Affliction Amongst The Best

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I stress over school so much, I hurt my own body by doing so.
But if I don't, then I let my family down. Not myself, just them.

Submitted: April 07, 2011

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Submitted: April 07, 2011



I deprive myself of sleep.
I get approximately 4 hours every night.

You're suppose to get 8.

I get up at 6 every morning to get ready for school.
2 hours past and I'm done.

I spend 7 hours of my day working hard at school.
It starts at 8AM and ends at 3PM.

Every night I spend 3 hours on homework and skill building that is two grade levels above my learning grade.

I eat dinner for 1 hour.

That's a total of 17 hours.

Thus, I am left with 7 hours for my whole day.
5 hours of those I spend cleaning house, helping my family with work, or homework, or cooking, extra curricular activities for school grades, and so forth.

2 hours.
That's the time I have to myself, in a day of 24 hours.
In this time, I may read, or write, or check the computer.

Now in a week's time.
I get a total of 28 hours of sleep.
That's one day and 4 hours.
You're suppose to get 56 hours.
2 days and 8 hours.

I am not healthy physically because of how much I push myself.
I am always in a struggle to stay awake. To stay focused.

My doctor tells me I stress too much and need a break.
I can't get a break. Not even on weekends.

When I fail myself, I get less and less sleep.
Sometimes I only get 1 hour a night.
Sometimes none at all.

All of this just so I can get good grades.
All of this just so I can make something of my future in this economy.

I am only in 8th grade.
I am only fourteen.

Just a child in most's eyes.
Is all of this worth a simple momentary joy of happiness to the fact that every quarter I receive straight A's?

No one knows how I treat myself.
No one knows anything about this at all.

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