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A man tell how his life tragically ended and how his mistakes ruined him. but he finds enjoyment as a ghost.

Submitted: May 28, 2013

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Submitted: May 28, 2013



Hello, I’m Barnabas Kraven. I’ve been “gone” from the world of the living for quite a while. I’ve had a long time to think about what mistakes I made when I was still alive, and there sure were alot. My biggest was getting involved with the mob. I mean, it got me where i am now did it not? well to help you understand more about how I am and came to be, I won’t start at the beginning, that’s too expected, no i’ll start it about six months ago, when i had started to feel remorse. The easiest way for me to show you would be to show you  my memories, so here you go, little warning though, it is a little bit graphic in parts and many many unexpected twists and turns. have fun watching.

It’s cold. not like “Hmm, i need a coat”, more like “Damn, who let Hel in here?” I can see my breath in the light of my lantern, I tuck Cecilia and johanna into bed with their mother, I’d say it’s about 3am, i was up telling them stories my father told me and his father told him. I have to meet with my boss to discuss business in a few hours, we can’t really do iut during daylight seeing as it isn’t the most “reputable” business... I dispose of bodies for my boss every now and then and he assures my business thrives and i’m paid handsomely. I take a walk to the butcher shop a couple of miles up the road, you would think with it being 1898 that nor people would have automobiles, but no. They are too expensive and i haven’t really the space or time for a horse. I have alot of time to think when i’m going to talk to boss, it’s peaceful, even though what happens next never is. Luckily i don’t have to bury them, it hasn’t got so cold that the river has frozen over yet, but it’s getting there slowly but surely. Things run through my mind as i near the shop. Hmm.... i should send mail to my pop, I haven’t talked to him in awhile. I wonder what the people who made the alphabet were thinking when they added the letter Q, It is such a stupid number. I’m glad it’s winter and the unsavory waterfowl known as ducks, have left for the season, i hate them. I think that has something to do with the fact that when i was a little kid a duck attacked me. I see the shop just over the hill and i tense up as i get closer. this work and talking to the boss make me feel uneasy, it gives me chills, that or it’s this weather. Either way, I don’t like this feeling.

The boss and I meet in the back room, where it’s private, and he tell me there are more bodies for me to dispose of. Why do I always have to do this? I hate it. He does pay me mighty handsomely though. only thing is, is that it is starting to weigh heavy on my heart you know? I know you wouldn’t think of it, but i’m a man of god. and i’m doing this... not very godly, eh? well back to what i was saying, the boss and I are talking and he starts to bring up my wife and daughters. If i didn’t feel completely uneasy before, i do now. I had told him that i’m getting tired of doing this, dumping the bodies. I tense up more when he asks me how they are, I end up lying to him and saying “my wife isn’t doing so good, she has come down with one of the sicknesses that has been spreading around here lately, my daughters are taking care of her right now so can we wrap this up sir?” about when i said that, the boss’s son, bugs morgan opens the door and comes in. He is just a little kid, about 5 or so. I do hope he can get out of this business. Boss agrres with me that we should wrap this up, probably because his son came in. The Boss takes me to the meat locker where the bodies are and it makes me feel uneasy being in there, because of the all the dead things ya know? Even though it pains me to do so, I take the bodies from the meat locker as Bugs is walked away by his dad. I feel like this is going nowhere, like im digging myself into a hole i have no hope of ever getting out of. As I load the cold, bodies into the automobile the boss lent me, Bugs runs up to me and hugs my leg and says “have a Great day Mister B, Tell Cecilia I said hi, okay?” I pat him on the head and I feel my stomach turn as I envision him taking over the family business, all the future terrors he will witness in the coming years, his first kill, it just makes me throw up in my mouth a bit.I clear up my throat and say to him “Sure thing, Scamp. Now go run back to your Pop before he gets mad, bye.” I fold the last body in and put a blanket over them, take my seat and drive to the bridge.

