Echoes Of Me

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This is a work , specifically aimed at my daughter. It represents the hope I have that perhaps someday she will come to appreciate the writings I will leave her , and come to realize their significance , as related to her own life.

Submitted: August 15, 2010

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Submitted: August 15, 2010



Just something to remember me by ,a turn of phrase ;

a winking eye.

A bit of prose I leave behind ; post script from a time gone by.

In hopes that you might have a day , rainy and quite far away ;

when gray skies block the satellite feed so grudgingly you turn to read.

You may find these words I write , and settle in one wind blown night

just to drain the hour glass , while praying for the storm to pass.

Perhaps you'll fear the whistling wind , hear cracking branches from within ,

at curtained windows peak outside , to see the rain blown , side to side.

Yet still you may find solace near , in musings gifted to you here.

I sought to come invite you in , and for a moment take you there;

to places known when I once breathed , in hopes that one day you might see,

the part of me I longed to share . But will you darling , even care?

Perchance you'll take it off the shelf , blow off the dust and set yourself , a bit apart and curl up tight ,

to block the quaking ,screaming night.

In that dark room , by light of fire , you may learn more than you inquire ;

there held apart from life's demands , you may find more of who I am.

You may conclude , before you're through ; there was a part you never knew.

Maybe there was more to he , than others thought , or chose to see.

Indeed you may secure a glimpse , of such a mind as torn as mine;

and in that knowledge touch the man , this part of which I gift behind.

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