Unsure in Faith

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a girl has just been raped and is now faced with the choice to report iit or forget it and not only that she has to decide to tell her family and friends and her girlfriend

Submitted: January 06, 2012

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Submitted: January 06, 2012



I walked mindlessly down the road sniching my blouse closed as tight as I could. Tears fell down my eyes as I scanned the empty street around me not seeing a soul. I started to walk faster trying to make it for another 10 blocks. I suddenly heard a car coming from up from behind me.I started running as fast I could not looking back, so afraid I'd see my ex's car coming after me.My tears ran freely in the wind along my face passed my now bruised and bloody up into my hair.The car was getting closer,my heart pounding in my chest I started to scream and whimper as I ran barefooted trying to make it home.The car sped up and passed me stopping just ahead of me. I froze as a tall thin someone jumped out of the car and walked towards me,I panicked and darted the other way.

'' Cara stop! ' the figure shouted running after me I was out of breath but desprite to run I started to run slower but tried with all my might to speed up I foolishly darted out onto the road ''Cara! no!'' the figure shouted A loud horn honk and a sport cars headlights now shining on me I stood there frozen until I was tackled and forced down onto the sidewalk ''No get off of me!'' I cried as tried to squirm out of the man's grip ''Cara! Cara its me Zach'' He shouted holding me ''Calm down it's only me'' He said panting. I sighed but let out a small whimper ''For fucks sake Zack you scared me to death''I cried as I punched is shoulder ''You know thoose cute little hits aren't so cute they actually hurt'' He said releasing me and rubbing his shoulder ''Good ''' I sputtered as I stood up '' Cara what happened?'' He asked looking concerned '''Don't worry about it'' I said ''Cara...did someone hurt you?'' He asked limping over to me,I glarred at him I watched as the shaggy haired computer guy's face go from pure confusion to confusion and rage ''Cara...who?'' He asked starring down at me,I looked up at him again and back away ''Cara...'' He begged my body was shaking again took a breath trying to calm down ''it was....It was Devon'' I said looking away ''Oh fuck that guy is dead!' He spit out angry ''No! Zach you can't! please '' I begged grabbing his arm trying to keep him from walking back over to his car ''Oh its not me that will do it''' He said dragging me behind him as he resisted ''Zach please you can't tell Faith she'd kill him! she'd make him pay-'' ''Exactly'' He responded as she reached the other side ''Wait'' He said stopping and turning back at me ''Did he?'' He said looking down at my skirt ''My eyes flickered away and his face went red ''Oh his as good as gone Cara'' ''No,no,no no! Zach,Zach! You can't tell her she'd literally kill him' 'Again thats the point ''Zach....I don't want him to win! He wants her to come after him....he wants her to suffer because he wants me to suffer if I'm not with him'' I yelled ''You can't keep this from Faith forever! We have to get you to the hospital'' He said opening the driver side door of his large van ''No no! I don't want to Zach.....-'' C'mon Cara he beat you up and raped you! he deseves prison,hell he deseveres slow angonizing torture for the rest of his life ''' ''I don't want to press charges okay? I just want to get pass this and forget him'' I said 'No Cara I'm taking you to the hospital''' ''No Zach I'm going home'' I whimpered starting to walk away ''No Cara wait!'' Zach stamnered rolling his head back then guesturing for me to get in the car. ''

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