The Prince of the World

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A story about a young prince sent from a different dimension to learn what a king must learn to one day become king of his own planet

Submitted: February 11, 2016

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Submitted: February 11, 2016



The Prince of The World

*A short story By Burokun Seigen*


The King to be


“Terrian it’s time!” my mother says with a scowling look on her face. “Don't make your father wait!” I take one last look at my room before following her out the door. Walking down the hallway I discover a newfound appreciation for how beautiful the palace is. The marble floors are never dull. The statues and art never collect dust. Every spill is instantly cleaned in seconds. If anything the family palace has only gotten better over the years.

We walk up the long twisting stairway to the king's room; my father's room. When we arrive he is staring at me; no, through me with a look of almost content. That’s about as close to approval I ever get. He’s looked at me that way for as long as I can remember.

My father is the perfect example of what you would expect a king to be. A strong willed, broad shouldered man with a thick beard and confidence oozing from every pore. Not me.  At times i’m lucky if I can get a little confidence snot dripping from my nose.

“Terrian,” my father says, “you are 18 now. As tradition it is time for you to prepare to one day be king.” The tradition he speaks of is actually more like a punishment to me. It goes like this. A prince who will one day possess the crown is exiled from the kingdom and may only return when he learns what it means to be king. They don't tell you how you’re supposed to figure it out either. No guidelines, no words of encouragement, no blues clues. Nothing. And since our family rules over the whole planet I'm to be exiled to another one in a different dimension. A little excessive right?

My father continues, “This necklace is your way back. It can only be used one time”. He places a necklace made of red metal links over my head and onto my shoulders. “So don't come back until you have learned what a king must learn.” he says, “I trust you will not disappoint me.”

I always thought I would have a lot to say at this moment. Like some sort of triumphant speech about how I would rule the entire planet in a day; or how all the women of the planet will bow down to me. But I do not feel triumphant. All I feel is abandonment. I have been sheltered inside of these walls for my whole life. Anywhere I go I am treated as the most important person in the room. And now on my 18th birthday I am to be transferred to a place where no one knows or cares who I am, and prove I am still a king. The only words I can come up with to say are “I won't disappoint you father.” Strangely enough those words seemed to be good enough for him. After a farewell from my sisters and mother I am escorted to the chamber where I will leave this world.

I enter into a small room surrounded by black bubble shaped objects sticking out of the wall. A voice from a speaker directly above me says,  “Hello Terrian, I am a good friend of your family. You can call me Jodie.”  “OK,” I reply nervously. He continues, ”The next time you hear from me is when you activate the necklace to come home. This is very important. If you don’t pass the test you don’t come back. Are you ready young prince?” I can't bring myself to say yes. The truth is I'm not ready. I'm horrified at the moment. I don't know if they can see me but I nod yes. A few moments later I hear the machine begin to start. It sounds like a plane gearing up to take off. A bright light begins to engulf the room. So bright I have to shield my eyes.

When the noise stops and I open my eyes again I am standing in the middle of a field with nothing around me but grass. I begin to wall scared and alone. After a few minutes of walking I find myself looking up at a bright sign that reads “HOLLYWOOD”.




I wake up in my small bed in my small, crappy apartment. After rubbing the crust from my eyes I check my phone. There’s a text from Ariel. “We still on for tonight?” It reads. I reply, “Yea, 9:00.” Slumping out of bed I head to the bathroom. As I brush my teeth I look at myself and give a mocking laugh. “Ha, imagine that, a prince living in a closet of a room like this.” I'm used to the idea by now. It's been five years since I was dropped onto this stupid planet and I still haven't got a clue to what I'm supposed to be learning. Surely they think I'm dead by now back home. My father completed his journey at 19. My grandfather completed his in just 6 months. The longest any king has ever taken to pass the test was not far into their 20th birthday. I asked my grandfather once how I would know when I was ready to come home. His only reply was “trust me you'll know when it happens”. So yea thanks gramps.

