Milk Cat's New Whatever

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
Hi this is one for cartoon fans and dextro users. It was made on pot/dxm. This story will deal with philosophy and real life events classically.

Submitted: September 28, 2012

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Submitted: September 28, 2012



Milk Cat’s New Whatever

Smurfs: Which one’s the real one?
Which one’s the real one?

I was up laughing at them all night.
The plants, zombies, and cannibals.

So I have decided to invest in an iphone 5; on count of the drugs.
There is too much too lose.
I will begin immediately.
There will be no delay.

“6:20, huh?”  6:21 A.M.
September 6
th.  There are moths flying around me.

I’m taking a bus to the bank and I need a loan.
I desire fishing, DJ equipment, and a platform.

Six-twenty-nine.  What about the pot?

Pause.  I can not wait to do battle with the insect tribe.  Even with misery and blood-shed.  Loot can be found.
My weakness is HIV, (possibly).  Yes, truly Ashley is a fool.

So embarrassing, in fact; again HIV.

Part Two.

I don’t like the way it influences my poop…
“Alright, onto the train tracks.”

So, anyways.  They ate my roach.

And then I begin the attack.  With (b)robots as powerful as the sun is hot.
Also, the plant matter will be cool, I promice.
Submit scenarios with me… The Healing Cosmos?

Luigi’s looking through the window, bro?  What does he see?
Thanks dad.

I drew Luigi’s hammer.  It’s floating above and ready to strike on this page.  Beside it?
--[] (304-485|
Yea, just like that.

Part Three

Seven-eleven.  I begin… Adventure.  Also I drew an image for you.  Three or four in fact.  It sais “Milk Cat Credit.”  Also, “444-88-MILK,” and “Card.  Milk Cat is also a licensed driver. 

How’d I lost my fucken’ pen again?  What the fuck?  OK GOT YA.  You know I went five minutes out there without a phone.  You know what they say though; lose your keys, fight an ape.  It took forever but I did in fact do it.  I found my pen, the other pen?  Well I traced a knife with it for you.  I hope you like it.

So like Krillan was chillin’ with his smurfs when all of the sudden he decides to show Gohan his new whatever.  “Check this out bro.”  “Blood as far as the eye can see.”

“Her manager won’t know so I asked her out.” –Krillan  “Hell no!  We’re never going to show that thing again.  –Japanese Analyst.  “With a real fucking alien.  They gave a dwarf the real psysmic disc.”  The camera zooms and the nerd spins in his chair, around, clearly horrified but, still, in deep thought.  As always.

“Now you’re going to watch this show you little fucking genius.”  A man is shouting to my thought-form.  I show him a tongue.  “Guess I’m just a midget, dude” states Krillan assuring Gohan just like a true Krillan.  “I couldn’t get enough of the cartoon.  I tried to run away from it.”

“But what about the dragon balls?”  “About Dragon Balls?  Well….”

Part Four

Goku arrives and states clearly “This next part I’m going to leave to the vegetable.”  The moon is glimmering a strong and silvery light.  Gohan is staring helplessly up the steep hill prepared for him by Piccollo.  “NOW QUICKLY TURN ME INTO A PUN” Piccollo shouts before leaving the scene!  Our hero Gohan is helplessly seduced by the power of the full moon.

“I think he’ll be fine.”  “Holy shit” the two warriors pause.  “HOLY SHIT” said Vageta looking over his shoulder again.  Flashbacks to trolls and poke’balls in space race through his mind.  “Are you fucking kidding me Kakarot?”

“What’s a matter Vegeta?”  “I’m going to blow this whole god damn planet apart” is what’s a matter.  Vegeta yells puns in horror.  He is only looking for companionship, however, and is sedued by the hero’s in the end.  (So Gohan can go to college and get a proper education, fuck head.)

Meanwhile on Namek in another season.  “Hey bro, I got something for you.”  Krillan’s eyes light up as he skills his whatever.  “Whoa” is stating Gohan this time for sure.  They watch the energy disc again pursuit psychological dominance over the thirsty plant they’re now out-matched to.

“I’m going to turn into an ape bro.”  “Wait, run that by me again” said Krillan.  “I’m going to turn into an ape bro.  And it will be the meanest son of a bitch you’ll ever see.”  Namek is saved but not before a space-time confusing count down.  And we all fell down laughing five times at least… and took many spit takes.  The end!



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