The Things That Happen (The Things That Change P2)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
PG-13 Part Two
The day Ryan met Seth, a lot of things changed for him.
Ryan Davis had the perfect life. He had a high place on the football team, a hot girlfriend, and his parents hadn't been fighting.
But then he meets Seth. And Ryan suddenly realizes, maybe he doesn't WANT his perfect life. Maybe he suddenly doesn't want his GIRLFRIEND...
Seth Torris is a quiet, shy "Emo" boy. All his life, he's been pushing people away. But when he meets Ryan, he realizes he needs someone to share his feelings with. Someone who can really be THERE for him.
Ryan and Seth may be friends, but will their friendship flourish? Will it blossom into something new?

Submitted: July 25, 2012

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Submitted: July 25, 2012



The Things That Happen~



"I dunno, Daize. He just seemed so... Normal..." I murmered, my mind floating back to Ryan, and that quick smile he'd flashed before going back to football practtice.

"Right. 'Cause I know you're all about normal." Daisy said.

Daisy was my best friend. She was short, and cute. A freckled face, and her signiture braids lying on each of her shoulders. Her "Hipster" glasses slid down her nose.

Currently wearing plaid zipper pants, a Batman belt, and a shirt that said "I like it from behind," You could tell Daisy was not into being normal.

"You're thinking about him, aren't you. Seriously, bro. You've got it bad. If you had a penis, I'd probably be seeing your boner, right now." Daisy stated in her matter-of-fact way she said most things.

I blushed a furious shade of red "I do too have a penis, thank you! And maybe I am thinking about him. So what?!"

"You have his phone number, don't you." Daisy said, her face deadly serious.


She suddenly leap at me, tackling me in an attempt to get my phone.

She had me pinned to the floor, in about thirty seconds flat. She had my phone in her hand, scolling through my texts to Ryan.

"Oh my god, dude. You are terrible at flirting. Seriously."

"Give it back!" I shouted.

She tossed my phone at me, and it smacked me in the face.

As I struggled to my feet, My sweatshirt sleeve pulled up, revealing my ever-scarred arm.

"Seth, have you been cutting again?" Daisy asked.


I wished she wouldn't question me further.

I guess we don't always get what we wish for.



I honestly couldn't stop thinking about him. The way he blushed. The intent look on his face. The way he seemed flattered at everything I said to him.

God. What was wrong with me?

You have a girlfriend, dude. Dont think about that... Faggot.

But even thinking it, I felt guilty. Seth wasn't a fag. No one was. I didn't call people "Fags." My mind didn't work that way.

My phone buzzed suddenly, stopping any thoughts I'd had a moment ago.

I found myself hoping the text was from Seth. Reaching for my phone, I saw his name on the screen, and I started smiling. Then I read the text, and my heart just about exploded.

S: Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to hand out thursday.. If you dont, thats cool.

R: Yea, that sounds good. wht time?

S: Like, noon?

R: Ok. Where do u wanna meet?

S: The park, is good.

 Feeling extremely happy, and excited for Thursday, I went to bed smiling, that night.


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