Sadly I've completely given up. I've tried everything. I haven't been able to concur, lead, or rule anything. I even tried to go home. I've tried to activate the necklace so many times I've lost count. The stupid thing is broken. I've done everything except toss it off a building, which doesn't sound like a bad idea right now. I couldn't go home if I wanted to.

I can barely remember my old life anymore; just the cruel reality that I have been banished to. All I feel towards my old home is anger. How could they do this to me? Just toss me out to the wolves and hope I become pack leader.

When I arrived here I was homeless for months. Nobody would help me. They had no pity for a kid off the street with nowhere to go. Eventually I landed a job in fast food. I worked tirelessly until I was able to afford this crappy little hole in the wall. Every day I wake up to go to a job that I hate to work for people I don't like, to afford a place that I can't stand. All just to get back to a place I'm sure has forgotten me. Life sucks.

After work I hop in my car to meet up with Ariel. We like to meet at a spot at the top of a hill on the edge of town and lay on the hood of the car. We can spend hours looking up at the stars. She's the only girl I know that does that. I do it because a part of me wants to leave here. I have a feeling she does it for the same reason.

She's not your typical girl. She’s a brunette with lots of tattoos and piercings. SInce I’ve know her she’s always dyed the same section of her hair one color. Her favorite one being purple. She can be rude, and irrational. She’s often argumentative and just all around doesn't give a fuck. When I met her she was cursing me out in the grocery line for having way too many items in the 12 items or less lane. After she followed me outside to finish me off she noticed I was not responding to her harsh comments like people usually do. Suddenly she became softer. We’ve been friends ever since.  Later I found out that she’s an exotic dancer that dances on stage in provocative clothing for money. She’s known all over the city. The prince In me says everything about this girl disqualifies her from being in my company, but honestly she’s my only friend.

“Why is life so hard?” she asks still looking up at the sky. I have no answer for her. I wasn't born into this life. All I can say is “who said it would be easy?” That ought shut her up.  “That's bullshit,” she says softly, ” that didn't answer anything.” I should have known she wouldn't let up so easy. She's more down to Earth than anyone I know. Still I don't reply.


She turns my way and continues, “Aye you never told me where you're from”. “Huh?” I reply. “You told me you weren't from Cali when we met but you never said where you were from.” she says. I suppose I could tell her the truth but I doubt she’d believe me. “Delaware,” I say in monotone. “That's a lie,” she says, “I lie to guys all the time. You think I don't know one when I hear one? Why are you always so secretive anyway; it’s not like I really care.” I laugh. She gets so defensive when I don't tell her stuff. “Well if you don't care,” i say, “ then stop asking”. I thought i would get a little chuckle from her after that comment, but this time she just turned back onto her back and began to look up at the stars again.

After a few minutes of silence she begins to talk again. ”Does your girlfriend know where you're from?” She’s talking about Camy my girlfriend for the past 2 years. She is the perfect girl for a prince. “I told her I'm from Delaware” I say. She laughs, “you'll never be able to keep a girl if all you do is lie” she says. She's one to talk. I’ve seen her give fake numbers to almost every guy that was brave enough to ask.

Five years ago I would have said it doesn’t matter if I lie about where I’m from. i’ll have a one one way ticket out of here in a little bit. But it seems like I don’t even have that right now. “What's up with you and your guy?” I ask, trying to turn the conversation around. “We broke up” she says with without a trace of sorrow. I'm not surprised. She makes it a point to never get attached to guys, hence her naturally cold temperament. “Well…” I say not knowing what to say next. She finishes for me. “well let's go celebrate” she says with a smile. I can tell she’s really upset deep down and she just wants to go get turnt to numb the pain . . . and  I guess that makes two of us. We hop in our cars and head downtown.

