The Things I Like (The Things That Change P3)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
PG-13 Part Three
The day Ryan met Seth, a lot of things changed for him.
Ryan Davis had the perfect life. He had a high place on the football team, a hot girlfriend, and his parents hadn't been fighting.
But then he meets Seth. And Ryan suddenly realizes, maybe he doesn't WANT his perfect life. Maybe he suddenly doesn't want his GIRLFRIEND...
Seth Torris is a quiet, shy "Emo" boy. All his life, he's been pushing people away. But when he meets Ryan, he realizes he needs someone to share his feelings with. Someone who can really be THERE for him.
Ryan and Seth may be friends, but will their friendship flourish? Will it blossom into something new?

Submitted: August 08, 2012

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Submitted: August 08, 2012



The Things I Like~


"What the hell is this?!" My dad yelled, waving my phone at me. I cowered in the corner, sobbing out of fear, confusion, and frusteration. "No son of mine will be a fag lover! You're a monster! An abomination!" His hand came down, and Icrouched lower.

The impact was jarring. His hand smacked the back of my head, and the horrible painful feeling resonated through my whole body.

What had I done? I couldn't help liking him. I felt confused, and afraid. It was true. I was an abomination. But... What was I supposed to do? I couldn't help who I liked.

I screamed, and sobbed as he hit me again, and again. Probably seven or eight times total.

Finally I blacked out, and he left.

When I came to, I had bruises. On my upper left arm, lower right, two on the left side of my chest, and one on my right thigh. My body ached, and my head pounded.

I locked my door, and opened up my dresser drawer.Tears were streaming down my face again, as I remembered what had happened.

I pulled the razor out. The metal was sharp, and cold. It stung when I pulled up my sweatshirt sleeve, and dragged it fourteen times across my pale skin. The skin around the cuts swelled, and blushed. The blood beaded along in a line. The beads swelling until the dripped off, and onto my pants.

I sat there, my arm held out, blood dripping, eyes closed, tears rolling down my cheeks, head against the wall.

It hurt, my arm. It hurt a lot. It stung.

And I loved it.


"You're breaking up with me?!" Laura yelled. "Me?! Im goregeous! Im perfect!"

"Yeah, I am..." I sighed.

"Listen, if there's someone else, just fucking tell me. Dont just leave me for no reason."

"Yeah there is someone else, actually... But I'm not cheating on you. I just... I really like him..."

"Him?! Its a guy?! Ugh! You disgust me!" She slapped me across the face, and strutted off.

I sighed, and collapsed on the ground. If that was how Laura reacted, I coundlt imagine how my parents would react...

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