The Envelope by Bullet

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A story of a love that started off somehow different but later on found out that love is powerful before and after death.


this is my first story. i got a lot more and working on a full novel now.. i hope you like it! =D


The Envelope


It's early November, trees starting to run out of leaves and children still munching on their Halloween candies. Nathan Ardsley is almost fifty-four, he’s hair started graying when he was 21 but his skin looks as if he is still in his late twenties. The view of children running and playing outside the window reflects on his dark brown eyes taking in the events of his early life. He started to dose off slowly when Nathan got a call. Nathan is a paranormal investigator; he works alone because he believes that spirits can take the wrong message when there are a lot of people involved during the investigation. The thought of being alone burned him inside. He doesn’t know when he will find love but right now he needs to focus on his reputation.

"Is this the Oklahoma Paranormal Investigator's office?" the man behind the other line asked with the trace of fear in his voice. "Yes, how may I help you today?" he said while listening carefully to what the man will say. "Can you go down this address please?" the man gave him the address and they arranged a date on when they'll meet.

Nathan's job wasn't easy at all. People think his head is cracked for believing in paranormal anomalies such as apparitions and things but to him these are very real. He can't explain why or how but he does know it is real.

Finally the day had come and Nathan arrived at the house. "Hello sir, I’m Nathan Ardsley" he reached out his hand for a shake hand. "Robert Damme, would you like to come in and have lunch while we talk about things?" Robert said opening the door for the two of them.

They entered the house and he immediately felt the strange presence, a presence that will later on change his life forever.

They sat on the table with Roberts’s wife beside him. "Good afternoon ma'am" Nathan greeted her politely. She only smiled in return and went to the kitchen to get the food that she prepared. The house was in perfect shape, newly painted walls and ceilings, a painting of Robert and his wife during their early years. The kitchen was big with a chandelier above the dining table. 'Must be a rich man's house' Nathan thought. All are marvelous and grand but the irk feeling kept climbing up on his back.

"Me and my wife bought this house a couple of months ago, at first all are ragged and ruined and that’s why we thought that was the reason why this house was cheap." Robert leaned towards the table and looked at the huge painting of a woman, about her early twenties. Nathan scanned the painting at took note that the painting was finished just thirty years ago. "We never really knew the history of this house but we heard that there was a rich family who lived here 4 decades ago. I and my wife are experiencing some weird things lately that's why we told our son Joseph and his wife to go and live in our vacation house in California, the ghost didn’t really hurt us but we are still afraid of what might happen to us." Nathan looked quizzically towards Robert. "The food is almost ready." Robert's wife announced and the two men took a seat on the dining table while Robert’s wife gently lays the food on the table. Later that afternoon he found out that her name was Michelle.

They discussed how the investigation works and how much time he will need and at that night Nathan prepared the equipments that he will need. He settled the four cameras place on each of the corner of the room, the room that Michelle says haunted. Two was in night vision mode and the other two is in infra red. He checked the cameras and all of them are working perfectly.

That night Nathan suggested that Robert and Michelle will stay at his friend's motel for a cheap price.

He took the electronic voice recorder and flashlight in his hands. He uses the recorder because it is said that it can receive EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) which came from the ghost or the spirit who is hunting the place.

He turned on the voice recorder and sat on the bed. The room itself is big. It has big windows, a balcony that reminded him of Romeo and Juliet that views the river bank, wardrobe that are as tall as the walls and a table with four drawers and a huge mirror used for putting on vanity. All seems so peaceful and he started praying three Hail Marry, three Our Father and three Glory Be. After he prayed he turned on the recorder and attached the speaker so he can hear the response of the spirit on the spot. It’s was almost twelve o’clock.

"Is someone in here?" Nathan said with a loud voice. He heard a gasp from the speaker "who's there!?" a voice of a woman suddenly emerged with the hint of fear. He was shocked to hear it so clear because in ten years that he's been doing this had never happened in his life. This is somehow special to him but he doesn’t know why.

