Part 2 - " The Council Convenes "

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

A story of good versus evil .

Part - 2 " The Council Convenes "

" Come on Scout , let's play . I got a feelin' this night is gonna go fast ! " She smiled at Scout , but sensed that something was wrong . "Sarah ," Scout said , " We got a problem ."

" What's wrong Scout ? You look upset ? " "I am . " insisted Scout , and you will be too , once you find out what's goin' on . Follow me . we have a meeting to attend ."  He raced off into "friendly Forrest with Sarah close behind calling ; " Wait for me scout! " she called . " What's your hurry anyway ?! "  " We gotta get to slippery rock as soon as we can . Everybody's gonna' be there ! " he answered . Through the foliage they ran . Jumping brooks and , climbing higher and farther into the interior . Soon they were at their destination . Bursting out of the wood , they made a grand and sudden entrance , startling the crowd . " Sorry we're late guys scout remarked , Sarah took a while to fall asleep tonight . " They all chuckled at the quip , and one young man whispered  that they had made it just in time , and that the meeting was just beginning . " They're getting ready to come  in now . Shhh ."

At the other end of the clearing stood a great longhouse . It was a natural structure which had been grown , over the course of millenia , to form a building from the native plants and trees which grew and thrived on dream island . It's foundations were formed from the roots of mighty oak trees , its walls of teak , and its stately roof  enhanced and made strong  with the rich , dark  of mahogony . Upon its great teak doors were carved the symbols of Dream Island , a child flying towards the sun .

The crowd grew hushed in anticipation . All was still . Then in due time , there were three great knocks from the inside of the longhouse , followed by a young but powerful voice . " The council would have you come among them !  Will you hear them tonight !? " It was a ceremonious question which had been put to every waiting audience , since the tradition of " The Gathering Of the Elders " began , long ago . It was an acknowledgement that all things are voluntary on dream island , even in the face of adversity . At once , and in unison the throng replied . " We would come among you , learned ones . We lend you our  ears , and open our minds to your wise council ! "  Slowly , the heavy wooden doors creaked open . From within , a great fire burned within the center of the meeting hall , and paintings of past council members adorned the walls. This was gallery of the honored . Those who in ions past had distiguished themselves , in the defense of dream island . As they were all about to discover , the time for battle would soon be thrust upon them again !

Once again the voice beckoned . " Enter now brothers , and sisters and hear the news the council brings ! " The crowd filed in silently , reverantly , quietly finding their seats on the great granite benches arranged semicircle around the council's fire pit . The smoke rose up and through the opening in the roof high above , and the hardwood embers glowed . It was a sacred place indeed .

From another room ,  incorporated within the walls of the sanctuary , came the council . Entering in somber silence , they wore the red  cloaks of service they had justly earned , each carrying with them a staff , carved with the symbol of their birth sign , embossed with their name along the shaft . At the top of the stick set on either side were two of their birthstones . They were a regal sight indeed . With the council now in session the meeting could begin .

The leader of the elders rose . " Friends , it falls to me , to give you grave news this evening . It has been confirmed , that by the next full moon , " The Halons " will attack . Lord Valdor has turned a great number of the embittered , to do his bidding . Apparently , they were systematically intersepted and turned  ,while they were still angry at having been told  they had passed the age of admittance here , and that they were ready to enter another growth plane . Their dream forms have been grotesquely altered by the anger , trapped within them and our agents assure us that the Dread army's number is now  very , very great . His aim is nothing short of the total annihilation of this glorious island of ours , in order to quell all future dreams and aspiration . If he can do that , then within a generation all hope within the waking world will be deadened enough for king chaos to once again make his return , and control the world with his dark , malevolent thoughts . We cannot let this happen my friends ! Yet , already the scent of " heavy jasmine floods in , from where I know not , preparing the way for their invasion force . Within thirty days it will be pungent enough for them to breath here , and that is when they will try to break through ! We must rally ourselves , and formulate a plan for the defense of our sacred soil ! We have much to do my fellow islanders , and not much time to accomplish our task ! Will you rise to the occasion? Will you join the great tradition , that the great heroes of these portraits surrounding you have done in the past !? Will you fight as they did to secure the future !? "  A great cheer of support went up from the crowd . They were with him . They would defend this hallowed patch of dreamers ground , with all that they had in them . It was time to beat the drums of War!

Submitted: November 09, 2010

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I never actually saw that you had commented on the last piece I read of yours, but here I am! Reading the second part!

Once again there is work that needs to be done, mostly having distinct paragraphs when a new person speaks. I did like the continuation though. Good piece!

Thu, March 24th, 2011 7:02am


Thanks Kewee . I've been using Booksie as a "testing site " . I love the feedback because it gives me other ways of thinking about the storyline and such . Once I publish my next book of prose , i plan on devoting more serious time to my stories , getting them to where I am happy with them and then putting a book of short stories out .
Given my schedule , this will take some time . Stand by!lol

Thu, March 24th, 2011 10:20am

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