My Painful Race

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About a race I did a couple days ago...

Submitted: May 23, 2009

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Submitted: May 23, 2009



We were all called up,

My heart started to quicken.

My team cheering me on,

Adreneline rushing through me.

"On you marks!",

I bent down,

My breath getting deeper,

"Get set!",

I picked my head up and smiled.


I picked my feet up,

I could feel the chemicals of the adreneline squeeze my legs.

My right leg shocked me with pain,

I gasped but continued running hard.

I frowned because I had just rememebered that it was with the boys too.

Second place,

~Yes!~ I thought to myself.

The pain in my leg stretched till my whole thigh ached with pain.

I saw the boy infront of me,

So close.

I beat him in long jump,

I can maybe beat him now!

I ran as fast as I could,

The pain ripping through my muscles.

Tears reached my eyes,

It hurt so much.

I coulcdn't stand the pain,

I slowed down.


He passed me and crossed the line,

I was a close second,

But gained a pulled muscle.

I was definetly dissapointed,

But glad my injury wasn'y serious.

I know lay on my couch,

Reciting what happened on the painful day.

The pain still in my leg,

Except now it hurts all over. 

I now laugh at what happened,

Because now it is just a mere memory.

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