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My contest entry for Jingle Q's contest. :D
Thank you for inviting me to join, I had fun typing this!

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011



The boy walked past the dark alleyways of the ghostly night. He stuffed his nose in the fresh fragrance of roses that sat in a bush nearby to get his sense of smell away from that horrid odor of his foamy cappuccino.

Zander was coughing to himself, cursing at the name of Collin.

“He should seriously stick to coffee,” he grumbled as he lurked in the shadows of the tall skyscrapers.

“Where is he?” was Zander’s first thought.

Suddenly, Zander heard the voice of a boy humming softly to himself.

The boy, he recognized, was Lykron, his target.

Zander laughed quietly to himself as he watched the boy juggle spheres perfectly without dropping a single one.

“How lame.” Zander thought. “Who juggles these days? This is gonna be a snap. Stupid kid.”

Still, Zander remained hidden in the shallow darkness of the night, waiting for a perfect chance to strike and kidnap the juggling boy.


Zander was losing patience fast.

“Does this kid EVER stop juggling?” Zander thought.

He knew time was ticking, midnight, he thought, it had to be by now. It had been hours that Zander had been waiting, and he clearly couldn’t take it anymore. He wished not to wait, so he decided, finally, it was time to attack.

He also decided to use his resources, to insure a victory.

Glancing around, Zander noticed everything in the dark area.

There was no light, except for the smallest flicker being casted by a tall lamp post.

He found his frown form into a smirk.

“What a clever idea…”

Without any type of warning whatsoever, Zander appeared suddenly from the dark shadows and stood in front of Lykron.

“Why hello there,” Zander said slyly, circling the juggling boy.

“What the-?” Lykron asked suspiciously.

Before opening his mouth to speak, Zander remembered what Collin had told him.

“Loosen up.”

Zander decided to quit the act, and he was smiling devilishly with the thought. “You’re name’s…Lykron, right?” he asked thoughtfully.

“Yeah…” the boy said, stuffing his juggling balls inside his pockets, as an act of safety towards them.

“That’s a stupid name.”

It was then when Lykron’s eyes grew unbelievably large. He had been told that every time his name was mentioned, and finally, he just couldn’t bear it anymore.

“You’re a stupid name!” Lykron spat, crossing his arms in fury.

“You’re a feisty one, aren’t ya?” Zander chuckled.

“THINK FAST!” he yelled seconds after, at the top of his lungs.

There was a large blast of darkness, and Zander had knocked over the tall electricity pole.

Except, this attack was not one of surprise, for Zander had screamed out that he was going to attack seconds before, so Lykron saw it coming a mile away.

In the dust formed from the strong blast, Lykron quickly reached for his juggling balls from his pocket, from where they turned into swords to shield him from the deadly sparks of the pole.

The pole reflected right off from his swords, and it landed directly onto an unsuspecting Zander, shocking him in more ways than one.


“Don’t you say a word,” Zander demanded.

Collin was laughing a thunderous laugh, mocking the boy. “Alexander…of all your foolish plots, I dare say, this was your worst.”

Zander was still coughing from the shock of electricity that exploded ashes on his face. His hair was sticking up, also covered with black ash.

“I’ll never think low of juggling again,” he said, coughing slightly between words.

“Cappuccino?” Collin asked, offering the burned boy a cup of the foamy drink.

“GET THAT THING OUT OF MY FACE!” Zander shouted, kicking it away, where it crashed against the wall.

But perhaps he was only grumpy because of a certain boy named Lykron, who defeated him with a bundle of toys he called juggling balls.


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