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Born in Italy deep in the forest Isabella was the youngest daughter her sister and brother so close always spending time together leaving Isabella out in the cold with no one to talk to or share her deepest thoughts with. She lived in a castle far from any where people never ventured close to her home because over the years People disappeared with out reason and the people from the surrounding villages were to afraid to find out why. Isabella was a  seventh generation vampire she was brought up on the blood of the innocent never questioning how she lived she spent each day of her life drinking blood from crystal glasses  like it was water fresh from the local stream. Because Isabella had spent much of her life alone she had never had the opportunity to love or be loved the men that lived within the castle walls had known her since birth and were all ageing far beyond the years she would be interested in even if love were to come her way. Because the vampires knew they were safe as long as the people outside there realm didn’t no about them it was forbidden to venture outside the castle walls. Until now Isabella had no problem with remaining where she had always been safe. But the older she got the lonelier she got and the need for companionship grew much stronger than she ever thought it would. Soon she would turn thirty five and she decided to take her life into her own hands, without telling a soul she packed some things and under the darkness of night she fled the castle alone to find what else life had to offer. She traveled through the forest making sure she was un seen by any one staying away from the roads used most by the villagers  she traveled for two days before any one back at the castle even noticed she was missing. A young vampire maybe twenty two years of age realized she was gone only because he liked Isabella but never had the courage to approach her after not seeing her for a time he became worried and went to her brother and sister to tell them she was no longer  within the castle walls. After her own family showed no interest at all in Isabella’s disappearance Robert went to see some of the elders he wanted there permission to leave the confines of the castle walls and look for Isabella after answering several questions and satisfying there concerns they granted Robert permission to leave and find Isabella he packed only what he could carry and left the very next night.


Robert  figured Isabella would head for Naples it was the largest most populated place to there home so wasting no time he set off in that direction. Isabella had three days travel on Robert so he knew he would have to move fast and not be seen by the local villagers so just like Isabella he stayed to the forest and off the main tracks .Isabella was finding  her travels harder than she first imagined it would be. One thing she didn’t take into consideration was the fact she had no blood supply to drink when ever she felt the need and because of this she began to feel week, she knew if she didn’t feed soon she would become to week to carry on and risked  being found by someone. So she had no choice but to head for one of the main tracks and wait for someone to pass her by. Killing a human was something she had not done in a long time but she knew if she did not her time would come to an end very soon. Sitting in silence for several hours she finally heard a horse and cart coming down the track on top was a young girl no more than twenty years in age, Isabella waited for the cart to pass her by then wasting no time ran behind it climbing on board she came up behind the unsuspecting  girl and through her clear off the cart screaming her head off the girl scrambled to her feet and tried to run away into the forest but Isabella was to fast and strong for her soon fear took over and the young girl couldn’t make any sound at all falling to the ground once more she looked up and saw Isabella walking toward her Isabella picked the girl up pushing her against the stump of a tree and wasting no time she lent in biting down on the girls breast sucking hard she soon tasted the warm river of red flood into her mouth and down her slender neck instantly Isabella felt more alive than she had done in a long time fresh blood was so much tastier  and promised herself to hunt this way more often. After sucking the blood clean out of the pore girl she left her body on the forest floor, needing to clean up Isabella headed for the local brook to wash her face before continuing on her journey.


Mean while Robert was making good time catching Isabella up unlike Isabella he wasn’t walking at a slow pace he was young and s strong and used this to his advantage so resting for only a few hours a day he spent the rest of his time running making his pace twice as fast as Isabella’s soon he came across the body of the young girl Isabella had feasted upon and knew from this she couldn’t be so far away but like Isabella Robert to needed to feed and new it had to happen very soon. He remembered passing a small shack only a mile back as it was almost night fall he made his way back there and saw lights on inside he waited for an hour to count how many souls were inside as he waited he realized there were only two inside a man and a child , having no time to waste he entered the shake the man looked at him and knew immediately what Robert was picking up a hay fork he lunged at Robert but Robert was to fast for the man Robert took the man in hand and bit down hard into his neck blood squirted this way and that Robert ripped in deep the child looking on as his fathers body became limp and lifeless when Robert was done he turned and looked at the boy standing in a pool of  his own urine the boy just stood there motionless thinking he was next but Robert turned and ran back into the darkness of the forest leaving the boy to deal with his dead father. Robert was determined to catch Isabella up by the next night fall and traveled as fast as he could through the night to make this happen. Robert had loved Isabella from a far for as long as he could remember but never had the courage to talk to her witch is why Isabella never knew he existed much less no that Robert was in love with her.


