His Viking Son Pt 2

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Once everyone were untied and the wounds of the injured had been dealt with Finn looked around he could see those that were left were either to young to old or to injured to accompany him on his rescue attempt. Although he was feeling proud of the fact he did well on his hunt he was suddenly feeling over whelmed by the realisation the survival of his whole clan was on his shoulders. He spent the rest of the day gathering together the things he would need for his journey he picked out two fine horses one as a pack horse and the other for himself once everything was ready he bedded down early knowing he would have to start early the next day. As day break broke and a beam of light passed across his face waking him up from a restless night he was faced with the daunting task ahead. He couldn’t help thinking he was out of his depth but knew he had no choice but try if he was ever going to see his parents again.As he walked across the compound those that remained approached him they were carrying a selection of weapons he was given a axe a bow with plenty of arrows a couple more daggers a shield along with a supply of food he strapped the weapons to his horse said his goodbyes and set off on the biggest challenge of his life. Over the years his father had taught him how to track so the first thing Finn did was set about looking for the tacks from the marauder and the direction they might take him. It had rained heavily over night and their was a chance the tracks could have been washed away but finally he came across horse tracks the tracks were deep and wide so he new there were many riders. The direction of the tracks were taking him toward the river he knew if they had ships waiting for them it would make his job to track them almost impossible. He followed the tracks for many more miles until he found himself at the top of a ridge tying up his horses he lay on his stomach and slowly crawled to the edge of the ridge looking down he could see the marauders had made camp they wouldn't be leaving today because Finn could see a hog roasting over a fire and the men were already settled down drinking.


Finn knew he couldn’t stay out in the open the raiders would have scouts looking out for anyone that would do them harm. Finn pulled back from the edge of the ridge and untied his horses he decided to look around for some where he could stay the night without fear of being seen. He finally came across the opening of a cave he approached slowly, once he realised the cave was empty he brought his horses inside and tied them up. He set a small fire to keep himself warm ate some of his food and sat thinking of the good times he spent with his parents. Before settling down for the night he pulled out his dagger and held onto it through out the night ready for attack if it came. In the morning he left his horses and made his way to look down from the ridge he could see two of the raiders beating on one of the men from his village as they did he could here there laughter this filled him with rage and spurred him on in his quest. As he went to pull back from the ridge he was shocked to see one of the raiders raise his axe and swing it striking his village man the axe cut through his body leaving him laying dead in the dirt. Their was nothing he could do in the light of day so he decided to lay their watching the movements of the raiders. As the day passed he watched the raiders begin to pack up their camp he knew if he was to help anyone he would have to wait till night fall and make his way down to where the villagers were being kept but before night fall came the raiders gathered his villagers and watched them get loaded onto a ship he instantly had a sinking feeling inside if the ship cast off how would he manage to follow them without being seen and if the ship reached the sea he knew he would never see his parents or the villagers again. He began to think what his father and Borg would do in the same situation he believed they wouldn't put their lives before the villagers and even if Finn’s life was forfeit and he ended up in Valhalla he would have to be bold in his rescue attempt if he was going to succeed. He went back to the cave and mounted his horse leaving the pack horse in the cave he decided to ride the high ground following the direction of the river he thought if he could get far enough ahead a situation may arise he could use to his advantage. He kicked his horse and galloped for several miles ahead he then came across a tree that had been struck by lightening it was tall enough to span the narrowest part of the river he dismounted his horse and wasted no time using his axe to cut it down he had never cut such a big tree down before and hoped it would fall in the right direction. Almost an hour later he heard a loud cracking sound looking up he saw the tree begin to fall luckily it fell in the direction of the river. It fell straight and true spanning the river from bank to bank Finn knew it wasn’t a solution to his problem but it would at least give him time to figure out a rescue plan. He quickly mounted his horse and hurried back the way he came as he was riding back he realised he didn’t have to rescue everyone himself he only had to rescue three or four of their best warriors once his father Borg and two others were free they could take out any raiders that tried stopping them before releasing the other villagers.


