In The Past I Will Be Famous

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Submitted: July 12, 2008

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Submitted: July 12, 2008



In the past I will be famous,

I’ll be rich with wealth and joy.

I’ll accomplish all the goals I set,

When I was just a boy.


In the past I’ll be a movie star,

And make my hometown proud.

I’ll be a wizard on the rink,

And surly excite the crowd.


In the past I’ll be a hero,

Saving lives from vicious flames.

I’ll be a great coach on the field,

So kids can learn fun games.


In the past I’ll be an astronaut,

Soaring high above the earth.

I’ll be a sculpting artist,

Showing everyone my worth.


In the past I’ll learn cool magic,

And entertain throughout the streets,

Ill perform in my own rock band,

Lifting thousands from their seats.


Oh wait! What’s this? The past is gone,

And where’s my satisfaction?

Have I dreamed all of my days away,

Without taking any action?


I fear my life is running short,

What exactly has gone wrong?

I’m 84 and there’s not much more.

I’ve been dreaming for too long.

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