Friends Indeed

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A piece regarding the gift of friendship , and how we only discover who our true friends are , when they step forward to assist us in a crisis , while others who have claimed the title for many years , choose to stand silently by and watch events unfold .

Submitted: July 22, 2011

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Submitted: July 22, 2011



How did I win such Knights as these who , rode to raise my from my knees ,

whos treasured hearts did find the time , to stave this bleeding soul of mine ?

How did I earn this honored gift , of friendshipbridging 'cross that  rift ,of broken hearts and lives undone ,

of  withered vows , parched from the sun ?


 How precious and how rare are thee ?

You precious , blessed , golden three whos dancing eyes and easy smiles ,

sent  rays of hope a thousand miles !

How may Ihumblythank you all , the few who would not let me fall ,

who stood with me through night's attacks ,while lesser ones did turn their backs ?


I proclaim to you that I ,  do hold you sacred ; hold you high ,

as Christian soldiers,  Angels too , who so determined pulled me through ;

an arid , hopeless , lifeless plain where there dwells naught but haunting pain .


I'd struggled to a high dune where  , with fading eyes  I glimpsed you there ,

searching through the ribboned heat , pushing through  the cauldron .

Upon your laboring  steeds you rode , one light grey , two calico ; kicking sand as they did go ;

across the barren wasteland .

Seeking  for this pilgrim lost , so stumbling , falling ; dry wind tossed ,you would not yield at any cost ,

the Quest now undertaken .


I raised my heavy weakened arm , to wave a piece of fabric torn , I'd seized from bones of one forlorn ,

damned and so forsaken .

 I yelled , yet thirst would not allow the sound to reach you anyhow !

Before collapsing prayed did I , that eyes had turned to see me .


In tortured dreams i cried aloud , such private pains which life endows ,

to souls imbewed of lofty dreams , condemned to walk the gauntlet !

Then slowly , I began to wake as cooling waters found my cheek and held there ,

like a babe in arms you smiled down upon me .


You took me to a place I knew , reminding me of what was true ,

where bathed in breezes I once knew , my healing soul did brighten .

Now fed and strengthened by dear friends , I've set out in the world again ,

journeying with a heart renewed ; so grateful for my gift from you .









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