"What's your name?" Nathan asked. "Irene, Irene Jessica Garrett. How come I can't see you?" the ghost said with a calm tone. "I don't know I’m surprised to hear you so clear" Nathan said beginning to feel comfortable. "I am too." she said with pride but for Nathan it didn't made sense. It didn't made sense because why is she interacting like this when in years nothing like this ever happened. "When did you died?" he asked. "I died 40 years ago". "How did you die?" Nathan asked again. "It was a long long story, do you mind if I start from the very beginning?" she said with a sad tone.

"Yes, I love a good story." he replied

"I was young and naughty back then free spirited and joyous."


Her story

She was reading a book at the park when a ball suddenly landed on her lap. "Excuse me, may I?" the man with a very wide smile and deep hazel eyes that glitters said asking for the ball. "Oh yes. Please take it" she said starting to ignore the book. "What's your name?" the man asked. "Irene, what about yours?" she replied. "Johnny, never saw you around the neighborhood before, did you just moved in?" he said trying to be as charming as possible. "Indeed, we came from England, and being here in America is such a new adventure." she said not trying to sound like she was interested at all. "Want me to show you around town later or tomorrow?" he said trying to be nice but he noticed something different and special about her. “yes please, what about tomorrow after lunch at exactly one o’clock" they agreed and started walking on their separate ways.

She entered her room and lies on her bed day dreaming and repeating what just happened. ‘Wo know what will happen next? I feel a sudden urge to find out more about him, to know what he has to offer, and I’m feeling down in her heart’ she thought. They ate supper later on. Her mom noticed that there is something different with Irene but she have a feeling that this is something good. She and her mom are very close and look a lot alike but her dad was very busy with the business that he’s trying to establish in America, the reason they moved here.

"Mom, can I go out with a boy tomorrow?" she asked politely. "Of course dear, need money for shopping?” Her mom have blonde her and blue eyes, both of them have.

She slept peacefully that night and woke up and started preparing the dress that she will wear.

They went through town and and she found out what to know and where to go when you need to buy something. The hours went fast and they said good bye's at the park where they met. "Hey, my dad will have a party this Saturday night want to come?" she asked. "I can't me and my dad is attending a party too, I need to be there because it’s about his job that I’ll inherit someday." she looked dismayed so he hold her chin and looked at her eyes deeply "I’ll make up to you okay.. I promise" she noticed her body started to tingle and it was a feeling so new that she herself can't explain. She is 19 then but never knew what it was but the feeling is beautiful and he felt the same way the way she gazes in his eyes."I must go." he said with a sad face. Not telling her the truth the he was bound to marry the daughter who's his dad are business partners with. He did not dare to kiss her coz he knew that it will never happen between them.

Saturday had arrived and the party is starting, "Ahh, my good man you finally arrived.’ Her dad and another man in tux hugged. "Where’s the young lad you were talking about?" here he is. "Irene? Come here my Angel I want you to meet my business partner and his son. "Hello lovely young lady, I'm Tom Garrett and this is my son, Johnny." both were shocked and pleased to know that the party that they were talking about was the same and to Johnny it's a pleasant surprise to know that she'll be the one who he's going to get married to. He was happy. "Johnny!" she squealed in happiness and jump to hug him tight and Johnny hugged her in return. "Wow, you look so pretty tonight." he said. "You don’t look so bad yourself handsome" she played with him and to their father's surprise it was going to end well after all.

Johnny and Irene excused themselves and went to the backyard where lights seem to mimic the fire flies. They went further and sat by the river where fishes and real fireflies hover above the ripples. "Irene I wan'a tell you something, I know I’ve officially known you just a few days ago but every time I look at you or even think of you, I become genuinely happy. And I think” he paused trying to have the courage to tell her how he really feels but the look in her eyes make it easy for him to know that she feels the same way too “I love you" Johnny finally said feeling a bit foolish about what he said. "Johnny, look at me please." she said holding his face. "I don't know what love is but I think it’s the feeling I get when I know your here with me." He wrapped his arms around her and she did the same cuddling and holding each other tight under the night sky while the fireflies dance the foxtrot around them. Seeing and feeling the love that’s so rare.


