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A girl finds herself conflicted when she runs away from home to her girlfriends but finds herself staying with her friend and finds herself wanting the jerk unsure what to do

Submitted: January 26, 2012

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Submitted: January 26, 2012



This story was inspired by :Screaming in the Silence by Lydia Kelly

I knew what I was doing was stupid,foolish and above all deadly but I didn't care anymore I ran out of the small town I'd never left before. I clung to the arms of my backpack as I looked back at the sign 'You are now entering Dryden Population : 1,034. ''Better make that 1,033'' I whispered to myself holding back the tears that stung that back of my eyes.The chill of the night brushed against my skin as I walked to the bus stop and rushed into the shelter. I watch as snow began to fall and I began to wonder if my mother and father had discovered my bed empty and my note left on my desk telling them I was leaving for the city and I was sorry for not being able tell them to the faces and I would try and contact them as soon as I could. I play with the ends of my black and red hair danced along with the wind the road was to quiet and something .....everything felt wrong. I looked down the road waiting to see the last bus of the night. I glanced down at my watch ''8:45''pm it read I spun my ring and had a ciggerette as I waited and finally saw headlights coming from down the road I stood up and made sure I had my wallet in my jacket pocket and tossed my finished ciggerette by my foot and putting it out with the heel of my sneaker.I watched as the headlights inched there way over the hill,It stopped a few inches away from me, I stepped on an handed the drive my money. ''Alittle late for a road trip'' He said handing me my ticket and change ,I grinned shoving my change in my wallet ''It's never to late for a road trip'' I said smiling back ,then headed back two roads behind him to sit down. An hour blew by and before I knew it we were pulling into the scarbrough bus station. ''Have a goodnight'' The driver grinned as I stepped out of the bus ''You too'' I said back then continued on my way. I walked through the termial and out into the streets,wondering where I should go next when a small bar that was still open caught my eye.I sighed to myself and rushed across the street to it. I walked in and the smell of alcohol and smoke rushed over me as I wandered over to the counter, ''Hey what can I get you?'' The bartender asked with a tired look on his face ''Uh wine cooler' I replied ''Okay'' He said back walking to the other end of the bar,While I set my bag down by my feet. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my cellphone and dialed my girlfriends number and hit call.

it ran once,twice,three times before Avirl picked up 'Hey sweetie whats up?'' She sounded tired as she answered the phone. ''Hey darling sorry to call so late but I'm in town at the fox tail grill and bar and was wondering if I could come over?'' I asked then taking a sip of the cooler the bartender just set down infront of me. ''Oh your here! I wish you would have told me sooner...I'm with a client for the rest of the weekend and the house is tented for bugs'' She said ''Oh damn that sucks '' I said back feeling dissapointed ''Actually if you want I have this friend Darien who's got a cabin just outside the city,he owes me one so I could give him a call see if you could stay there until I'm back home'' She suggested 'That sounds good then,better then having to find a room last minute'' I joked ''Okay I'll call him and text you when I'm done,See you soon babe'' She said ''Okay talk to you soon'' I said hanging up the phone. and gulped back my cooler waiting for Avirl text.

Minutes passed before I my phone started vibrating against counter. I picked my and flipped it open ''Hey his up for it,he said he'd even pick you up from the bar in 15, btw his kinda been on a dry spell so he might come on to ya lmao just warning you ;) his cute too ;P talk to you soon babe'' I read. then began to write a reply ''Lmao maybe if his cute enough we will ;) hahaa if we do I'll text you like while were during ;P talk to you later Avirl I love you xoxox'' I sent back and gulped back my drink dropping a 10 down underneathe the empty bottle and I grabbed my bag from under my feet then headed outside for a ciggerette. ''Lol you better ;) I told him you'd be waiting out front,he knows were it is and his driving a green svu so hard he'd be hard to miss text you later love night'' Avirl texted back as I stepped out the door then standing against the wall,pulling out my ciggerette pack and lighter. I checked the time ''10:23 pm'' I sighed to myself as I lit a smoke it was snowing even more then when I arrived,the city was calm and quiet it was eery,no cars or people out on the streets. I pulled my jacket zipper up and kept an eye out for a green svu while I smoked my ciggerette, continuely glancing at my phone ''10:29 pm'' I read last tossing my ciggerette and putting it out with my shoe. Ajusting myself against the wall,I began to wonder what Darien would be like,I started thinking about what Avirl was saying about him not getting any would he try and hook up with me? would I even want to hook up with him? I knew right my girlfriend was with a guy but would I want to be with one? I haven't even dated a guy let alone have sex with one, What if he was an asshole? or what if he really wanted sex so much even if I did say no he'd get it from me anyways. My heart started beating faster as I thought of him and how there was a chance he could be a complete nut job. ''10:37pm'' my cell read I hear a car approuching,hoping it was Darien,hoping he wasn't some creepy jerk. Sadly the silve sports car zoomed passed the bar going much faster then he was suppose to with music blasting inside ''Fucking moron'' I whispered to myself. I yawned pulling my gloves out from my coat pocket and putting them on,I was some what tired and getting colder. I leaned against the wall and starting to nod off,I jerked myself forward trying to keep myself up, ''10:43pm '' I checked my phone again before I pulled out another ciggerette trying to pass the time and keep myself awake.

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