Night In,Night Out

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
this is just short story I wrote about a confused vampyre girl and Im not sure if I should or how I should continue it so I need some advice

Submitted: October 24, 2011

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Submitted: October 24, 2011



I played in bed unable to sleep. The thought of my nightmare pledged me I couldn't get the images out of my head. I wondered if I fell back to sleep if i would see it again.....

I sat up in my bed, alone in my bedroom I went to light a cigarette when the phone began ringing. I jumped it scared me as it vibrated again my wood desk so unexpectedly, and so loudly. I grabbed it holding it close to my chest and it continued to go off I pushed the talk button and held it against my ear.


''Hi Molly I couldn't sleep....I need a fix and I was thinking about you, can I come by?'

I sighed the smoke out of my lungs ‘yeah sure you driving or walking?''

'Drive, its way to windy out to walk'' she let out a short laugh.

''Okay I'll see you in 10'' she whispered into the phone. Her voice gave me a weird feeling. I finished my cigarette and waited for Erin to come by, I could hear her voice in the back of my head only slightly. She was getting closer.

I slunk back against the wall something felt off, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath Erin's voice grew louder I was about to channel her out when I heard her say ''Molly ....window'' My eyes shot open as I heard a car pull in behind my house. I push my curtain out of the way. I stared at the redhead girl with deep hazel eyes starring back at me. I was slowly pulling them up when I heard a step outside the window. I almost dropped them but luckily it was wedged. I pushed window open to see Erin standing there, looking paler then usual ''Evening want to help me in?'' She reached in and i grabbed her hand pulling her through the window. ‘Thanks, I’m kind of on edge today'' She kicked off her boots and ripped off her coat her blood red hair shine all of its own without light shimmering down on it. She was wearing a tight knitted purple shirt and a pair of black leggings. She caught be glancing at her and I smiled. ‘I got the you want to do it now?' not even I second passed by before she answered ''Yes i want to do it now’’ my head started to ache as her thoughts were very loud which makes them harder to block out. ‘Ouch stop thinking so much your giving me a headache. Her head twisted towards me with a sad look on her face her beautiful green, blue eyes looking dampened ''I thought you wanted me not to hear what you’re thinking? I spoke starring down at a sharp knife I was wiping clean in my hand. ‘I know, it’s not that I’m just feeling so bad everything' -wait'' I whispered 'I heard something'' her hand gestured towards the window, as if to ask if it was outside I nodded. ‘Erin stay here'' I climbed quickly out of the window I caught a glimpse of a shadow out of the corner of my eye. I stood straight and twirled looking for something. When i noticed a figure on the roof., I smiled to myself and began to shreak at him ''Ugh'' the figure yelped,he stumbled and tumbled down from the roof mooning and groaning ''Get off of me!' the man screamed I walked over to him pulling a switchblade out from the back pocket of my shorts , I picked him up and slammed him against the wall with the blade pressing into the back of his neck ''Paul?'' ‘Jeezed Paul what the fuck are you doing here?''

I dropped him and he rose to his feet ''I was just taking a late night stroll and i was just passing by'' ''For some reason I don’t believe that'' I stepped closer towards him ''You know if you’re not willing to say it I could just listen to you thinking it?'' ''I was just seeing what you guys were up to I saw Erin leave so I was just checking it out'' Alone or with your buddy?'' I said sarcastically. ''Are you referring to me?'' an eerie voice spoke behind me. I turned around my teeth just tingling ready to strike. ‘Hello Greg, how are you doing this...early morning?"' His big brown bambi eyes matched my gaze making my heart drop ''i was just keeping an eye on Paul his still learning-''this is my property I would be grateful if you taught him not to skulk around he interrupted something important'' Oh let me guess...'he sniffed the air ''You’re playing house with Erin again aren't you'' I started to walk towards my window ''Get lost both of you, next time you want come around try asking you might get a better response'' I are gently said as if just for Greg. He made my blood is everything okay? '' Erin said starring up at me with a confused look on her face. ‘Oh it was just Paul and his friend Greg being foolish again and somewhat creepy, sorry to take so long to deal with them let’s get started' i slopped down beside her ''let’s '' she whispered towards me .She took the blade to my neck and sliced a cut above my collar bone .I felt the blood drip now .I turned towards her the world was slowing down around me She kissed me while laying her hand along my jaw .She kissed my chin and worked towards the cut ,I felt her lips purse against my skin and my skin rise as she sucked the blood out of me .I mouned under my breathe. ''Your turn' her voice run through my ears .I nodded my head ''Yes please' I barely got out those two words. She went to cut I pulled her hand away. No. allows me'' I whispered seductively I pulled her closer and kissed below her neck as my teeth began to sink in. Her hand tapped against my hair, Slowly tasting her life was delicious I could feel everything she felt. Her head nodded forward and she whispered ''Molly .....Molly ....Kal- she feel backwards and I emedatly stopped.I could see what she saw .I could smell the familar fragrance of coffee infused with black and blue berry lotion she used everyday. I slowly slipped through consciousness.

