I am So Freaking Done.

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Sorry for all the F Bombs, and other cuss words!

Submitted: April 07, 2013

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Submitted: April 07, 2013



I am so f*cking done!
I am done being your f*cking maid!
I am done being yelled at for no f*cking reason!
I am just done!

I don't seem to be anything,
But the f*cking maid to you!
I am worthless and nothing to you!
I am not even thought of as a second thought!
I have things to do too!
I don't sit around on my ass all day and do nothing!
I go to school, I f*cking live!
I get homework
Which takes up most of my life!

I don't even have a social life,
Because I try my hardest in school
So I can get as far away from you as possible once I graduate!
I don't understand,
Why you are so f*cking rude to me
When all I do is clean up after you and your f*cking kids!
I don't get why my mom chose you!
You're a dick to my sister who is mentally challenged
And you're a dick to my mom, and me!
And I am f*cking sick!
I have a f*cking disease that has
No cure and I am on medication!
I am f*cking depressed
And all I want to f*cking do is die!
Because I am treated like shit!
But I don't, the only reason I am still here
Is because of my sister.
I don't know what would happen to her if I died,
And I am scared to even see how you treat her when I am not around.
I just don't get why the f*ck you are like this!
And it is worse when you drink!
I can't wait to leave, and I am taking my sister with me.
I just hope I can make it through all this.

I am feeling really weak lately and nothing
Has been able to cheer me up.
So I am getting worse,
I just hope I have the strength
To live a couple more years,
Where things will hopefully be better and easier.
I don't get why, but being with my abusive father
Every other weekend was easier than living with you,
And you're not even physically abusive like him.
You are just an arrogant dick.

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