby because she was stressed with owning a child she didn't want? I'm so sad she didn't just kill you and her, but I'm still happy another whore is dead. 

Dr. Christine: How dare-

Killstreak: I'm not finished Candy. You also wrote down that a patient had terminal cancer just so his family would pay more for treatments when the man was completely healthy! 

Dr. Christine: Liar!

Killstreak: Let's talk about how you even got into such a large position.  The old man Dr. Gupta, you were playing his skin flute everyday. In turn the old man got you into higher areas of the job. Although once you were in the positon you wanted you sued the bastard for 6 million dollars and won! That's impressive Candy.

Dr.Christine: None of that is true!!

Killstreak: The worst of all, while your fiance was serving our country you fucked over 15 men. I doubt little Georgie is even his.

Dr. Christine: M-My Son?!

Killstreak: Georgie doesn't he go to Brickston elementary?  I hope he has a safe ride home.

Dr. Christine: We're done speaking here! *Sounds of her getting out of her chair*

Killstreak: 7-1-0-4 Doctor.

Dr. Christine: That's my-

Killstreak: Home security password. Now you if don't learn to keep that mouth shut something bad might happen. We don't want little Georgie to be an orphan do we?

Dr. Christine: Holy shit!

Killstreak: Sleep well Doctor, it might just be permanent. 

*End of Session 1*


*Now playing Session 2*

Dr. Steve: Good Morning Killstreak.

Killstreak: Good morning asshole.

Dr. Steve: I'll be filling in for Dr. Christine today.

Killstreak: Where is Candy at?

Dr. Steve: Dr. Christine has taken a leave of abscense out of fear for her life.

Killstreak: It warms my heart knowing that little slut is running for her life. Women are no good for anything but destroying men's lives.

Dr. Steve: Although very unlikely, would you like to speak to me about your history?

Killstreak: Actually Stevey I would like to talk about my past. May I?

Dr. Steve: Go right ahead.

Killstreak: So I was raised in a small Minnesota town by a single mother. I've always had a bad leg that everyone used to make fun of me about. My pet guinea pig named Roscoe was my only friend and he was passed away when I was 11. Afterwards, my family moved to Oklahoma when my mom met a woman named Janet she fell in love with. Mom used to work late nights at the office and Janet would babysit me every night. Each night, Janet would come in my room and touch me in a very wrong place and beat me if I cried. Eventually mom was killed by a drunk driver and Janet took full custody of me. She physically and emotionally abused me for years until she had died from breast cancer.  At that point in time I was in college struggling to get my medical license. There was a woman there I met named Carol who came up to me one day and struck up a conversation. We dated for a long time and moved out to Indiana, but sadly she was murdered by some looney man in what people only described as a "skull mask". He was never found. I was depressed for years and nearly committed suicide until I met another woman who changed my life. Her name was Sara, and she was a goddess in terms of beauty. She helped me get my medical license and we settled down in a lovely yellow house. I kissed her goodbye and then I went to work. 

Dr. Steve: This sounds like-

Killstreak: Not finished Doctor! I went to work and filled in for a corrupt colleauge of mine who feared for her life and left to live with her mother in Ohio. I interviewed this masked maniac who told me a bizzare story that left me in nothing but shock. Then I went home only to find my family in pieces and smeared all over the walls of my freshly painted kitchen!

Dr. Steve: That's-

Killstreak: Oh my bad! This isn't my story, this is yours.

Dr. Steve: You wouldn't dare harm my family. How the hell do you even know where Dr. Christine left to!?

Killstreak: You know Stevey, your wife looks so beautiful in that blue dress today. Do I see the View on TV?

Dr. Steve: H-H-How do you know that?

Killstreak: I may be here Stevey, but that doesn't mean I don't have people who can't do work for me.

Dr. Steve: Oh my god!!!

Killstreak: *Makes finger gun at Steve* Bang!

*End of Session 2*






Submitted: July 25, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Bujin. All rights reserved.

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