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Something important about a Dark Side...... Copy Rights @ Rubayet Hossain Omi

Submitted: May 10, 2010

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Submitted: May 10, 2010



For the proper living of an animal including human there are some basic things like food, drink, a residence. But as we are human, we need some extras, like a proper social environment, a society, company of other human beings, and safety. This is called a secured life, but another necessary thing to make our life much more safe and secured is cure of the diseases (mentally and physically both). So, human discovered some herbs & invented some chemicals using science utilizing the most powerful brain in the universe (only human being have this kind of brain among all the creatures in the planet) to cure these kind of issues which are called medicines. But in the current world DRUG, the synonym of the word medicine has become a part of recreation as human discovered a different level of recreation, enjoyment or fun in some particular chemicals/herbs which are actually not necessary parts of a normal life(may be cure for some rare / unusual diseases), and eventually in some cases some drugs have become a regular need or a permanent cure of a mental need according to their particular effects.

Tobacco is the biggest example. People know they are killing themselves but they are still smoking it because they think a smoke is a mental relief and its needed, which is basically a psychological knock from our brain cells, and we made it a part of our habits and habits are created by ourselves from the brain, just like when we get hungry, that is a knock from your brain, and when someone is takes amphetamine it pushes his/her brain(mind) out of its limit and creates some disorders which excludes some usual conducts from your brain like getting hungry as regular but for the disorder of chemical balance in the brain, you can focus in to something very easily for a long time forgetting about other mental pressures/thoughts you might have when you are normal, which is a kind of fun . These are the elements which pushes our mind and body beyond its limits. So, we are not able to control it , we easily go for it even after knowing about all these disorders because we enjoy the chemical imbalance so much ignoring the physical side effects/effects on our perfect working brain with perfect chemical balance.

Eventually day by day we like to go to a higher level like hallucination drugs forgetting to enjoy the normal fresh feeling. And day by day new legal/illegal products are coming and will be coming which will be more powerful, like Salvia Extract is a 100 times more powerful drug than LSD/Mushrooms and amazingly its legal in a place like United Kingdom. This is a popular part of the world where these things are invented by some jerks like us(druggies) and also amazingly this west side of the world is seem to be the most active part of the universe which is trying to stop this kind of crimes/too worried about stopping these things, they are making new and new departments of research centers on different kind of drugs where people are given drugs for free for their practical examinations on the subjects(addicts) to stop these abuses of drugs, wasting billion bucks, even after knowing there is no end of drug abuse in all over the globe. So we can call these people mentally ill and wasting time and money on this, which is their personal drug for their own mental satisfaction. There is no way to stop this process which we started a long way back in this world and expanding only.

I think, we should be addicted and just like a normal clean person (not addict) is allowed to take some fresh air in a park/any public place whenever he/she feels like, people should be also allowed to smoke some weed or take something else according to their personal preferences with the same independence, because, for some people a joint is much more capable of giving a mental peace than breathing some fresh air. Also some of the drugs have good physical effects , like the beer is good for digestive system, its bad for urinary system though, to have something u have to lose something, so we just have to make the balance deciding which part of body we want to make more stronger, crack-makes you a crack but physically stronger, speed gives you some power to think over the edge-accelerates your body chemical and thinking power, ecstasy makes you enjoy the music creates euphoria in your brain does not matter you like the music or not but do not make you strong, weed affects your lungs but makes your body healthy & a very good pain killer, works better than an legal pain killer which we easily get in the pharmacy …. etccccc.

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