Kizkasko Mission Adventure: One

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Special Forces Kizasko Team is on the move. They are breaking into a Naval Base that was taken over by Terriost. There are hostages and Kizasko is here to save them.

Submitted: April 06, 2012

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Submitted: April 06, 2012



"Weapons Ready" asked Kizasko?

"Weapons Ready" responded his Black Ops Special Forces Team.

Kizasko signaled for his breachers to move to the door. They followed his orders and moved to the door. One on either side. The door was basic wood and Bravo 1 shot a breaching round into the door. Everything slowed down as the team moved into the room. There were two men smoking in the room. When they saw the team, they reached for their AK-47's. They never made it. The team fired four bullets and hit them all. Two in the head on both men. They were instantly gone. Another man ran into the room with a look of confusion on his face. As soon as he registered what was going on he too was headed to the ground killed bythree silenced MP7a1 rounds. Kizasko motioned for the door and his breachers with shotguns at ready kicked open the door, while two commandos kicked open another door. They ambushed the room from two doors and started firing. In the room was a sleeping guard and a guard watching television. The guards didn't even have time to turn around. Then a alarm went off and Kizasko motioned to a vent and the men climbed in and started army-crawling through the vent. They came to a dead end. The commando at the front of the line looked out and punched the vent. He jumped out. The team followed. Nobody was in the room. Kizasko motioned to the stairs and the team cautiously went up the stairs. The door was metal and the breachers had to use thermite explosives to open it. Once the charge blew the men went inside. Again all slowed down for the team. There were three men with pistols to the heads of the naval hostages. Kizasko shot the leg of a naval officer just to distract the rest of the terrioist. His team understood. As the terrioists turned to look, the team shot them all twice in the head. The story is not over here though. Kizasko ordered "Stairs," and the team took the hostages and moved toward the stairs. Kizasko called for a helicopter just as a wave of angry terrioists ran through the door. Kizasko ran up the stairs. On top of the Iraqian building, Kizasko and his team held off the terrioist until a transport helicopter arrived. On the helicopter the naval officer recieved medical attention and everything ended well.

Note: This story is a work of LK only and not BurnItWriting. This story is meant to show an example of my writing. Thanks for reading!

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