It’s always interesting going out with Ari. On the off chance that we’re both not working on the same night we like to party. . . hard. Not those advertised club parties that you see in music videos. The type of party that you have to be somebody to get into. Since everybody knows her we can get in almost anywhere. We walk to the entrance of the club and the bouncer is holding the line. I hate bouncers. Ari flirts with him and gets us in ahead of everyone else. Ha, peasants. No just kidding, i’m not really like that. Maybe that’s why i’ve been left been abandoned here with not so much as a “see ya later chump.”  Maybe i’m just not King material.

Ari likes to get me drunk and make me dance to reggae music. Back home we don’t dance. At least not in the palace. Much of my life was spent under the scrutiny of our caretakers who would teach us, feed us and then send us to bed. As much as I hate to admit it; it wasn’t until I was dropped into this dimension that I really lived. I’ve come to realise that to be normal, and go through ordinary struggles and have to find ordinary solutions to ordinary problems is freedom.

I don’t want to go home. I may be poor. I may work all day to live mediocre but still I am the captain of my soul. I may not have what it takes to be king but here nobody is king. Nobody  can tell me I don’t have the right to be whoever I want to be. There I was a Demigod, raised to rule over land and sea. My name would ring through time for as long as time existed, and I would be miserable. Here I am only human. One day I will grow old and die. My children’s children will have forgotten me, and my name will have fallen into the abyss. But maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be. I feel much better without the added pressure that everyone will soon depend on me.


Chapter 2

The next morning I awake to the sound of my phone ringing. It’s Camy. “Why didn’t I hear from you last night?” she says. Once again I had to lie to her. She hates that I hang out with Ari. “I I was um asleep” i stammered. “You’re lying!” she yelled. “Toni said she saw you last night with that girl.” I sit there in silence trying to enjoy the slight calm before the storm. “Well make sure your little friend knows about me,” she says, “You don’t have to lie to me baby”. Yes I do. “I’m not upset about it” she says. Yes you are. After a little back and forth we make plans to meet later. She says she has something to “talk to me about”. I’m a little taken back by that but whatever. It could be anything.

Later that night Ari and I are back gazing at the sky. It’s starting to lose it’s effect. I used to stare at the sky with hopes that there would be a white light coming to beam me back home. Now I get resentful and will usually suggest we go do something else. Ari interrupts my thought. “I don’t like your girlfriend.” she says. I look over at her confused because I haven’t said a word about Camy not liking Ari. She continues, “I used to like her but since you’ve been with her you’re different.” I sit up, “Different how?” I ask. She sat up as well. “We used to look up at the stars and your eyes would glisten. You would stretch your hand out like you were reaching for something. Now your gaze is dead. It’s like you’ve lost all hope.” She has no idea how right she is.

Maybe if I attempt to tell her the truth about where I’m from she’ll understand. “I have something to tell you” I say. I can’t believe i’m going to actually try to let her in on my secret. “I-I’m not from here,” I say. She looks at me with the same look of confusion I had moments before. She interrupts, “I swear if you say some bullshit i’m going to punch you into the nuts.” Whatever. I don’t want to waste time building up to it. “I was sent here from another dimension to learn how to rule my planet.” I say quickly. For a few moments there is silence. I turn toward Ari to gauge her reaction. Before I could even look at her stupid face I feel a sharp pain in my groin. I’ve officially been punched in the nuts, and now I’m on the ground holding myself like a toddler.

My pocket starts to make strange noises. No it’s my phone. I know it’s Camy but i’m in too much pain to answer and Ari is now cursing me out for being stupid.

When the pain subsides I can’t help but laugh. I finally tell her the truth and I get punched in the nuts for it. She’s still holding her fist up looking down at me when she joins me in laughter. I make it to my feet as she starts to apologize. My phone starts to ring once more.

It’s Camy again. “I have to go,” I say. I rush to the car and speed off. She hates when I don’t answer.

