Broken Space Ship Dream

Short Story by: burningmetalflask


Submitted: September 28, 2012

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Submitted: September 28, 2012



Broken Space-Ship Dream

It concludes with a beautiful; tall and skinny alien human in a tight gray space suite. She is a genius and their only hope, but she isn’t responding to their dramatic concerns. Camera is chaotic with fixations after she appears suddenly boarding their doomed vessel. (This is after I and the others have concluded our space-suite delima. The problem being was that we needed them before we could enter the escape pods.)

Right, she asked us if we had completed the powering sequence. Our concerns for her were many and we were in profound states of panic. We didn’t understand how to operating the mission or the ship in this situation and wanted to board a planet; any planet!

This was the erie woman’s only empowered, external line of thought for the doomed crew members. They did believe she didn’t speak their language, you see.

Part Two

So I’m on my back (the struggles we face) and she is starring down at me. This is when I see to feel her beauty. No helmet; blond, long hair. Blue eyes, or green, sure!

She begins firing a beam at me… she is scanning me as well, suddenly. It’s healing me, the beam! The pistol’s ray regenerates damaged organs that she can clearly see. Joints fine…? No! My knee is healed. And then some more. Lol. She heals my left ‘nut’ and is finished! Wow.

She does not leave immediately and ignors our deep situation. Seemingly. “So about that space pod.” We’re like niggers looking at brown in the darkness as we float around the ship activating alien parts.

-by Mike Weaver!

© Copyright 2016 burningmetalflask. All rights reserved.

Broken Space Ship Dream

Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction


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