Brown Sugar

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Michael has just finished a long day at work. He heads to his favorite diner, to order his favorite "DISH".

Submitted: November 21, 2011

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Submitted: November 21, 2011




Pat's Diner, located off one of the many crowded streets in the downtown New York Manhattan area. This is a frequent place where I visit to have lunch. It isn’t the type of place I’m used to, which are lavish, classy, and high-end. But this place has something different, a woman, not just any woman but an angel, a heavenly treasure.

Her name is Aurora.

I entered the diner and immediately spotted her behind the counter taking an order for a customer. She was dressed in her mustard colored waitress uniform. She looked magnificent, magical. Even within this bland and dull setting of the cafe she managed to shine like the sun, at noon during the hottest summer days. I often wondered what she looks like not dressed in her uniform, but something more…sensual.

Today will be the day I ask my beloved Aurora to accompany me on a date. I would love to know her opinion of me. Most women flock to my feet because I am wealthy, handsome and single but not Aurora. The first time I introduced myself she didn’t give me a second glance but as time went on we have gotten to know each other fairly well. I hope well enough that she would like to have dinner and many more engagements afterwards. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. First I need to ask her to dinner and the rest may follow.

I take a seat, at my usual place near the window in the middle of the cafe, so that she could never miss me or I her. Removing my blazer and settling into my chair, I’m ready to release today's pressures.

“He’s here, today is the day. I will take it a step further with Michael.” Aurora thought as she watched Michael take his seat. She began to make her way towards him but abruptly stopped quickly thinking about her next actions. “Ok Aurora, you can do this.” She silently said to herself quickly as she made her way toward Michael once more.


Is all she says already at my side.

Before I can speak, I'm at a loss for words to describe this striking goddess. Her wavy, kinky sable tresses are tied in a neat bun. God…Dear God those hazel eyes, how her eyes commanded me to look into them, drawing me. I often get lost in them, swimming in their alluring depths. Her nose, and cheekbones…perfect! Naturally given by the creator! Those lips, those soft, rosy lips. Oh how I want to taste them, declare them as mine, only to be felt by yours truly.

She sat my cup of coffee onto the table before placing her warm hand onto mine. I observe the similarity of her vivid rich cocoa colored skin and the cup of java she laid before me. Her skin shimmers with a warm glow as if it would melt after continued contact with my own. How I want to caress her entire figure. I must collect myself!  I must remain cool so that I can ask her about later arrangements.

"Hello Aurora, how’re you today?"

"Fine, but it just got a whole lot better now that you’re here Michael. How’s your day going?" she asked giving me one her radiant smiles.

I smiled back, elated at her response. "Enjoyable, I secured a major business deal today." I then reached for my cup of joe.

"Oh yeah, some small business wants to merge with your corporation, right?"

"You remembered.” I say reaching for my cup of coffee to hide my smile.

"So, would you like your usual?" she says reaching in her apron for her notepad and pencil.

I begin to smile giving her sincere eye contact "No, I’d like to try something different."

"Oh ok, what would you like? We have a dessert special going on today. Order a classic American burger, you get a free slice of apple pie."

"Would you recommend it?"

"Absolutely, and I baked the pie myself," she says giving me a honeyed smile.

"If the pie is as sweet as your smile Aurora, I'll take the whole thing." I began to grin.

"I can't give you the entire pie, but I can make your slice extra sweet." her expression was truly irresistible.

My grin widened "Oh? How so?" I hoped she caught on to my flirty innuendo.

She leaned in closer to me, looking around the diner as if she was about to share some exclusive information.

"By adding some brown sugar."

If only she knew she's all the brown sugar I would ever want and need.

"I would like that very much Aurora. How much sugar can I get?"

"All the sugar you want." she said winking.

Her words sent my heart racing. Her words sizzled and ignited me, I could feel moisture forming over my entire body. I couldn't endure this dialogue any longer.

"I'll take it, beloved."

Before I could even gather my thoughts about asking her to dinner.

She gave me a wink before taking my finished cup of coffee and began walking back to the kitchen to make my order.

I watched her voluptuous form move away. She dawdled toward the kitchen, taking her time as if she wanted me to examine that fine figure of hers. I went missing looking at those curves of hers, the mesmerizing way her hips swayed as she walked. My gaze continued to follow her until she disappeared within the kitchen.

Aurora let out a deep sigh as she reached the kitchen. “It’s over. I’ve done it. What now?”

I could feel my face sweating. I looked down onto the table, searching for a napkin to dry my face. And that is when I noticed a napkin that had skillful writing placed upon it. It read,

Aurora Clark


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