When I arrive at the destination Camy gave me to me to meet her I see that it’s another fancy restaurant. She loves fancy restaurants. Everytime we meet somewhere it’s always fancy and upscale. I should have known. I don’t know how upscale a white T and sweat pants is but I guess i’m about to find out. When I step inside I can already feel her disapproving gaze. I swivel my head to the left to see a pretty blonde looking at me with pursed lips twirling her hair. By the time I reach her she is smiling but I know she is upset. “Did you forget?” she says, “ I’ve been calling you for half an hour.” Before I can respond she interrupts me. “Forget it. How was your day?.” I say, “It was fine. I didn’t do much.” I neglected to tell her about hanging with Ari on purpose. Although we are just friends I have a feeling that’s not the right move. She purses her lips again, “hmm I hope you didn’t miss our date because of that girl.” she says. Shit. Come on Terrian you’re supposed to be a king. Handle this. “She’s just a friend,” I say telling on myself. She responds with a passive, “I just think you should keep better company than her, but you can hang with whoever you want.” That’s fair. She’s so understanding sometimes. She continues, “ anyways remember I said I have something to talk to you about?” She starts to smile and wave her hands really fast. Good, it must not be a bad talk. “What is it?” I say. “I want us to move in together.” she says. She’s awfully confident about this like i’m supposed to jump at the chance to move in with her. I’m hesitant to respond, but we have been together for 2 years. She IS the perfect girl for a king. So why can’t I say anything? “It’ll be fun” she insists. “Well, uh, yea let’s do it.” I say with a half smile. “Great” she says. Immediately she pulls out an array of pamphlets, price guides and decorating templates. What have I gotten myself into? I take one look at her face and see how excited she is. Instantly I give in. She’s smiling so wide I’d think she’s gone insane if I didn’t know better.


Chapter 3

The weeks that followed after we moved in were exactly what I expected. It was just like living back home. Every day was perfectly scheduled. We did all sorts of boyfriend and girlfriend activities. Picnics, selfies, double dates, things like that. It was all so perfect; but something was bothering me. I’ve come to realize I don’t want perfect. Five years ago I would be loving this girl for bringing me a glimpse of my old life, but now I’ve gotten a feel for what I really want. Still I don’t know what that is.

One morning I wake up to breakfast in bed from my princess. She’s wearing skimpy lingerie. She wants a little bit of the prince eh? That’s well within my power. We barely start to kiss before my phone starts to ring. I look to see that it’s Ari calling. “Ignore her” she says. “Don’t gotta tell me twice!” I tell her as I lay her down. She kisses me and says “No, I mean Ignore her from now on.” “Huh?”  I say. She stops “She is trying to get between you and me. I’ve noticed you’ve been distant the last couple of weeks. I know she’s been trying to turn you against me.”  I ponder her words. Impossible. She starts to explain how my mood has been changing every time I go see her. As much as I hate to admit it she is right. Staring at the stars with Ari only reminds me of the anger I feel for my old home. Perhaps it makes me feel resent towards Camy for being so perfect. She looks at me with those eyes again. “I think we would be better off if maybe we took a break from her. Yea?” She pulls me closer to kiss. “Yea” I say.

I ignore Ariel’s call and every call after that. I feel bad every time I have to ignore one. Then the text’s come. Things like “Hay answer my calls you big stank.” and “I hope the tragic accident that rendered your fingers useless heals soon you ass.” I have to admit she’s rude but also quite creative.

“She is just jealous of what we have.” Camy would say to me. Maybe she is right. Ari can never keep a man and she found a keeper that she can’t have. Over the weeks the texts started getting less hostile and more desperate. Things like “Hey are you ok?” and “If I did anything that made you want to ignore me please tell me.” Each ignored text was immediately followed by a kiss by my girlfriend and sweet affirmation. It feels like I’m being trained like a dog.

One day I was at the supermarket and as I was leaving I spot Ari’s signature purple streak of hair out of the corner of my eye. I swivel my head to see if it is her and across the room our eyes meet. We both stop and stare for a couple of seconds. Apart of me wants to say something like “Hey, ya butt”. Nothing comes. I’ve been trained too well. The look in her eyes seems to want the same. Nothing comes. She has too much pride. I take one step forward and turn my head toward the door leaving her clueless as to what she did wrong. This is the way it’s supposed to be. Maybe I’ve finally learned what it means to be king. Doing your duty no matter how much it hurts.

