Arguing Part Two

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Submitted: April 07, 2013

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Submitted: April 07, 2013



I don't know what to do,
How to stop this,
You two are always
Why does everything have
To be an argument?
I can't take it,
The younger kids,
Can't take it either.
They're most likely
Confused about it,
But that is still an issue!

Did you know,
Kids who grow up in an
Environment like this,
Are more than likely
To act out?
I bet you didn't know,
Or at least didn't care.
Now you should care.

I know that
One of these kids
Most likely me,
Or my sister,
Your use to be
Favorite child,
Will be the ones to act out.
More so her than me,
Because she doesn't have
The support system I had at that age.
She doesn't know what to do,
She grew up being use to moving around
Having different guys around all the time
As did I.

But I can tell she's
Having issues coping now,
hell, I am too,
You finally "settle down"
Yet, there is so much
No wonder I have
anxiety, no wonder your youngest
is depressed, and already acts out.
Just to get your attention.

It's not like you really care
Though, not anymore.
His kids are so much more
Important now.
Because you are the
Only other women their
Father has been with
Since he divorced their mother.
You "have to be there"
They will soon realize
That not everything
Has a happy ending
My sister and I know that by now.

Yet, you refuse to see it
Our way.
You want nothing to do
With us anymore.
Your real children
Your biological children.
You only care about making
His kids happy.
Well, to make his kids happy
You have to make us happy
Leave him, and everyone
Will be happier.

He use to be a decent guy
but now, now
you guys are making each other into
the ugliest, most pathetic people
I've ever met!
When will the whole
thing stop!?

Back to my main thought,
What do I do?
How do I fix this?

Now I know what you're thinking;
This isn't your fault,
This isn't something you need to fix.

You're wrong, my mom depends on me to
Tell it like it is, but for the past few years
I haven't.
Maybe it's because she hasn't
Really listened,
Or maybe it's because she
Doesn't care what I think anymore.
OR it is because every time I tell her
To do something that will make me happier
Or her other daughter happier
she twists it around into something
that she thinks will make us
happier, while benefiting herself.

She's wrong, it's made us, her children,
She thinks she is happy as well,
But we know better,
We are her all-knowing children.
Children are more perceptive
Than adults, we feel things
Most don't any more.
Especially, when it comes to
Looking after our parents.
We know when you are happy,
Sad, angry, tired, depressed.
Even if you don't show it, or don't
Think you are.
We know, we can tell,
Your whole demeanor
Everything about you,

Now, again, what do I do?
Do I have to leave?
And never come back?
Just so I can be happy?
Because you sure as hell aren't leaving
Anytime soon.
But I couldn't do that to my little sister.
Leave her here to deal with things
On her own.
But if I cant make you leave him
So we are ALL happy,
How do I make the ten year old
and I "happy?"

Do I take her with me?
Or do I try and get her to
talk to someone.
Because she no longer talks.
That has to be proof of something!
Why can't you see her sorrows?
Why can't you see mine?
What must I do
To change the outcome of our
ever shortening lives?

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