“Do you mind if I look around your room?" Nathan asked. “Go ahead, I’m already dead anyway." the speaker made the noise for Irene when she replied. He started to look in the closet and saw a coded drawer. "May I know the code of your drawer?" he asked examining the drawer. "Yeah it’s 1104" he punched the code in and he opened a drawer. There lies a letter and a photograph of a man and the woman from the painting with two children; he thought that this might be Irene and Johnny and their children. "Can you continue please?" Nathan said.


Months have passed and their father explained that they will get married and both of them were more than happy. It was a pleasant wave of destiny for their lives and the business. Finally the day came when Irene will walk on the altar and say the words of love.

The song You by The carpenters played while she slowly walked down towards the altar with her white dress. Her mother can’t stop crying and her father so proud of what she has become, the smile that she and Johnny wore on that special day.

She reached the altar and changed vows in front of the eyes of god.

And they finally said I do's to each other showing love, forever and promises while looking at each other’s eyes.

The honey moon bloomed with a baby little girl named Sheila and 3 years later it was followed by Jacob.

Years went by and happy as they were she suddenly fell on the ground while gardening on an afternoon and started to cough out blood. Johnny saw what happened and he rushed to her and lifted her up and told the maid to call a doctor.

The doctor went in her room examined her and gave her a medicine for temporary relief.

"Doctor, will she be okay?" Johnny asked. "I don’t know, the virus had already spread and we don't have known cure for tuberculosis yet." the doctor said "will she survive?" he started crying feeling like his true love is slowly fading away. "as of now, no one really survived and the cure is yet to be found I’m so sorry, but there’s nothing I can do'' Johnny cried heavily but not making a sound that Irene can hear. The doctor gave him a last tap on the shoulder and the kids went rushing in from the school and daycare. "Daddy!" the kids squealed in delight, excited to see their parents right after school but they instantly felt something was terribly wrong.

"Are you okay daddy?” both said in chorus. Johnny lifted Jacob and grabbed Sheila’s hand and they entered the room without saying a word. "Mommy, are you okay?" Sheila asked with a sad expression. "Yes, mommy is okay, just got a bit tired earlier" She said trying to sound normal for the sakes of the children.  Johnny dropped Jacob gently on the bed and let go of Sheila’s hand and both rushed to their mother and cuddled. They talked about school and the things they did. Johnny took a photo of the bitter-sweet moment and he let it sit on the table beside her bed.

3 years have passed and she didn’t got better. She got worse. Her cough became harsher and blood kept spurring out every time she does. Johnny held Irene tight one night. "Irene, I will love you forever." Johnny whispered while tears flowed down his eyes pouring all his pain and love on the tears that flows down from his eyes. "Johnny, please promise me that you will take care of the kids, don’t ever give up and fall in love again someday.'' She held his hand and presses them against her cheeks feeling the warmth and the feeling when they first met. Beautiful memories that played in her mind over and over again that night, the day that they met, the party, the dates, the laughter, the love making and specially their wedding day. That special day when they became united in heart and soul. Though the thought of loving someone else sickened Johnny but right now he doesn’t have a choice but to keep quiet and hold her tight because soon enough this moment will no longer be again.

The morning came and Irene seems to bloom. "Good morning honey, Can you make me juice and toast please?" “Of course baby” Johnny replied, he stood up from the bed, kissed her cheeks and went to the kitchen. He prepared what she wanted. Little did he know that it will be the last thing that she will ever ask for. He entered the room and saw Irene lifeless with a smile holding an envelope that only god knows where it came from. He dropped the tray shaking panicking.  Everything seems to be in slow motion, the breaking of the fine china, the clinging of the silver ware as it hit the floor. He ran towards his true love and hugged her very tight crying heavily and screaming because of the pain that he felt. The sound of his cries echoed the whole house.

Maids went rushing in and saw what happened and all of them cried because Irene wasn’t the kind of boss that will push you around. She helps around the house but what hurt them the most is to see her husband crying and grieving for the love, a love that is so rare and cannot easily be found, a love that can withstand strong storms and hurricane, a love that will never be forgotten, a love that is meant to last till the end of times.