When I get home I tell Camy about what happened and she congratulates my decision as I lay my head in her lap. As she rubs my head like the little puppy I am she starts to tell me how she knew me and her would fall out. It was inevitable. And then she makes her first mistake. “Don’t you feel better now that’s it’s just me and you and nobody else?” she says.  And that’s when I say it. “No..” I didn’t say it intentionally. It just slipped out. But it felt so good. It felt like the real me was shining through the cloud that had been placed over my world. The truth is I don’t want the perfect prince and princess life, and furthermore Camy and I aren’t the perfect couple. We just go through the motions of one, because we are supposed to.

Camy stops stroking my hair. “What did you say?” she says. I pull my head up and look into her eyes. I can’t believe I’m about to break this girl’s heart. “Sometimes,” I say “It feels like you just want the fairy tale perfect life and I just happened to be the one you’re trying to live it through. She stares at me for a moment. “You know what Terrian?. I’m tired of your shit!”. Ooooh God. She continues, “You are confused about what you want.” I start to notice that the crazy smiling look she has is actually more crazy with a smile side effect. Still she laughs. “Ha ha I knew you wouldn’t be man enough to leave that girl alone. I did all I could to drive you two apart!” I look up at her amazed. “She doesn’t want you!” she say, “Everybody wants her. You think you are special? No, you just need to forget her. Now that she knows you’re ignoring her she’ll drop you faster than I will if you don’t shape up!” I’m shaken by her speech. I can’t even retaliate because I don’t know what is real anymore. I lay back and think about what she said. We spend the rest of the night not saying a word to each other.

In the morning breakfast is made as usual. But there is none for me at the table. There are two plates but mine is empty. On her plate is an ample amount of food. Like so much of a comically excessive amount that I decided to play along. I sit down across from her on my end of the table and look down at my plate. Without looking up at me she says “Are you hungry?” I don’t respond, I just look at her. She continues “Well I only make breakfast for good boys.” I can’t deal. I don’t deserve to be treated like this, but still I am hungry. I push out my plate and wait. She slops some eggs and sausage onto my plate and crazy smile’s.

For the next few weeks I reached levels of low I’ve only seen on those real housewives shows she makes me watch. It also becomes painfully apparent that my suspicions about her were true. She only cares about living her perfectly controlled life, with a husband and kids and a white picket fence. I am just a vessel for her ambitions to feed off of until it eventually bursts through my gut.

I haven’t heard a word from Ari since I saw her in the store. She must hate me now. I find myself thinking about her a lot. Some were my own thoughts. Some were the thoughts fed to me by Camy. I’m not sure what to believe anymore but Ari is on my mind. I feel bad that I abandoned her just like my people abandoned me. To make matters work I did it for the sake of feeling like the king I knew I wasn’t.

Noticing my absent mindedness Camy approaches me in the kitchen as I stare out the window. “Looking at the stars gain?” she says. “There’s nothing out there for you, your life is here.” Something about that statement struck a nerve in me. Suddenly I feel an energy swell in me. A spark has been re-lit. It may be true that there is nothing out there for me and my life is here, but I choose my own path. The choice has been mine the whole time. With every ounce of self respect I was able to muster I pull my chin up and announce “My life is whatever I want it to be. You do not decide that for me...I’m out.” She looks at me amazed. “Where are you going? Are you coming back?” I do not respond. I walk right out of the door.

I don’t know where i’m going but I know who I want to talk to. I begin to call and text Ari. Time passes. Minutes. Hours. No response. I was even sent directly to voicemail a few times. She is ignoring me now. In my frustration I look up to the sky. This time I do not feel anger. I do not get anxious. All I do is think of Ari. In hindsight, I begin to realize why Camy disliked her so much. When I think of her my soul catches fire. She is the yin to my yang. I start to give in to the notion that I fancy her far more than I want to admit. I’ve always felt this way deep down. My mind’s first though is to reject her but my heart knows the truth. I love her. I want to spend every moment with her even if it’s just to look up at the stars I hate.