After several days travel Isabella reached the out skirts of Naples she had the ability to blend in with humans so after freshening up she made her way into quiet part of the city walking through the streets instantly seeing sights she had not seen before she knew she could live here with a endless food supply she wasted no time in finding lodgings and settling herself into her new life. After traveling through the night Robert was hot on her heels he to entered the city and also looked for lodgings as he did not want to be sleeping on the streets through the night that would just draw to much attention he did not need. First thing the next morning Robert began his search for Isabella he knew she would need to feed and she would not kill in well populated places so he patiently waited in those places he to would kill and after five days he finally spotted Isabella careful not to be seen he watched her day by day, he followed her to her favorite café he watched her go in and out her favorite places getting used to the places she liked to go most. One day Isabella was sitting in the park and she was approached by a man he began to talk to her asking questions she had no answers to she stood up and tried to walk away but the man insisted she sat back down and listened to what he had to say. Isabella could have ended it at any time but there were to many people around to make a scene so she patiently sat and listened to the man he told her he had watched her and liked what he saw and wanted to see her more often Isabella turned to the man looking him in the face asking him if he was this forward to every woman he liked the look of , he simply answered actually yes I am and I am a man that usually gets my way to , wasting no time Isabella  looked at him and clearly said well you wont get what you want from me and wasting no time she stood up and walked away without another word said.


As the weeks turned into months Robert knew he would have to make his presence known to Isabella but he didn’t no how to go about it. As luck would have it for him  he was watching Isabella one evening and the same man that approached her months before was once again bothering her this time he was not so gentle with Isabella he touched her making it clear to her he would not take no for an answer this time , with people looking on but no one  helping Isabella could not do what came naturally to her ,  Robert saw this as a opportunity not to pass up wasting no time he walked over to Isabella and asked if he could be of assistance to her the man told Robert to mind his own business and to move on Robert  simply replied sorry sir I cannot and taking the man by his arm he lead him away from the crowd of people as soon as they were out of site Robert pushed the man against a wall and warned him to stay away from Isabella the man replied and if I don’t you will do what  at this point Robert could think of no words to get his point across so he looked up at the  man and said if you do not then you will feel these sink deep into your jugular and with that he bared his fangs at the man. The man couldn’t believe what he had just seen but as he ran away Robert thought he had made his point and made his way back to where he last saw Isabella. Isabella was sat outside her favorite café Robert walked up to her and asked if he could sit curious about who Robert was she said yes and they sat talking for a time. Robert told Isabella he was from the castle he told her it was he that realized she was missing and as her own family couldn’t care what had happened to her he asked permission from the elders to come find and keep an eye on her.


Isabella couldn’t believe she had never noticed Robert before he was hansom and of an age she would have been interested in. Robert told her he had been watching her for months he told her he was there the day the man had bothered her in the park he told her he has watched her kill several times he let her no he was never far away , this made Isabella feel good to no she has some one watching out for her, she asked Robert where he was staying he replied actually I am only fifty feet away from where you are staying  he told her once he located her in the city he moved into boarding’s as close to her as he could find Isabella was amazed at all this that someone she didn’t no would go out of his way so much for her when she asked Robert why did u do all this he looked down at the ground what she asked Robert was not one for saying how he felt but Isabella pushed for an answer looking up Robert shrugged his shoulder and told her he had been in love with her for a very long time Isabella was shocked her whole life all she has wanted was for  someone to  show her the kind of love Robert  was offering to have someone to sit and talk to , to share her secrets with  to have someone she could rely upon so she was not alone any more. And now she had someone sitting opposite her the question in her mind was where they both went from here.  As Isabelle felt a connection with Robert she decided to spend more time with him they spent each day together talking about this and that sharing one another secrets they became apart of one another’s daily routine and when they did not see one another for what ever reason Isabella realized she missed Robert far more than any one she had ever known. One night both Isabella and Robert went out to hunt  it had been days sine either of them had drank any blood and they both began to feel week so off they went  to a place in the city where some drank the type of people that wont be missed if they disappeared. After looking on for a while Robert spotted the very same man that had bothered Isabella months back the man was in the middle of the street doing the exact same thing to some pore woman as he had done to Isabella looking on Robert could watch it no longer and subjected to Isabella that he be there prey for the night with a smile on her face she agreed  so they made there way down to the street and made there presence known the man looked at them both and instantly turn a shade of white he let the woman go and ran away looking back to see where Isabella and Robert were but they were no where to be seen.


As the man turned once more Isabella and Robert came from no where showing there fangs hissing eyes turning a shade of red they scared the life out of him no more will you treat women the way you do said Isabella and with that she bit down hard into his neck at the same time Robert sank his fangs deep into the mans stomach ripping his flesh from him both sucking him dry feeling his warm blood fill them with an energy they never tired of. Once each drop of his blood was gone they hid the body and made there way back to Isabella’s place still high from there kill Isabella walked over to Robert and kissed him for the first time liking what was happening she pushed Robert onto his back and continued to remove his clothes they continued to make love for hours finally laying next to one another Robert turned to Isabella and told her he loved her and he would never let her down hearing this made her smile. The next day Isabella was sat looking over the city thinking to her self she had never been so happy thinking it was ironic that she left her home to find happiness and when it finally found her it was with a man that had been around her whole life how long this happy feeling would last she didn’t no but for now all she wanted was for Robert to continue making her happy in a way no one else could.


By Bunzy 2017

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