Nathan cried "he loves you a lot." he said gasping for air. "He did, it was a shame to leave him but I have to because I can’t fight no longer, he was so hurt that he didn’t even dare to read the letter in that envelope. Would you mind looking for him and giving him the envelope or at least to my son or daughter?" she asked him nicely and he had agreed.

The night was over and he went to facebook and typed the names of her son and daughter.  List of woman but one struck his eyes, the woman looks exactly like Irene but she has brown hair like Irene’s husband and blue eyes that seems to copy the color of the sea.




He went to a mansion and rang the doorbell. "Does Sheila Garrett lives here?" he said to the mic by the gate. "You're talking to her now." Sheila said with a nice soft voice. There's something about her voice that gave him chills down to his spine. The gates opened and he entered the big yard with his car. He went out and pushed the button and it rang a few moments later the big doors opened and a revealed beautiful lady ‘She must be Sheila’, she’s maybe in her mid forties but she kept in shape and a face that seemed to age like wine. "How may I help you?" Sheila said. "Do you have a moment?" they went in the house and into the living room. He told him about her mother and the experience in the house "and I found this" he held out the photograph of her mother, father and Sheila and her brother as a child with a letter. "Your mother told me to send it to your father or you." She rushed upstairs and knocked on the door crying. She went downstairs with an old man, he assumed that he was Johnny in his 60's or 70's. They slowly went down the stairs and sat with them. He opened the letter and started reading it aloud.
Dear, Johnny

I’m so sorry if I will not be able to grow old with you like we planned, Go to Sheila’s future wedding, watch Jacob grow into a fine man like you and just be able to hold you every night for the rest of my life. I prayed to God every day and night to cure me but he didn't, I’m not angry with God nor fate because I know everything happens for a reason. I love you all and I’m afraid of not being with you and my family than dying. Life is hard but we must move on. Forgive me Johnny, you and our children are the most glorious things that ever happened to me. Every day I will watch you sleep and hold you tight until we meet again --Tears start to fall on their eyes as Johnny read the letter feeling his heart tighten yet a sense of freedom from the painful past.-- but now I want you to find someone else and fall in love with her or at least try. I still remember the day when we met, the day I found out what love was and what love means. I replay those beautiful moments in my mind every day since we met and will still play in my mind even after I’m gone. I wrote this letter earlier because I know that I’ll be gone soon. I love you so much Johnny not even I can put it into words and this is not our ending because believe in time we will still be together soon. I love you so much Johnny Garrett, my husband, my true love, my destiny and fate and most of, all my heart and soul.

My love is forever yours. Johnny
Your dearest wife,
Irene, The woman who fell but never out of love.

The old couple went back the house where and everything is peaceful but the day after he gave the letter, Johnny died.

Nathan went to the funeral so did Jacob. Sheila and Nathan talked more about Irene and end up having a date. Days became weeks and weeks became months. Then he has to go away for a year to help a friend in need. She felt sad and hurt for a while but they knew that this love will last forever. 

Seasons had pass and colors had changed and Nathan went back into her arms again. He kneel infront of her took her hand and said the words 'will you be my wife?' tears fell down her face as she say yes and that day was the most beautiful day if her life.


Five years later. Nathan watch the stars shine on the dark velvet sky, still remembering the day that Irene went into his life. He felt arms wrap around him "what are you thinking honey?” the voice went deep into him and touches his soul like in life nothing is impossible. "Nothing, just thinking if your mom planned this all." he turned around and kissed his wife Sheila. "I think she did." They lived life as a family; they had 2 beautiful sons and both thankful for Irene to ever come into their life. They watched the stars and as if somewhere from the horizon, Irene and Johnny is watching them and smiling over them. Nathan and Sheila were joined with their sons and watched the sparkling stars as they told them about their grandparents.


------------The end.------------

Submitted: January 27, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Bullet Taylor. All rights reserved.

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