Without noticing I had wandered toward the hill where her and I used look to the sky. Suddenly I get the urge to see the stars again. I begin to climb the hill leading to the cliff. As I approach the top I see the top of a car. It’s Ari’s car. I begin to walk faster. My heart is pounding with so many emotions.

I reach the top and see Ari perched on top of the hood of her car alone looking up at the sky. I don’t know what to say. I approach her from the side and gaze at the stars as well. I’m too afraid to look her in the eyes. Scratch that. I’m too ashamed. A few moments later she notices me. I expect to feel a sharp pain in my lower region soon. I brace for impact as I attempt to accept my fate. I deserve it.

After a few moments there is nothing, only silence. I know she’s seen me by now. Out of the corner of my eye I see her making a movement. I do not feel pain so what could it have been? I look over at her to see that she has scooted over opening up my usual spot on the hood of the car.

I lay my head down besides hers and look up at the sky. I haven’t felt this happy in months. Over twenty minutes pass and we speak no words. I decide I should be the one to break the silence. “I’m sorry” I say sheepishly. She immediately shoves me off the hood of the car and onto the ground. “Ok, that was fair” I say climbing back up onto the hood.

Slowly I’m getting the courage to look at her. She’s still not speaking so I’m not out of the woods yet. Jokingly I say,  “I swear I saw a girl that looked just like you in the store the other day. She seemed like a total lame though so I had to walk away.” She looks at me trying not to smile. I love when she does that. We make eye contact  for a moment but I turn away. “I broke it off with Camy,” I say, “She was too controlling.” She responds sharply “So you decided you can just get come back to me and I’ll forgive you because you broke up with your little girlfriend?” I pause for a moment and take deep breath. “No, I decided to come back because during the time we’ve been apart I’ve realised who I really want to be in a relationship with.” I look over to her and before I can lock eyes with her I find myself promptly back onto the ground. She’s amazingly strong for her size.

“You ass!” she says, “ Why would you say that?” she says. I’m in too deep. Can’t back down now. I slide back onto the hood. Closer this time. “I said it because it’s true. I thought I knew what I wanted but…in chasing it I didn’t realise I’d grown to love you.” I move in closer. “I’m going to kiss you now. If you want to slap me you’d better do it quick.” As soon as I stop talking I kiss her square on the lips. Even if I get horribly friend zoned after this I want to own the moment. Amazingly she doesn’t slap me. She doesn’t even attempt to stop me. After a few moments it sets in. We are officially kissing each other. I’ve found the princess. If only in this reality.

She suddenly pushes me off. I knew it. She probably just got caught in the moment. “Are you mad?” I say. “No” she says as she points to my chest. “Your shirt is glowing.”  “Huh?” I say as I look down. It’s the necklace I was given before I was sent here. It’s shining brighter and brighter with each passing second. “I don’t understand” I say confused. Suddenly a familiar voice comes shooting through the necklace. “It’s time for you to come home Terrian” says Jodie, the guy from the bubble room. Home? But why? I’m finally happy.”You’ve run out of time Terrian. It’s time to take your place as king whether you have passed the test or not.” “No,”  I say. “I’m going to stay here.” Jodie pauses for a moment. “I see...unfortunately that’s not up to you.” Suddenly the bright necklace brightens so much it’s blinding. As I struggle to see, all I can see is Ari quickly fading away into the light reaching out towards me. “Terrian what’s happening?” Then silence.

