Joseph and Calypsos City Musical Performance Tour

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Me and calypso are going to go around the city one day doing busking...minus the money haha a tour around the city singing first, we'll take it to a smaller shopping centre tho we've discussed

all songs are going to be written as a poem seperately to this script.
this is not DEFINITELY what will happen, ill send it via word to calypso so she can have an edit

scene: train station

introduction song: im getting ready for a brand new day

we are pretty much just singing...for the WHOLE time of that song, both get on a train, same trailer thingy but different doors

sing: im on a train

break: joseph sits next to calypso

joseph begins chewing loudly, talking loudly being annoying

song begins again

finished song

Joseph: where are you off to?

Calypso: (enter place here)

Joseph: what a coincidence im going there too!

(calypso panicks and whispers oh gosh)

Joseph: we could go together

Calypso: no, im sorry, im with friends

Joseph: NONSENSE! i am your new friend PLEASE can i go?

Calypso: i said no. no means no.

Joseph: haha lets go then

Calypso sings:  "this couldnt be happening to me" while walking down a street with joseph

Joseph: I forgot to ask, whats your name?
Calypso: Umm....Calypso...Yours?

Joseph: im Joseph, so where are we off to first?

Calypso: well, i usually stop for clothes

Joseph: alright well im just following you

(we walk around with unplanned conversation as if we just met)

find the shop

Calypso: ooh this looks nice dont you agree?
Joseph: yeah whatever...weve had enough of this shop dont you think?

Calypso: HARDLY i havent even seen round this area here yet!

we sing: "shopping is a crime"

Calypso: oh fine we'll have a look round here

Joseph: ARE YOU KIDDING?! THATS THE GAMES AREA!!! you know what the guys do when they see a girl here...

Calypso: i like the attention

Joseph: by...them?

Calypso: ew...i think you're right

Joseph: *sigh*

(walk around unplanned conversation)

song: its hard to talk to an abnoxious stranger

Walk around to find one of our cars (whoever drives)

Calypso: need a lift?


haha calypso this REALLY sucks, but i was thinking, you're more of an author.

the car will be parked there before there already (if we can manage)

Submitted: January 16, 2010

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