I get to the bridge, make sure nobody is around and i think more about what i’m doing and how wrong it is. but i just shrug it off and tie rocks to the bodies with some rope and throw em off the side of the bridge. I sigh as i get back into the automobile and think about how i’ll never be able to get out of this life, since the boss has knowledge of my family. I should have turned him down a couple months ago when he asked if my family and I could come over for dinner. That was quite the terrible mistake now that i think more about it. eh, whatever. After further thought, i decide i should go to my cathedral to speak to my holy father. I enter the Confession booth and i slide open the hatch so i can speak to him. “Good afternoon my son, what is heavy on your heart today” he said quite radiantly cheerful. I get quiet all of a sudden, I tense up. I say “I’ve done... terrible things, Father, Unspeakable things... things im certain even god won’t ever forgive me of”

“What is it my son, pour your heart out and let God, our father, forgive you for your sins”

I start to feel a little bit gutsy and start spilling. I say “ I’ve been dumping bodies into the river for awhile, so many bodies.... I’ve had no choice though father, my business was starting to fail and someone made a deal with me so i could make sure my family is taken care of.... so they can eat and eventually get an education. tell me father, would God forgive even that?”

“My lord!” Father O’Brian exclaims in shock. he takes a moment to sort thing out in his head.

“God forgives you for all your sins barnabas, Now then. we are gonna get your family out of here, your folks, they live in York right? They would be safe there. I’ll make arrangements for you to head out there right away, hand this note to my house keeper, tell her to make you and your family a meal while i make arrangements.” My eyes swell with tears, I barely am able to get out the words “Thank you Father, It means the world to me.”

I rush home to get my wife and daughters, I tell them that things are about to get better and that we are going to go stay with their grandparents for awhile. I take them to Father O’Brian’s house and his servant makes us dinner. we fall asleep after eating.

I am awoken by the sounds of things being broken. “Hello! Who’s there?”I start to panic, my family isn’t where they were. Oh no, I frantically look around they are nowhere to be seen in the house. I run out the front door , There they are...tied up , blindfolded and gagged lined up by an

automobile and there are 4 or 5 men holding handguns to the neck of them. Fingers on the trigger. My gut turns, the Boss comes out behind them “ Let them go”they’ve done nothing to you, Just take me” I said trying to reason with them desperately. “ No Barnabas, You can’t leave this business unscathed boy and it’s gonna hurt “ buddy”. “ What are you going to do to them” I say as the fear crawls across my face as I see his mouth move it feels like the world has slowed down I can’t hear what he is saying but I can very clearly see his words on his mouth . “Why kill them of course”everything goes dark . They put me and my family in the back of the automobile. I get thrown off and and I have been bound and gagged. The boss comes up to me slides on the brass knuckles and kicks me in the face picks me up and punches me in the face 5 times” you know, you had it good, Why did you have to ruin it? “I don’t answer him and he spits on me and knocks me out. I wake up to him punching me in the chest . ‘ It’s time to watch your family disappear.” Boss says with an evil smile running across his face. I am hopeless to watch and they load my wife and kids into the automobile. I lay there bound and gagged and bloody, as I hear gunshots , my heart breaks everything I had... gone.As the white automobile drives away

my eyes swell with tears and blood. I have lost my will to live.

Three days go by as I lay there ready to die. What’s this? I can hear someone by my body, they freak out until they realised I was breathing, I can hear them arguing about what to do with me. There are three of them they eventually decide to try and help me recover , and in time I did. But I was filled with rage. I told them my story and they sent me on my way. I wanted revengeand I was going to have it.

I purchased a gun from some strange man in town and I head towards the shop, much like I have done no so long ago and for a few moments ….. I forget what happened and I become overwhelmed with a sense of peace. I quickly remember what is happening and I pick up my pace.

I get to the shop and I burst through the back door, gun ready to fire, finger on the trigger. A gunshot is heard but I hadn’t fired yet. “ You just had to come back , didn’t you. Idiot”. I look down and I see blood flowing out of my chest.” You son of a.......” I lift the gun to fire but before I can , he fires another round, I fall , the time has come for me to meet my maker.

So that’s my story. How bout that, my life ended rather soon right? I was only thirty four. The reason I am a ghost is probably because I have unfinished business here. As for my family. I am sure they are up there in heaven and I will be joining them soon as I finish my business with the boss. I am getting the hang of “ Haunting” so it won’t be long. But for now , I will have as much fun as I can making him suffer.

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