I felt my body go numb and slowly disappear. I glanced over at .Molly she was leaning against the wall starring at the computer monitor. ''Hey darling how are you feeling, I know how insane the feeling can be when you haven't felt it a while. Her mouth hung unhinged her eyes glazed she didn’t hear me ''Hey Molly !'' she blinked ' what is it?'' ‘’ Are you alright, how are you feeling?’ She nodded her head ‘’Oh I’m okay how are you feeling? ‘’ I sat up and slethered over to face very close to hers I answered in a whisper ''Oh im feeling just fine' I went to kiss her when I felt a cold burst of air travel past me, I flinched looking out the window ‘’ugh I thought I smelled rotting corpses’’ I opened the window all the way where Greg and Paul stood talking ‘’ do you two want something?’’ Paul starred at me ‘’May we come in?’’ His voice echoed in my head, I rolled my eyes ‘’ Yeah sure’’ Paul walked through the wall and Greg climbed throw the window I caught him as he looked at me I turned away .''Well how can i help you now?

''Well we thought we'd just stop by and see if you wanted to hang out for a bit'' I starred toward him in disbeilef ,the vibe he was giving off was way different then from what he was thinking ,I glanced towards Erin she sat up and shrugged her shoulders and titled her head ''Yeah I guess ,do you have some?'' Greg said as he looked towards Paul who was reaching into the pocket of the new leather jacket he stole off someone who worked at the bar ,He pulled out a pack of ciggerettes and a green lighter. He walked over and sat down on the bed between me and Erin ''There is an ash tray on the stand'' Paul went to reach for it when Greg grabbed it before him .Paul passed me a smoke then Greg and Erin and then finally himself. ''Lighter please' He didn't pass it to me he flipped the lid and put it towards me,I hate it when people that to me .I put the smoke between my lips and leaned towards him.I felt a sharp pain in my head ''Ouch' I jolted back . Someone in the room was angry but I wasn't sure who.

''Greg sat up and looked at me as he lit his smoke ''Are you okay Molly ?'' I was rubbing my forehand with one hand and taking a puff of my ciggerette with the other.With an angry look on my face I glanced over at him then starred down at the bed I felt it coming from him. '''Yeah Im fine',So what is it you guys actually wanted?'' My head was still above the clouds I tried to play it off,Erin remain quiet as her head was above the stars. ''What do you mean by that? Can't we come and hang out with our friends?'' Greg replied sarcastically ''Well me and Greg were just in the area and we thought we'd stop by'' paul said.

