The Devil`s Day

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Nature ending the world.

Submitted: July 12, 2008

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Submitted: July 12, 2008



We won’t go down without a fight,

But is it a fight we cannot win.

The sun will soon inhale the earth,

Consuming everything within.


Our land and sky are very sick,

And one day they will retire.

The seas will churn, the trees will burn,

As the great star casts its fire.


The earth will bleed from its mountain tops,

As the ground quakes beneath.

The bolts will strike high up above,

From which there’s no relief.


And when the last man vanishes,

Out into the air,

As sad as it may seem to say,

There’ll be no one left to care.


All thoughts will then become extinct,

Along with memories and dreams,

Once nature’s war captures the world,

Silencing the final screams.


Time will tell when this day comes,

But one thing is for sure.

The earth’s disease is worsening,

And we will not have a cure.


For those of us, here and now,

There’s no need to despair,

The Devil’s Day is still far off,

But future souls; Beware!

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