My Thoughts Talkshow 3 - Life's like a guy

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question: do you celebrate easter? (if so) how?

I dont know where to start...I lie, i know exactly where to start, for if i didnt i wouldnt be writing would I? its just like when people are writing their profile about them

 ive read at least 1 million begining with "i dont know where to start" where its simple, just write "hi my name is ___ and i like ____ and thats just a perfect beginning. i love the people who write their profile as a story, they describe themselves as a character in a book. But me? im much too lazy to do that. I made a quote...i thought i was really smart for making it. it's Lifes like a guy, when you like him, he bitches you off (extended version includes) when he likes you, he acts like a jerk. now i think it sucks though...its too depressing its like "you like life? well you cant anymore cuz lifes a road of shit... life giving you a chance? ... yeah well its only a chance, and your gonna get the shit half."...So yeah, not exactly coming from my beliefs but it can somewhat relate to other people. I have a close friend and he/she seems to hate life and everything in it. except his/her friends of course...unless he/she hates me too...yes you can bet its a girl easily if you know me, because as if im going to find a guy friend that actually feels comfortable around me..

Has anyone noticed so far i've mentioned a song in each thought talkshow so far? yeah well today its going to be "your grace still amazes me" ...i dunno who wrote the song, its more of a churchy one, thats why i didnt mention a singer. Oh my gosh! i need a job, or money, eithers fine. Because i really want a video camera that plugs into the computer, because i want to get a youtube thing ...kinda,but then I'm not sure if i can talk to a camera for 2 minutes. But i know how vlogs go and they're really easy to make...hard to edit, and of course im hopeless with the computer (not hopeless...but just ok, no expert) and you kinda need to be smart to do editing of videos...

Happy easter everybody! or for those who dont celebrate easter ...Happy day that could've been easter but you dont celebrate it!

wow, thats too long a name. (comment answer to: do you celebrate easter? and if so, how?)

What did i do? i went to a park, it was packed so basically all the playground stuff was full and i couldn't go on it (sad face) yes...I'm 14 but i still go on the playground, because for your information, its cool.

so, have a nice life!

and just for you apocalypso ILY ILY ILY ILY ILY

Submitted: April 07, 2010

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