''I don't belive that'' I replied ''Well its the truth'' Paul said in a innocent tone Erin's hand slide over mine ''Maybe their telling the truth'' She said looking at me,I looked towards her then glared at the guys ''Eh I can't tell with this guys'' ''Hey I find that truely offensive'' Paul blurted out ''Especially since your the rule breaker here '' He added guestering towards Erin. ''Shut it Paul,weren't you the guy that almost drained that stripper from The Tongue Dungeon in Amsterdam acouple of months back?'' I said erigantly with a smirk beaming across my face. ''Whatever she was trying to stiff me-'' ''Isn't that the point of that joint'' Greg cut him off ''Oh ha ha she was trying to charge me 100 bucks for a shitty lap dance and completely refused to do anything more so I just evened this out'' He said trying to justify himself. We all finished our smokes and sat in the awkward silence ''Hey Molly I'm kind of tired it's okay that I spend the night right?'' I laughed ''Of course you can darling,you can stay over whenever'' I said as I pushed the hair out of her face ''Uh Erin why don't you rest here then were gonna go outside for a second kay?'' I asked and she nodded with her already closed whispering ''Okay'' Me, Greg and Paul all headed out to the porch I slipped on my sandels that were sitting in the door way ''Okay seriously why were you guys hanging around for?'' I asked as the door slammed behind me ''No reason I just wanted to see if you wanted to come out with us......I got something at my house and I thought you might want to have some too'' I starred at him tenpted by his offer ''C'mon Molly you haven't been feeding lately we just want you to have a good time'' I paused to think wanted to go but not entirely ''I'll come by but Im not going to have any'' Greg sighed ''Is it because that girl you have inside? Cause you know you could get anyone in the world to do what you wanted with a single touch someone even better'' I got angry ''Hey you leave her out of this!' I could feel my face growing hot ''Who I do is my business don't worry about why I don't feed as much anymore I'll come with you but Im not going have any understood?'' I said. Paul nodded ''Fine be that way but your the one missing out '' Greg said then started to walk to his truck parked across the street' I smirked as he walked away I wasn't quiet sure why but I felt like I just won something. I followed him and jumped into the back seat ''So what is it you got this time? rabbits? vamp bats? cute puppy?'' I asked sarcasticaly ''Greg glanced over at Paul sitting beside him ''No not this time its something a whole lot tastier'' Paul grinned back at him, I leaned forward between their seats ''What is it Greg? I said getting angry ''Don't worry doll you'll see and besides what do you care you said you weren't having any'' He said and looked at me I glared back ''I might......if its something appetizing ' I replied the truck pulled into the driveway and Greg killed the engine and looked back at me leaning his face in closer ''Well then.....I hope your hungry because your not going to want to miss this'' Greg and Paul jumped out of the car I went for the door when Greg popped it open for me he tried to help me out I refused and jumped down on my own,I could tell he was angry I smiled down at the ground and looked up to look around we were surrounded but nothing but high grass I pulled my sweater around me feeling the frost covered grass slide across my legs and feet just above my sandals.

I walked around to the front of the truck and saw small house with a a garage attached to it Greg opened the door it wa left unlocked I followed behind checking out there was a small tv sitting opposite a red woren down couch and a small end table beside it with a crappy lamp without a shade on it ''Come its in the basement '' Greg said as he walked through the small baren kitchen to a door leading down to the basement He opened the door,gesturing for me to go down I moved aside ''ladies first' I said smiling he simply glared at me and got very close to me as Paul walked passed him down the stairs ''What is it? you don't trust me?'' he asked looking at my neck, I rolled my eyes and walked down the stairs He walked close behind me. I looked around and my almost dead heart started beating harder when I saw a brunette woman tied up and gaged in a large dog cage across the room Paul went to open the door, I turned to Greg he looked at me smiling ''smells good doesnt she?' He asked ''I....... have to go' I said as tried to go for the door ''Wait a minute Molly please stay and have some fun with us, She wants this'' I turned to her and the scared looking girl with eyeliner pouring down from her eyes shook her head and tried to talk but could only get out a sob and grumpling noise through the gag bar shoved between her teeth ''Please...don't' She thought trying to squirm out of the restraints they had on her '' I have to go...'' I said the cage door opened and Paul pulled her out and across the floor to behind the stairs and tossed her onto a bed that was hidden behind the stairs He leaned down and licked her face ''No worries pet it will be over soon '' He sliced her neck with his nails and let the blood drip down. My mouth began to water,I could feel my canine teeth stretch down and touched the tops of the teeth below them ''No Greg'' I said he grabbed my hands and bent down to whisper in my ear '''Please Molly stay and have her,it will remind you of the days before you started having humans as your lovers,the days when they were just the aphrodisiact for you and me'' He whispered sweetly I backed away and pushed him aside and ran up the stairs ''Sooner or later Molly you'll relize what you need to make you happy and I'll be waiting he yelled up at me,I rushed out the door and slammed it behind me and began to walk home. A few mintues of speed walking and I was back at my house, I slipped off my shoes and crept into my room, And crawled into bed with Erin.

She woke up and turned to face me ''So how was it? what you guys end up doing?'' She whispered still half asleep ''It was alright,I ended up changing my mind and coming back,I was tired...'' I whispered back and kissed her lips 'Go back to sleep darling I'll make sure your up in time for work'' I said softly and laid my hand around her waist and rested on her back and slowly dozed off too sleep into a unsual dream.........

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