Wrap Me In Chains

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A bdsm poem

Submitted: November 25, 2011

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Submitted: November 25, 2011



know you know what you're doing to me, I know my hands will never be free, I know what it's like to be in chains... The way you move Is meant to haunt me, The way you move To tempt and taunt me... I know you knew on the day you were born, I know somehow I should've been warned, I know I walk every midnight to dawn in chains... In chains, I'm in chains...
my hands are shaking my body's waking and I can't seem to open my eyes
lights flicker,heart beating quicker and quicker Im scared to see what your gonna do
My body exposing my soul afriad to let you under my flesh
Burning in the silence you buried me in broken by your heels pressing on the floor.
Im still pinning down just the way you left me rattling my chain trying for the pain
your black stellettos appear at the top of the stairs and the sounds of your whip rings in my ears
I dare not look in your eyes as they draw me in more wanting to stay wrapped in chains
stroking fingers give false inpressations,dreading the moment the lies dissappear like smoke in the light
you standing over me never proud of your pet never loving,never tender only leaving with regret of your choosings
cold familiar leather slides against my skin,tension melts until i feel the crack of that whip against me
you soothe the pain with your twisted pleasure
My clear blood drips from my sore eyes as you make your pleasure my pain
Biting my lip trying not to scream,hoping when i open my eyes this was all just a dream
the scars on me belong to you,I sit infront of you looking at your shoes so you don't see me cry
I felt the spark against my skin shocking through my body tearing me up inside
no clock keeping time,feels like hours on the track and when you've had your fun a quick kiss goodbye and then you take off and leave me.....

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