Once Finn was back at the cave he left his horse and quickly made his way to the ridge looking down across the camp he realised one of the ships had already cast off he knew their would be less raiders down below, if he was going to do anything at all it would begin now. He rushed back to the cave and retrieved his weapons he placed the daggers about his person the bow over his back and held his sword with pride as he set off. After making his way down to where the raiders were he hid himself until each of the raiders were alone he took his bow and set a arrow ready to fire when he saw one of the raiders go for a pee he aimed his bow and fired to his surprise the arrow hit the raider through the neck he fell silently to the ground and Finn waited for his next target. He managed to kill four raiders with his bow before the first he killed was discovered he remained where he was knowing if he made any attempt to move he would be discovered. From the position he was in he couldn’t see exactly how many were left to kill but he could see the ship from where he was their was only one guard at the ship thinking now was the time to live or die he came out of hiding and walked straight across the camp he was immediately set upon by the closest raider as the raider swung his axe Finn ducked low as he straightened up Finn pulled his sword and swung it low cutting into the raiders leg as he did the raider fell to his knee seeing this Finn raised his sword and in one swift movement cut through the raider with no time to reflect on what was happening another raider rushed at him Finn dropped his sword quickly loaded his bow and fired. His arrow struck the raider directly in the forehead with a shocking look on his face the raider fell down dead. Finn looked around and saw the remaining raiders were surrounding him he picked up his sword and as loud as he could he shouted his fathers name unaware to Finn his father and the others were watching him from the ship he heard his father call out his name once he heard his fathers voice he spun around and rushed at the oldest raider cutting him down as he turned to face another he was hit in the face with the butt of a sword he instantly hit the ground the largest of the raiders picked him up throwing him across the camp he could here the voices of the villagers shouting out his name from the ship. As the largest of the raiders continued to beat on him the others boarded the ship and cast off as Finn saw this he shouted a single no as loud as he could he couldn’t believe he got so close only to see the chance to free his people slip away.



As he saw the back of the ship disappear around the bend of the river his heart sank for a second he believed he would die and his quest would be over but as he saw the remaining raider come for him he felt a rage build inside he stood up to face his attacker seeing the raider take out his dagger he did the same the raider swung his knife at Finn cutting him across the face as he lunged at Finn again Finn was faster and stabbed the raider in the shoulder hearing the raider cry out he quickly pushed his knife into the raiders stomach seeing hope Finn dropped his dagger and went for his sword picking it up Finn spun around swinging the sword his aim was true as he saw the head of the raider fall from its body. Looking around he made sure their were no others to kill when he was sure their wasn’t he was going to retrieve his horse but as he walked across the camp he saw a small boat that had been left behind he decided to leave his horses and take the boat with luck the flow of the river would take him down the river fast and he would catch up with the ships if he could catch up he would try to board the ship and free his father and Borg. He knew so far along the river the tree he cut down would stop both ships but he needed to board the ship with the villagers on so they could pull the ship across to the bank if the ship hit the tree with to much force it could split the hull if that happened water would rush in and those below deck could drown. Finn used the oars to try and go faster eventually he could see the back of the ship off in the distance little by little he gained on them eventually he was only a couple of boat lengths away at the front and back of the ship their was a head of a dragon protruding from the end of the ship when close enough Finn reached out for the dragon head and hung on. With the ship bouncing back and forth with the flow of the river Finn found it hard to hold on but he eventually managed to rap his legs around the dragons head and slowly climb up he eventually managed to climb onto the deck he fell to his knees feeling exhausted but having no time to waste he pulled himself up pulled his sword and made his way along the deck of the ship. He saw five raiders working the deck at first he thought about taking them on but the deck of the ship wasn’t that big if he fought one and the others joined in he would not live through it so instead he stayed low and made his way to the lower deck where the villagers were being held. He managed to reach the entrance to the lower deck without being seen once he was down below he immediately rushed at the only guard he thrust his sword deep into his chest as he did everyone turned to see what had happened seeing his son successfully kill made Aros feel very proud. Finn wasted no time freeing his father and Borg and some of the other men they left the women to free everyone else from their binds and went up on deck to kill the remaining raiders. They was relying on the element of surprise as they as they were all on deck they rushed the raiders having no weapons Borg came up behind one and snapped his neck Aros punched one in the face then quickly through him over board the others saw what was happening and decided to jump over board Finn quickly made them understand they had to pull the ship to the bank because of the tree across the river.But with the flow of the river moving so fast they were unsure they could stop the ship at all the tree wasn’t far away and they had little time to make it happen.