As the light fades I find myself in the bubble room. I’m quickly grabbed and rushed out of the room and into the hallway. Still blinded I can hear familiar voices all around me. “Terrian is back”,  “How was it Terrian?”,  “Are you feeling ok?” I answer no one. I’m more confused nowmore than ever. I am rushed into another room. A dressing room. I don’t know what is happening. I don’t care. All I can think about is Ari. Women begin to undress and redress me in new clothes. Kings clothing. I guess it’s true. Finally I am getting to become king. But now I do not want it. I’d given up on wanting to be king. All I want is to feel the happiness I felt 10 minutes ago.

After I am dressed I am rushed into the courtyard balcony. I must be a sad sight to see. A grown man being tossed about without a sound or emotion to give. As I step out onto the balcony I am welcomed by a sea of people. To you it would probably be pretty amazing to go from nobody to the most important somebody in a matter of minutes, but I am just in a state of confusion and rage. My father steps beside me and raises his hand. “For generations we have passed down the crown through birthright. A king must be tested to earn his spot on the throne!“ I hold my head down. I must be the first failure to become king since the test began. He continues, “Today I am here to proudly announce that my son Terrian has passed his test and earned his right! I present to you the new king!”

I am crowned and thoroughly worshiped. Yet I do not understand. I learned nothing. I even gave up. I refused to come back. Why did he lie about me passing? Soon after I am escorted back to the king’s room. My new room. The maids bid me goodbye and leave me alone. I should be happy but i’m not. For some reason all I can feel is uncontrollable rage flowing through me. I snap. I start tossing cups and vases around. Turning over tables and chairs. I’m furious.

My mother rushes in to stop me. “Terrian stop!” She grabs and holds me. As she hugs me we both fall to the floor together. I get the feeling that my mother somehow understands what I’m going through. We spend a few moments in silence then I finally decide to say the only thing that I’ve been wanting to say since I got here. “I loved her, and you brought me back.” I said it with every ounce of resent in my body. She does not respond. After a moment she kisses me on the forehead, stands up and begins to walk toward the door. I continue, “If you don’t pass the test you don’t come back, that’s the rule. You don’t pass the test you don’t come back!” Still she walks towards the door. Before she exits the room she halfway turns towards me still looking away and says “You passed the test Terrian”. With that stunning statement she leaves without another word.

I feel more alone and confused now than when I was banished from this place. Still I am king now and I have duties. I’ll have to man up and handle my responsibility. Not another word is said about other-Earth or Ariel for weeks. I go along doing my kingly duties and doing them exceptionally well at that. I am praised many times for the ways I’ve been looking over the kingdom. Throughout the land I am already accepted as a great king. Still I feel the emptiness in my heart that can only be filled by one person.

As I prepare for another meeting of the king’s court my father enters my room and closes the door behind him. “You are doing an excellent job son” he says. “Thank you father” I reply. He walks close to me. So close we are almost touching. Softly in my ear he says “I know how hard it is for you right now. Please know everything we’ve done is to ensure that you become the best king possible. I had to go through it, and many kings before you had to go through it. I look at him in disbelief. What does that mean? He steps back and heads toward the door. Before he steps out he looks back as if to have one more things to say. “Oh, and there’s someone out in the hallway for you.” I stand there a few moments after he leaves to ponder his words. The puzzle that has been the last five years of my life begins to come together. Slowly I begin to creep toward the door. With each step his words begin to sink in more and more. As I touch the doorknob it feels like electricity is going through my veins. My heart begins to pound. Could it be more to his words or am I reading in too deep? Could it be that this is how it was supposed to be? I open the door and peek around the side. My eyes begin to water. Standing there looking at me in full bridal dress is Ari. “Hey, ya butt” she says with a smile. She flies into my arms and we hold each other in for what feels like the first time in years. That’s when it hits me. The test. It was an inner test. My love for Ari is what made me learn what it means to be king. I passed the test as soon as I refused to come home and take the throne. It’s all so clear to me now. A man that wants to be king of the world does not deserve it because he will only want it for the wrong reasons. Greed, power, money, things like that. The man who deserves to be king of the world is the man who is made king and has first become king of himself.


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