Something had to happen soon because the first ship should already be at the tree if it hadn't already broken through then it would be caught up and the raiders would either be drowning or would have been swept along with the current of the river. Either way Finn and the others didn’t want to have the same thing happen to them the men went below picked up the oars and put all their effort into bringing the ship to the side of the river they began to win and the ship slowly flowed toward the bank. One of the men quickly jumped from the ship to the bank and tied the ship up once it was secure everyone disembarked and felt relieved they were finally free. As everyone settled on the embankment to catch their breaths Aros and Alva both approached their son and rapped their arms around him never thinking they would see him again they were both relieved and very proud Finn was able to track them down and rescue them. Just as everyone started talking about the long journey home Finn was struck in the back by an arrow some of the raiders made it to shore and wanting retribution they made their way back along the river bank until they found Finn and the villagers Aros couldn’t believe what he was seeing after all Finn had gone through to rescue them he was now seeing his son injured at his feet. Before they could think they found themselves in a battle for their lives Aros picked up Finns sword and took the fight to the raiders Borg had managed to disarm one of the raiders and with axe in hand he swung it with all his might taking down as many raiders as he could before he himself became injured. Seeing Borg laying still bleeding Ragna picked up the axe that lay beside him and fought for freedom herself she managed to kill two female raiders before she was hit in the face with the butt of a sword knocking her unconscious. As the fighting was going on Alva tried tending to Finns wound he was hit in the upper back but the arrow did not penetrate deeply and once the arrow was pulled free he stood up wanting to join his father in battle. As Aros was using Finns sword Finn took dagger in hand and moved into help his father Aros saw Finn approaching he called his name and threw his sword to him Finn reached out to catch the sword then quickly used it to impel one of the raiders that was rushing toward him. Finn walked over to Aros standing back to back they took on any raider that dare fight them as Finn looked around his village people were fighting back the raiders and finally the last of the raiders retreated. As each of the villagers turned to help their family members Finn couldn’t see his mother, he asked Aros if he could see her but she was no where to be seen they thought she must have been taken by the raiders when they retreated. Being injured Borg was in no condition to help so Aros and Finn collected a variety of weapon together and set off in the direction the raiders fled. They knew the raiders couldn’t be to far away so they set as fast a pace as Finn could manage and left to rescue Alva. It took them just over an hour to set sight on the raiders Finn could see his mother in the middle of the raiders her hands were tied and she was being dragged along he knew he had to do something fast. They made their way up the hill side so they could see down on them from where they were they could see four raiders at the rear and two in front they had to be careful how they went about rescuing her if they didn’t approach correctly Alva could be killed before they even reached her. Aros told Finn to run on ahead once he was in front of the raiders Aros told him to fire an arrow into the air once he had they would both attack simultaneously rushing them before they realised what was happening. Aros waited impatiently for the arrow to appear in the sky but once he saw the arrow rise high in the sky he rushed down behind the raiders before they knew what was happening Aros had already slain two of them seeing what was happening Alva ran at the woman holding her rope she grabbed her by her hair pulling her backward then quickly rapped the rope around her neck and pulled with all her might it didn’t take long before the woman stopped kicking out once she was dead Alva ran and hid behind a tree she watched her son and husband fight like the true Viking men they were they cut through the raiders with ease Finn was showing true skill with his sword and Aros was proud to fight along side his son in no time the last of the raiders were dead and again all three came together as a family. They wasted no time heading back to rejoin the rest of the villagers once they were all back together they started their journey back they knew once they arrived home the first thing they would have to do is fortify there enclosure they had no idea if the raiders would return again or accept defeat but they needed to be ready if they did. As they made their way home everyone of the villagers praised Finn for his courage and bravery they told him once they were home they would have a big feast in his honour and his name would be entered into the honour book it was used to record the bravest of deeds from the Viking men of the village. Being successful on his hunt and knowing his name and his deeds would be entered into the honour book Finn knew in the eyes of his father he had grown into the brave Viking man Aros always dreamed of. For Finn that was enough and he could only wait for the day he would be needed to fight along side his father again to defend the villagers.



By Bunzy 16/11/17

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